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Living in Crook, County Durham -- What's it like?

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mrsfairfax Thu 13-Feb-20 17:07:41

Hey everyone smile

Hope you're all enjoying your afternoon!

My husband and I are looking to buy our first house and we just found a suitable property in Crook/Willington, County Durham. We've lived in Gilesgate (Durham) for one year and we're currently living in Coxhoe. The area is EXTREMELY quiet, friendly and pretty much crime-free.

We were wondering what's it like living in Crook/Willington? I've heard it's quite dangerous with lots of "chavs", anti-social behaviour and things like that... Has any of you lived there (or around the area)? What was your experience?

We're both VERY quiet and have zero social life blush, so we're naturally looking for a quiet place where we don't need to live in fear of being attacked, robbed/burglared, stabbed etc.

Thank you so, so much for any guidance/help! smile

Gwen xx

PickAChew Thu 13-Feb-20 17:14:19

Well it was on police interceptors a lot! I occasionally pass through on my bus journeys with DS1 and a lot of people seem to be very in your face. I know that's an issue with a lot of Co Durham villages (lived on one myself but enjoying the anonymity of the city, now!) but the proportion of weird at the bus stands around the market place seems exceptionally high. There's some odduns around Coxhoe, too, mind! I think with all of these places, the good bits are hyper local.

mrsfairfax Thu 13-Feb-20 17:37:41

@PickAChew, thanks so much for your reply!

Our concern was the crime rate. Crook appears to have a population of around 10,000, while Coxhoe has a population of 7,000. But the crime rate is nearly double for Crook despite the population being only about 3,000 greater...

That's why we wanted some 'first-hand' guidance from people who lived/worked in/around the area as the crime stats might not be that reliable...

Would love to hear what others have to say as well! grin

PickAChew Thu 13-Feb-20 17:55:30

It's best to look at the reports for your particular locality, as well. Gilesgate is a good example because the stats are much higher on one side of Sunderland road than the other. Sometimes the numbers are scarily high for where we live now then you realise it's all shoplifting and drunks.

mrsfairfax Thu 13-Feb-20 18:05:35

@PickAChew, I know what you mean. If you look at the crime rates here ( and here (, a lot of the crimes are violence/sexual offences and anti-social behaviour... which kind of concern us.

At the same time, many say it's quiet and lovely... It is very difficult to get an accurate picture of what living in the area is really like.

By the way, our property is around Park Terrace.

mrsfairfax Thu 13-Feb-20 18:10:27

Just realised the property is actually located in Willington, which is near Crook. So any advice would be appreciated! smile

OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea Thu 13-Feb-20 18:29:54

I've a colleague in willington, she seems to like it. Secondary age child. There are some lovely areas. County Durham is all a bit like gilesgate in some ways, the good and the not so good are all very close together. I adore where I live and wouldn't change it for the world but I live not far from places that I wouldn't choose to live in.

mrsfairfax Thu 13-Feb-20 18:38:59

@OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea, thanks so much for taking the time to write a reply! smile

May I ask whereabouts you live? Just a town/village name is fine. And would you choose not to live in Crook or Willington? grin

I don't suppose you happen to know if your friend feels safe where she lives? Any particularly unpleasant experiences? Are the locals friendly (or looking for trouble)?

Thanks again! smile

OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea Thu 13-Feb-20 21:59:04

I'm a village west of Durham along the deerness valley. There are lots of lovely places and friendly communities and primary schools around. All depends what you are looking for and what type of house you want. Ex mining villages unsurprisingly have lots of mining stock which is terraces though there are more and more new builds appearing.

OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea Thu 13-Feb-20 22:00:06

As for willington she seems to like it, I don't know a whole lot about it myself.

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