Merton Park/ Buckleigh Avenue Reviews??

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HelenaPK Tue 04-Feb-20 10:13:20

Hello all - help! smile
Not from London so I am desperate for some feedback about sw20 area (Buckleigh Avenue)?
Is is a nice area to live with kids? Any good nurseries around? We currently live in Fulham and found a great property in sw20 but not sure if it's nice to live over there?!
We work in the city and know it'll take c.1hr to commute but we think it's gonna be worth it..?
What are your experiences from the area?
Thank you!!

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Svalberg Tue 04-Feb-20 10:29:14

Which end of Buckleigh? If it's the Martin Way end, visit in the morning - about 07:30 to see if you can stand the traffic noise. The other end is further from transport. I know Springfield Ave better, which is the next road along, and used more as a cut-through - the houses are 1930s metroland types and really depend upon what's been done to them but it's a pleasant enough area. You are paying for the SW20 postcode (£75k above SM4 across Martin Way) but it's cheaper than having a SW19 postcode! I'm well beyond the nursery stage, but there do seem to be a few around, Busy Bees nearby for one.

HelenaPK Tue 04-Feb-20 14:27:27

Ahh thank you!! I thinks that's exactly as you said. It's closer to the Martin Way end by the way but not really affected by the traffic noise i think.
What do you think about he links to London? Are the trains from South Merton reliable? Also, Morden tube is a 16min walk do you use that station at all? Is it dangerous?
I think I like the area, it's residential mostly but seems to have good schools around, cafes/restaurants are close in Wimbledon (any other other areas for outings?), people seem to be mostly families so expect a peaceful vibe your experience from the area, would you say I should be aware of anything else before moving there?

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HelenaPK Tue 04-Feb-20 14:28:19

Also, which schools would you recommend for primary and secondary?
Thanks again for your time!! smile

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Svalberg Tue 04-Feb-20 15:25:25

South Merton is Thameslink - I've had problems with it in the past (the 06:58 being cancelled regularly) but it's useful when the tube is down. It's also the slow train into the city - it takes ages. Morden tube is fine, and you always get a seat which is the advantage of being at the end of the line, though coming home from the city it's packed & you'll probably have to stand to Clapham South/Balham. I've never felt unsafe at Morden but I'm usually there at peak commuter time!

As regards schools, I'm more familiar with girls' faith schools - Ursuline Wimbledon and Holy Cross in New Malden which both give excellent pastoral care, I've found. Ricards Lodge (girls) and Rutlish (boys) - my friends who have children there are happy with them. I'm afraid I don't know anything about the Harris Academies which are the mixed sex schools, other than the heads respond very quickly to complaints about behaviour! All the primary schools are well rated by Ofsted, again I know parents with children at Wimbledon Chase and Poplar who like them - primaries change vibe with the head I've found though.

Epsom is a slightly larger shopping centre, Kingston is BIG, but Wimbledon is good enough although the Debenhams has just closed.

Plenty places to visit - we always like a walk on the commons (Wimbledon & Cannon Hill) or Morden Hall Park (NT but free) and a walk or bike over to Abbey Mills through Morden Hall Park is lovely. Further afield we go to Richmond Park or the Wetlands at Barnes, or out into the Surrey Hills. There's also a David Lloyd on the Bushy Road if you want tennis/gym/outdoor pool.

As I said before though, you'll be paying for the postcode in Buckleigh. My friend lives in a 4 bed, 2 bath end terrace across Martin Way and it's probably worth around 550-600k, the same in SW20 would be at least 100k more and the family friendliness is no less! If you look in Cranleigh or Tybenham roads (SW19) you're looking at £1m

HelenaPK Wed 05-Feb-20 10:15:00

Thanks so much for your replies!!

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Kmohazzz Mon 08-Mar-21 06:45:30

hello *@HelenaPK*, we also liked a house on a similar road and wanted to post similar questions. Thank you @Svalberg for answering lots of my queries around the area.

*@HelenaPK*: How do you like the area if you moved last year? I felt area is very residential and no nearby coffee shops/cafe. Th closest one i could find is near south wimbeldon station.


HelenaPK Tue 09-Mar-21 13:09:45

Hello @Kmohazzz,
We actually did move in the area last July and we love it here. You are right that it's not too close walking distance to coffee shops but a short walk 10-15mins you have Wimblendon Chase but also Morden. I thought Morden was horrible initially but I like to go there now every now and again , I appreciate some nice independent places for coffee & food eg. Metronome Coffee and Miga Korean food and of course the Morden Hall Park is gorgeous in the summer if you have kids. (So many other green spaces around here too).
Also, my husband has grown to like the Costa coffee machine from the Shell gas station on Martin Way (it's a good compromise if you want a take away coffee but cant be bothered to walk to Wimb Chase or Morden.
If you have a car then so many other great place in short distance (7-9 mins) available: Raines Park highstreet, Wimblendon village, Wimblendon Park etc.
We are so happy here, it's residential but still very close to places (nurseries, schools, cafes, food shops, super markets etc)
Hope i have covered you? If not let me know what other info you need. smile

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HelenaPK Tue 09-Mar-21 13:12:10

Also, Raines Park has some cute places:
- Raw for coffee
- Philippas Kitchen for quirky baked goods
And of course, there is a bit Waitrose if you like to shop from there.

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Kmohazzz Tue 09-Mar-21 13:36:44

Thank you very much. I really appreciate you taking the time to provide the extra color on the shops and cafes etc. This is very helpful. Great to hear that you love the area. I may trouble you again with more questions smile.

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