Share your home storage hacks with IKEA - £300 IKEA voucher to be won

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JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 05-Feb-20 09:14:57

Despite their size, children manage to take up more space in a home than many parents ever bargain for, making ample storage space an even more precious commodity than it was before children for many parents. With this in mind, IKEA would like to hear about the ways you make the most out of your storage spaces and how it’s made your life easier.

Here’s what IKEA has to say: “The house can often feel crowded after the festive period but a few small changes can make a big difference. Adding hooks and storage solutions at a lower height gives children the freedom to tidy things up by themselves. Remember children love spending time where you are so a small kitchen trolley can make a perfect mobile Art & Craft or play station that can be moved tidied away quickly.”

Maybe you have a creative way for storing lunchboxes or tips for fitting more into cupboards without them overflowing? Perhaps you swear by hangers on doors, boxes inside drawers or folding your clothes in a specific way? How have you used IKEA furniture or accessories to make the most of your space?

Whatever your home storage hacks, share them on the thread below to be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 IKEA voucher.

Thanks and good luck!


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FebruaryRainandSleet Wed 05-Feb-20 11:07:04

Pressure-fitted curtain rod inside the (yes, yes, IKEA) kitchen cupboard - all the spray bottles hang from it so you can grab the right one easily.

We have Kallax units bloomin' everywhere as storage in the backs of built-in cupboards, freestanding in the kitchen, for file storage and even fitted with cat beds. I want a 3x3 one to fit a specific space, though -- dear IKEA, please make me one!

WilmaJean Thu 06-Feb-20 19:28:38

Kallax units - used a mix of shelving for books and with boxes for toys.

theneverendinglaundry Thu 06-Feb-20 19:29:56

We have Malm drawers in all the closets, works well in smaller rooms as you don't have too much furniture taking over the room. Those hanging shelves are really handy for games, toys etc.

In the kitchen I have plastic storage containers in all the food cupboards. Really helps to find things easier, is also easier to keep tidy and to clean the cupboard.

BrowncoatWaffles Thu 06-Feb-20 19:30:20

We have Kallaxes everywhere too. For books. For clothes. For board games. The game changer for us storage wise was an Ikea wardrobe we put in the hallway and filled with wire baskets for shoes in the bottom and then a dangly fabric thing with cubby holes* to one side of where all the coats hang. Everyone has one for school bag / lunch box / gloves / my handbag etc (even DM and MIL's slippers go in one near the bottom) and it keeps the hallway clear. It made such a difference on getting rid of clutter. Well, you know, not getting rid of it, but hiding it more effectively...

*not it's actual name

Happierwithouthim Thu 06-Feb-20 19:35:07

One inside front & back doors for shoes, game changer, no looking for shoes & no shoes cluttering the halls either.

Ratbagcatbag Thu 06-Feb-20 19:37:15

We have the Ikea day bed with the huge drawers underneath. They pretty much take all my daughters clothes. And has the bonus of pulling out into a double bed for sleepovers. She loves it.
Storage boxes, regular declutters and encouragement to put everything back in its place also helps hugely.


Happierwithouthim Thu 06-Feb-20 19:37:56

Ikea larger presses storing all the food in kitchen

Happierwithouthim Thu 06-Feb-20 19:39:11

Matching large wardrobes for master bedroom

Happierwithouthim Thu 06-Feb-20 19:39:50

Love idea of Curtin rod going to rob that for new house

Happierwithouthim Thu 06-Feb-20 19:41:01

Perfect height for under window for dcs toys different colour for boys & girls

PickAChew Thu 06-Feb-20 19:45:56

Ds2 wanted a bigger bed for his room but we were concerned about lack of storage with a double bed taking up most of the room. That problem was solved by a brimnes double bed, which has 4 massive, deep drawers that we use for spare duvets as well as ds1's bedding and out of season clothes. The headboard with built in shelves is just the right size for his collections of leaflets and booklets pertaining to his hobby.

