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Rabbitit Sun 12-Jan-20 15:51:11

I have been looking to moving into Farnham area with kids. I heard people mentioning north and south of it . North side seems more convenient and closer to guildford / Aldershot for shopping . South side is more rural but closer to schools? Would be great if anyone could tell me what I seen is right ? Or which part of it would be better for schooling ?

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MerryGrinch Tue 14-Jan-20 11:09:54

I can't help but I'm looking in the same area so I'm keen to know too.

JoJoSM2 Tue 14-Jan-20 11:24:40


You can see where the best schools are on there. Surrey Coucil has a booklet online that will tell you admission distances for various schools or if it’s some other policy.

friendlycat Tue 14-Jan-20 13:17:38

Whilst I cannot comment on the area for schools, it is very much considered that South Farnham is the more chi chi and expensive side of Farnham and North Farnham the "cheaper" side. I don't live there but just am aware from my own research when looking into the area previously. It seems you pay a premium to live in South Farnham.

Sunshinegirl82 Tue 14-Jan-20 13:51:07

I used to live in Farnham and now live up the road. It will depend a fair bit on budget, south Farnham is generally considered "posher" and so is very expensive. South Farnham infants and juniors and Weydon have good reputations but you'll definitely need to be in catchment to get in.

Are you particularly keen on Farnham? Have you considered Alton? Or Petersfield? You get more for your money there.

Rabbitit Wed 15-Jan-20 15:57:02

Went to the councils website to look at the schools. It looks complicated as distance probably not the main factor but most of them seem to have feeder schools from infant stage ! Had a look at southern side of wrecclesham but it is very rural and hilly . Looks like Aldershot, tongham, badshot lea is more convenient to supermarkets etc But are these big difference as to south Farnham for school catchment areas ?
Heard that Aldershot is somewhere to avoid but I saw a lot of development going on there in progress . Kind of dilemma

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Sunshinegirl82 Wed 15-Jan-20 17:22:57

It depends entirely on what criteria are important to you and your budget.

Do you drive? Do you need to commute somewhere specific for work? Do you need daily access to the train station/London? Is there a particular reason for Farnham over another town in that area?

Badshot Lea, Tongham and Wrecclesham are on the outskirts of Farnham and are fairly residential. Farnham has one large Sainsbury's on the north side of Farnham but you could reach it from anywhere in Farnham in about 10 minutes in the car. There is a small Sainsbury's, a Lidl and a Waitrose in Farnham town centre.

Alton is 10 minutes up the A31 and has a Sainsbury's, Aldi, Waitrose, Iceland and M&S food. You can be in Basingstoke in 20 minutes for the shopping centre. Alton and Basingstoke also has a lot of development going on. As does nearby Bordon (another ex army town although without a train station).

Aldershot doesn't have a great reputation locally but they are doing a lot of building in the area as the Army has sold off a lot of land. There isn't a huge amount in Aldershot town centre, obviously that might change in time if the developments do well. There is a cinema and a few restaurants and a theatre. There is a large Tesco and Morrison's outside of Aldershot town centre.

Aldershot and Farnham are very different towns. Farnham is a fairly "posh" market town, Aldershot is an army town.

Sunshinegirl82 Wed 15-Jan-20 17:26:43

You should be able to access the school catchment areas from the school websites. I'm fairly certain you will struggle to access the South Farnham schools if you are not in the catchment areas.

Rabbitit Thu 16-Jan-20 00:21:45

Thanks for the great advice ! Initially I start with guildford and then followed by areas around it. I drive and I need an area with both good junior schools and college as my kids are of different age range. I also prefer a location with access to station for going to London for work. That's how my search around guildford extended to Farnham...

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JoJoSM2 Thu 16-Jan-20 02:00:45

Are you in London now, OP? If you want good schools, amenities and easy commuting, it might just be easier to stay in London?

Rabbitit Thu 16-Jan-20 02:15:26

London is very expensive and I am looking for a 4 beds

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JoJoSM2 Thu 16-Jan-20 03:13:44

I’m in Sutton and it’s pretty affordable around here. The south side is very leafy, Cheam Village is lovely. Ewell is in Surrey but zone 6. Fab schools and lots of amenities. I’m pretty sure it’s more affordable than Farnham but less pretty.

sobeyondthehills Thu 16-Jan-20 03:21:57

I would honestly say give Farnham a miss for now, they have a lot of new builds planned with residence objecting to them and them being built anyway. With no provisions made to schools, doctors etc.

Sunshinegirl82 Thu 16-Jan-20 06:05:13

Have you considered Woking/Horsell?

I love Farnham as a place but you are looking at an hour a day on the train each way into Waterloo. Woking is 25 minutes.

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