Moving - Brighton or Hove?

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Rebecca980 Mon 20-Jan-20 21:34:46

We’ve made the decision to move away from London! And - rather cliche - we’re moving to Brighton or Hove as it’s still easy for me and DH to get into London for work when needed and it’ll overall be better for DD than Brixton, especially when school starts, we think.
We have some house viewings set up this week. I had initially thought Brighton but most the houses we are viewing are actually in Hove....
So....battle it out. What are your views? Living in Brighton or Hove - what’s better?

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RubixCubix Mon 20-Jan-20 21:48:20

Well Brighton and Hove is just one city so it really doesn't make much difference. A visitor walking between the two would see no obvious difference unless they were checking the postcodes IMO and there are good and bad parts in each I suppose.

You'd be better off choosing where to live based on other factors e.g. close to the beach/desired school/train station etc.

JoJoSM2 Mon 20-Jan-20 22:51:46

What are your criteria for ‘better’?

RubixCubix Mon 20-Jan-20 23:13:00

What are your criteria for ‘better’?

Sorry, I don't understand your question confused

LunaDeet Tue 21-Jan-20 07:35:02

They are one in the same. It’s all just stretched out along the seafront. Personally I’d go either end, so Kemp Town or Aldrington. Both very close to Brighton fun but far enough away (just) to have their own vibe. Or Lewes. It’s a really fun place to be, you’ll love it!

JoJoSM2 Tue 21-Jan-20 07:49:40


The OP wrote
Living in Brighton or Hove - what’s better?

So I asked what criteria she wants to use. Brighton and Hove is a city with many different areas that might suit different preferences.

Skinnychip Tue 21-Jan-20 08:19:41

Be aware that if you move, the correct name is "Hove, actually" grin
They are defined by different colour railings by the sea - I think Brighton is blue, and Hove is green?
I used to have some friends in Hove actually and it seemed really nice, and less busy than Brighton, but they moved because they hated the long commute.


Rebecca980 Tue 21-Jan-20 08:29:50

Yes, it’s that commute I’m dreading! Luckily I can work from home a few days a week but might need to find something else closer by!

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Rebecca980 Tue 21-Jan-20 08:30:55

This is exactly what an estate agent joked to us! grin

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madcatladyforever Tue 21-Jan-20 08:33:03

I had the choice when my son was school age to go and live there, I never went as they are both absolute depressing shit holes. I've worked in both Hove marginally better but both awful. Homeless everywhere, drugs, alcoholics.
My mental health really suffered working there. I live 20 miles off in the country and have now moved 300 miles away which still isn't far enough.

madcatladyforever Tue 21-Jan-20 08:33:38

I meant to say there was no way I'd allow my son to grow up there with all the drugs.

SapphosRock Tue 21-Jan-20 09:42:36

I wish I'd asked this 6 years ago when we moved from London to Brighton!

Assuming you want to live fairly near a station to commute I would say definitely Hove - it is much more family orientated than Brighton. There is a big problem with drugs and homelessness in Brighton at the moment, the main playground in central Brighton (the level) Is often littered with beer cans, needles, condoms and worse - just horrible if it was your local playground.

Look at Poets corner in Hove - it's fairly affordable, near Hove station, easy walking distance to the beach and in the catchment area of an outstanding primary school. The only downside is the gardens are tiny.

If you want a big garden look at Hangleton which has cheaper properties but you won't be near a station.

If you did decide on Brighton then Hanover is a nice area and very family friendly with lots of good schools. It's quite hippy... you will come across many vegans and a few anti-vaxxers. You would have to walk up a big hill from the station every day though!

If you have a big budget then Seven Dials borders Brighton and Hove, is near Brighton station and has some lovely big houses, nice cafes, a decent playground and you can walk to the beach. Perfect location if you have £700k+ to spend.

Great decision btw! We are so glad we moved here.

