Roads to avoid in High Wycombe

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HolidayMom40 Mon 02-Mar-20 08:00:56

I’d like to find out what people’s impressions are from good and bad roads to live on in the general High Wycombe area.

I don’t need to be close to transport links but I’d like to be near to a parade of shops for example and a place to walk/run the dog.

I have a DD who goes to school in Ruislip and so being as close to the A40 is preferable.

I’ve heard that the Cressex area / Castle area on HW aren’t very desirable since crime rates are high.

As I am going to be renting and looking for a 4 bedroom house, along the Lane End Road and New Road are what’s been coming up in the Right Move search results so far.

I know Hazlemere is lovely! And would tick mostly all of my boxes, however the morning commute would add another 20 minutes onto the already 40 minute journey, so.

On the other hand Bourne End/Wooburn Green and Loudwater are perfect but I would get more house for my buck along junction 4.

I’d really appreciate some input, good and bad feedback all welcome!

Thank you 😊

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Twisique Mon 02-Mar-20 08:04:53

Loud water is nice.

LIZS Mon 02-Mar-20 08:14:32

Avoid HW itself. Do you need public transport to Ruislip?

CharmingB Mon 02-Mar-20 14:24:58

I would definitely recommend being on the Southern side of the town centre as the traffic getting through town can be a nightmare. The London Road on the Eastern side of town queues badly in rush hour too.

Personally, I would avoid Castlefield like the plague and also the roads to the West side of New Road. House prices are cheaper over that way for a reason unfortunately.

Cressex Road and Marlow Road are fine and the top half (Southern half) of Desborough Avenue is OK too. There's really nice houses along Daws Hill Lane if budget allows and there's a couple of new developments there, though note that the traffic along DHL at school run time is atrocious. There's a nice development near the sports centre too, opposite John Hampden Grammar.

Have you thought about Flackwell Heath or Wooburn Green? I don't know Wooburn particularly but Flackwell is nice.

Happy to give feedback on particular areas if you find anything specific on Rightmove or feel free to PM me.

I live in the area and commute past Ruislip every day so I know the route well!

Didyousaysomethingdarling Mon 02-Mar-20 15:50:29

Hello HolidayMom40
What's your budget? Fernie Fields Park (HP12 4UE) or Booker Common (HP12 4QJ) would be great for dog walking. Alternatively it there'd be less traffic to join/exit the M40 at Stokenchurch it's the next junction but there'd be way less traffic, so possibly a quicker to Ruislip.

Didyousaysomethingdarling Mon 02-Mar-20 15:52:31

Sorry I've just read that back. Apologies for the typos.

Ariela Wed 04-Mar-20 23:58:03

I've friends in Flackwell Heath Wooburn borders. Lovely area, and some very good local shops. Easy to head East on M40 , likewise can come off to return home, and avoids central HW, if heading south or West head xcountry and towards Marlow (Which is lovely).


Ponyta123 Thu 05-Mar-20 10:22:29

Is your DD going to be remaining at school in Ruislip and do you have any other DCs? As school catchments are a massive consideration in this area. Some of the areas you've mentioned are really bad for schools.

Schools aside -

I personally wouldn't say Loudwater is lovely at all, and very noisy / can be smelly from Biffa.

Bourne End lovely. Flackwell nice. Penn, Tyler's Green, Hazlemere, Holmer Green, Widmer End, Radnage, Hughenden Valley, Naphill all v nice.

Within central Wycombe, I'd go for the part nearest Hughenden / West Wycombe. Closer you get to town, the worse it gets. Although actually there are some quite nice properties around New Road, Brands Hill etc if schools aren't an issue.

Ponyta123 Thu 05-Mar-20 10:23:32

Lane End quite nice, again if schools not a factor.

WhereDoesThisToiletGo Thu 05-Mar-20 11:31:07

Until Bucks County Council sorts out the potholes, I'd avoid all roads in the South Bucks area!

HolidayMom40 Fri 06-Nov-20 20:34:22

I posted back in March, querying the areas to avoid around the New Road part of HW.
Since posting I’ve changed from renting to buying and subsequently offered on a house on Deeds Grove.
However, tonight I’ve been looking over the crime stats and there seems to be a lot of activity in that neck of the woods.
Would anyone reading this happen to know what Deeds Grove itself is like? Perhaps you are a resident maybe or know people who live there.
Any info will be welcomed.

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Didyousaysomethingdarling Fri 06-Nov-20 23:05:16

I think you're probably right to be wary.
Google 'Deeds Grove Bucks Free Press'

HolidayMom40 Sat 07-Nov-20 07:31:27

I had a read. Thank you.

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FlibblyFlobblyFloo Sat 07-Nov-20 07:58:45

Honestly, all of them.

Traffic is awful in the mornings around High Wycombe. It’s will take you half an hour to fight your way to the M40 via Handy Cross.

Flackwell Heath is not far from M40 junction and isn’t Wycombe.

Have a look at Stokenchurch. Right on the M40 and very good value for money. Another 8 miles up the M40 from Handy Cross but only a 10 minute drive. Far less time than you’d be queueing for from Wycombe.

FlibblyFlobblyFloo Sat 07-Nov-20 07:59:47

What’s your budget?

Longwhiskers14 Sat 07-Nov-20 08:05:46

You need to stick to the east side of town if you want to be near the A40, so Hazlemere, Penn village, Loudwater, Tylers Green are all good. I'd consider Amersham too, as you can get the Met Line tube to Ruislip Manor from there.

Longwhiskers14 Sat 07-Nov-20 08:07:08

Also, if your budget allows, look at Hedsor, Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross and the Chalfonts. Far, far nice than HW and I say that as someone born and bred there!

HolidayMom40 Sat 07-Nov-20 08:14:19

Budget is up to £375000 for a 3 bed house with garden and parking.

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FlibblyFlobblyFloo Sat 07-Nov-20 08:27:05

Stokenchurch. Large side garden.

FlibblyFlobblyFloo Sat 07-Nov-20 08:29:54

I would live in some parts of Booker to be fair and Cressex. In fact, there are many huge beautiful houses in Cressex and Booker.

FlibblyFlobblyFloo Sat 07-Nov-20 08:30:39

The Homestead, High Wycombe

Like this one.

FlibblyFlobblyFloo Sat 07-Nov-20 08:32:21

Gibson Road, High Wycombe

And Booker Common is nice enough.

ThanksItHasPockets Sat 07-Nov-20 08:50:43

Sorry OP but I’d be wary of most of that area around Desborough Road.

If you’re ok with hills then look at the roads off Amersham Hill away from the railway station towards the RGS.

Persipan Sat 07-Nov-20 10:55:41

TBF if OP isn't OK with hills they're moving to the wrong town!

ThanksItHasPockets Sat 07-Nov-20 11:18:46

A jolly good point. It was the received wisdom at school for a while that it was easier to do the hills if you walked backwards so you would periodically see a load of school kids walking backwards up Marlow Hill. Amersham Hill is worse though imho - not as steep but feels much longer!

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