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can anyone please recommend a good Estate Agent in Cambridgeshire?

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mckenzie Sat 08-Sep-07 21:11:17

We are thinking of moving south and Cambridgeshire is being discussed (we've been to Cambridge itself on days out and loved it, it's not too far away from Londodn and M25 and family etc).
We really need a good established agent who can help us find the right area for us as well as the right house.


mckenzie Sat 08-Sep-07 21:11:38

sorry, that was supposed to be TIA at the end smile

flowerybeanbag Sat 08-Sep-07 21:18:06

<<waves from Huntingdon>>
Hi mckenzie.
We moved here a couple of years ago. No agents stand out as being fabulous. Bidwells are very established in Cambridge, there is also Peter Lane, Bennett Sanders, Thomas Morris
I think they were all the main ones we used, we were looking from Cambridge through to past the other side of Huntingdon, quite a broad area really.

babster Sat 08-Sep-07 21:21:24

Tucker Gardner is v. prolific in South Cambridge/Shelford area.

TheBlonde Sat 08-Sep-07 21:23:15

Tucker would be my recommendation

mckenzie Sun 09-Sep-07 13:54:17

thanks very much for the replies. I think I'll start with Tucker Gardner as they get two votes.

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