Ilve Roma range cooker

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Aero33 Tue 14-Jan-20 16:00:32

Just wanted to share some feedback on our new Ilve range cooker. Ilve used to make Britannia when Britannias were really good. Salesman in the Bath dealership we went to said "If you always wanted a Britannia then the Ilve Roma is the way to go" so we did. Not a good move.
The Roma is the newest model with only a handful in the country - should have waited until some reviews appeared. First thing we noticed was the shut lines around the doors were not parallel. Engineer came out and adjusted the hinges which just seemed to be filing bits off of them until the doors looked better (note: not perfect but better) Second thing was the rotisserie which didn't work properly, it winds itself back and forth across the steel shelf rather than staying in its slot and just going round. Pretty much got told that we aren't using it properly! On the plus side the ovens are a good size and it cooks well but at £4800 don't rush. Simply can't face searching for something else but probably shouldn't be keeping it.

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isseywith4vampirecats Tue 14-Jan-20 16:29:59

blimey do people pay nearly £5000 for a range cooker we went for a new hotpoint four burner double oven stainless steel cooker and it was just over £400

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