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Building control.

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UTILITY36 Fri 14-Feb-20 16:01:35

My garage had a coal store and utility room at rear with an entry door about a 1m away from house back door. I got an estimate from a builder to knock down inner walls, build a new wall up to the garage height and extend the roof further about 0.5m so that the area becomes more useful and would not have to go outside to use the washing machine etc. The builder said i don't need a planning permission and may need building control but later said he get on with it and not bother with building control either. He is making very slow progress and not quite happy with quality of work either. I read comments about Building control officer only spend 5-10 minuets per visit and really up to the client to ensure building regs are being complied with but really would like to comply with building requirements. Appreciate any advice how to quickly ensure I am legally covered and have some degree of backup to challenge the builder with any thing i am not happy about.
Kind regards.

redastherose Fri 14-Feb-20 16:09:57

You probably won't have needed Planning Permission because it sounds like it will be within the permitted development rules (unless you live in a listed building or in a conservation area) but you will need building control approval. Building Control are there to ensure that the works are done in a safe manner and you are the one in breach if you don't have works done which comply not the builder. Get in touch with building control immediately and submit plans showing the works that are being done and ask for an inspection. Say that you understood the builder was going to contact them but now appreciate that he hasn't done so.

greedygutty Fri 14-Feb-20 16:15:11

I'm a little muddled to what work you are actually doing by your description it sounds like an small external building converted to add to the dwelling ? It may be you don't need planning permission but rather proceed under permitted development , either way building control should be appointed .
I would talk to your local council building control and appoint them , they work for you in your interest , I would be a bit concerned that the builder is being dismissive of them ( they do not cost a fortune - a fee based upon the cost of work being done ) , they come out very promptly to see work as it proceeds in stages and as they will be following the progress each visit may be only 20 mins or so . If you do not know good from bad building work as many of us don't it would be in your interest to get them to check

UTILITY36 Mon 17-Feb-20 09:28:57

Thank you for your advice regarding building control. Much appreciated.

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