Where do we stand - Thailand wedding/Bride

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KZC101 Mon 13-Jan-20 15:24:23

Hi all
Not sure this is the correct thread to post but forgive me if not. My husband and I are in a little bit of an awkward situation.
Long and short of the whole story is my husbands father moved to Thailand about 1.5 years ago, he subsequently married a Thai lady 40 years his junior - unfortunately he is now in hospital with multiple organ failure.
My husband is naturally worried sick & might be flying over this week to Thailand however we also concerned about his assets in Thailand & in the UK.
We are not sure if he has a WILL in place in Thailand however do you have any advice on what we can do? He is naturally remarried now but can his new Thai bride claim assets even in the UK? Even the property in the UK in his fathers name?
Its difficult as no one speaks blooming English not even his new wife!

If anyone has experience etc... to share I would be grateful.
I know we need some special solicitors in the horrid event we do lose his father in Thailand etc....
Thanks all

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KeepThosePlatesSpinning Mon 13-Jan-20 15:38:09

OP, not an expert in this, but if your FIL is legally married, why do you think his wife won't / shouldn't have rights over his property in the UK? Any pre-existing will is invalid after re-marriage so, as you say, it's only if he has a new will stating otherwise that his assets wouldn't pass to his wife. Presumably if that was the case he'd have told his children.

Unless he's married only very recently, or there is proof there was malicious intent on the part of his wife, I'm not sure that your DH is going to be able to protect "his" asset's from his father's wife, presuming that this is, at least in part, what his concerns are about.

Special solicitors aren't going to stop marital assets passingfrom one spouse to another are they?

toomuchfaster Mon 13-Jan-20 15:44:10

My understanding, from a friend in a similar situation, is that if the marriage is legal in the UK then she is sole heir unless there is a will stating otherwise. The Thai bride got everything and my friend got nothing as they were married in this country.

Hoppinggreen Mon 13-Jan-20 15:46:44

He’s married, might not be in circumstances you would ideally want but legally she’s his wife and if their marriage is recognised under UK law then his assets will be hers

Jaxhog Mon 13-Jan-20 15:53:03

As above. Do you live in DH father's house? That would make things more complicated.

Let's hope he pulls through.

KZC101 Mon 13-Jan-20 17:15:35

No we live in our own property.
The house he owns is with Agents as he lets it out for rent!

Look I am sensing that people on here are assuming we are greed ridden for his assets, I AM NOT - its my husbands assets to be fair - he has not knows this bride of his for even a year!!
Anyway enough of that - thanks for all the comments albeit slightly aggressive!

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TriangleBingoBongo Mon 13-Jan-20 17:23:05

He’s married, might not be in circumstances you would ideally want but legally she’s his wife and if their marriage is recognised under UK law then his assets will be hers

Yup. Unless he has a new will post marriage.

Hoppinggreen Mon 13-Jan-20 17:32:18

She had to look after a man 40 years older than her (who is presumably not in the best of health and now she gets payback
I actually do feel sorry for you OP but presumably your FIL knew what he was getting and so did his wife. We can never assume we will inherit from our parents

Catapultaway Mon 13-Jan-20 17:35:26

How is it your husband's assets? Thought they were your FILs?

Hoppinggreen Mon 13-Jan-20 17:41:45

FILs not even dead and you think these are your husbands assets?

Seeingadistance Mon 13-Jan-20 18:33:19

I agree with pp. Your FIL’s property is his, not your DH’s.

mondaypolomint Mon 13-Jan-20 22:22:20

Some harsh comments here.
Could you ask admin to move this post to the Property board and maybe legal.

My suggestion world be to seek some legal advice from a solicitor.

KeepThosePlatesSpinning Tue 14-Jan-20 09:16:11

OP, just to be clear, these are not your husband's assets. Regardless of how long his father knew his wife before getting married, they are now her's unless your FIL has specifically created a will stating otherwise. You're seeking a way to defraud his wife. Because she doesn't speak English and lives in another country doesn't make that any less unpaletable.

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