Fettfrett Tue 21-Jan-20 09:52:19

Same as pp, if being near a station is important I would choose Hove over Brighton. There are some lovely areas of Brighton but not so much near the station. You'll also find quite a lot of student houses mixed in with family residential in Brighton, not that students are always a problem, but they are more likely to be loud and drunk at 3am! It really does depend on your lifestyle and your budget though.

ploughingthrough Tue 21-Jan-20 10:06:54

I'm from Brighton and have lived there with kids. It's a lovely city but there are areas to avoid. Hove is nice, don't get much bang for your buck though. Preston Park area and Fiveways are very popular with families - v expensive but if you're selling in London you'd be okay. The area has a very London vibe. I love it there. We decided to move up country a bit for a bigger garden and better high school but I do like PP a lot.
Hangleton makes me feel a bit depressed tbh, something about it I hate but it's usefully located for Hove.

sunshinesupermum Tue 21-Jan-20 15:04:26

Loved living in Hove although we were just on the border with Brighton. It's not so manic there when the day-trippers arrive as soon as the sun comes out.

DavetheCat2001 Tue 21-Jan-20 17:11:03

I've heard that the secondary schools in Brighton leave a lot to be desired.

Not that I have any personal experience, just what friends of mine who live there with kids have said.

KateCantab Tue 21-Jan-20 18:39:40

I come from this area. We had an opportunity to move back a few years ago but were put off by the state secondary schools. Things may have changed by now. If you’re really keen, I would say Hove instead of Brighton. Hove is generally more family oriented. Personally, I like Shoreham (coast) or Haywards Heath which is inland but benefits from having a shorter commute, and has more trains coming through from east and west.

missl1 Tue 21-Jan-20 18:50:59

If you're not planning on moving again I'd disagree with everyone on this thread and say move to Brighton BN1 areas as you'll be in the catchment for way better secondary schools.

Also primary schools in Brixton are on the whole great. Secondary less so.

Dawninglory Tue 21-Jan-20 18:57:52

Lived here for 28yrs! Started in Brighton near 5ways, moved to Hove as I earned more money! Now have 2 DC moved along further to Shoreham by sea, much nicer.

BlouseAndSkirt Tue 21-Jan-20 19:46:08

I’d stay in Brixton, with the coast at Brighton a quick trip down the A23 for weekend day trips, what’s not to like grin

Depending on your school catchment.

But you could move slightly, cheaper houses in catchment for some of the brilliant Streatham primaries and Dunraven, or good primary and Charter...

Brockwell Lido clearer to swim in than the Brighton sea, apart from that Brighton is like Brixton without the tube grin

SapphosRock Tue 21-Jan-20 20:31:47

@missl1 I live in BN1 and the only state Secondary anywhere near us is the Cardinal Newman Catholic school. Others are all Independent.

Hove or Preston Park have lots more choice of Secondary Schools.

missl1 Tue 21-Jan-20 20:36:13

OK yes you're right not all of BN1. But if you want to be in with a chance of Dorothy Stringer or Varndean then the following:
BN1 1
BN1 3
BN1 4
most of BN1 5
BN1 6-7
BN2 0-3
part of BN2 5
BN2 9

SapphosRock Tue 21-Jan-20 20:42:34

Thanks for sharing missl1 that's v helpful! Definitely need to move before DC get to secondary school age.

MakeTeaNotWar Tue 21-Jan-20 20:43:59

I moved to Brighton from London 10 years ago and love it. We live in Westdene which has an excellent primary school as well as easy access to the South Downs. I commute from Preston Park station to London Bridge

ImTheCaddy Tue 21-Jan-20 21:07:40

Well as a born and bred resident I should be discouraging you from moving here as it's the folk from London making it unaffordable for us!

In reality, half of parents at school have moved down from London.

Hove is basically "better" and anywhere from Brunswick Sq right along to Boundary RD is lovely for families.

Poets Corner is full of young families, hangleton is where every moves to when they can't afford to be central and want a house. It's basically suburbia.

Schools wise, lots of great primaries, they were hugely oversubscribed but not any more as seemingly the birth rate has dropped.

Secondaries in Hove are basically good, as are some in Brighton. The catchments are huge and it's done on a lottery system anyway.

Commuting is a nightmare though! Trains packed and constantly delayed etc.

We have a huge problem with homelessness and street drinking though. Not so much Hove but central Brighton is awful at the moment. It's so sad.

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