cannotmakemymindup Thu 06-Feb-20 19:51:39

We uterlise space under beds and in inbuilt wardrobes with plastic boxes from Ikea. So our linen gets kept all under the beds which is easy access for changing beds to. Great with small children as not hunting to far when changing their bed. Also means we doesn't loose toys underneath as there isn't the space.
In my inbuilt wardrobe which has space behind the clothing rail the boxes keep my sewing items, spare wine glasses all safe and dust free.
A lot of items in our home are sorted into boxes, wicker baskets and the like which means everything has a home itself. Much easier to locate items when you know there's only one place to look for say post recieved.

PashleyB Thu 06-Feb-20 19:54:25

We've just had pull out baskets fitted in a kitchen cupboard for all the endless reusable bottles we have - it is all now much more orderly!

helloblossom Thu 06-Feb-20 19:54:51

Set of ALGOT mesh baskets/drawers in utility room. One drawer for each family member. Clean washing goes into them and everyone takes their own basket upstairs to put away when full.

PerkingFaintly Thu 06-Feb-20 20:14:39

Ooh, at last a draw where I really want the prize!

Billy bookcases. Best thing since sliced bread (though I'm not liking the new plastic-y veneers).

Saucepan racks and hanging rails in the kitchen.

All sorts of hangers inside cupboard doors.

I've currently got my eye on those BANTISTEL room divider curtains, especially now they're in a choice of colours, to hide laundry drying in the bedroom and be folded back on non-laundry days.

Asuwere Thu 06-Feb-20 20:37:08

We have a lot of kallax in the house, so versatile. In fact, DS's toddler bed is on top of 2 kallax units so he has loads of storage plus he loves having a 'high' bed (it is screwed together and very safe!)

I have a couple of baskets hanging by butcher hooks from a radiator near front door which is great for hats and gloves which would otherwise be all over the floor!

wellingtonsandwaffles Thu 06-Feb-20 20:44:31

Buying cheap standalone shelves to go inside random cupboards to help sort stuff. Lots of boxes and jars for the pantry to decant things into. Kallax everywhere! Drawer dividers in every drawer.

OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea Thu 06-Feb-20 20:44:36

My children's bedrooms are sponsored by stuva and kallax. The basement, aka Lego room, is also full of kallax and a trofast Lego table made of 2 trofast units screwed together to create a playing surface with lots of drawers to keep bricks in.

TerrifiedandWorried Thu 06-Feb-20 20:55:02

Totally outing myself but we have overhauled our family laundry system. I love it. Each person has a bag and there's one for whites. Can also fit DD's rugby kit bag on it and it fits in the hallway outside their rooms.

SylvanianFrenemies Thu 06-Feb-20 21:01:16

Stuva kids bedroom stuff. I love it, and it is hardwearing.

The other tip is chuck stuff away! Easier said than done....

UrbanMage Thu 06-Feb-20 21:05:12

We use the hanging toy basket for my daughter's uniform. Each pocket has a different item of clothing in it (cardigans in one, pinafores in another etc) and it helps her be a little more independent in the morning. Not that she is any good at actually dressing herself!

Plus, it saves drawer space.

Cotswoldmama Thu 06-Feb-20 21:15:30

Door organisers are amazing and under every bed we have storage containers mainly full of clothes.

Nemchen Thu 06-Feb-20 21:20:38

Ikea draw organisers save my life. Even have one for the ‘shit drawer’ which stops it being such a mess. We also have Ikea wicker storage boxes under our next2me crib downstairs with all our babies toys in as they fit perfectly and saves buying an entire unit! When the baby has a nap we simply just slide them out and the living room still looks tidy!

JulesJules Thu 06-Feb-20 21:38:17

My daughters both have IKEA beds and daybeds with pull out storage underneath. Great for spare bedding for sleepovers, vac packed winter duvet and extra space for clothes etc.

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