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anyone know anything about datchet/windsor?

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bumposaurus Sat 25-Aug-07 19:54:51

We are thinking about moving out of SW London but need to be commutable to Richmond - does anyone know anything about living in Datchet and/or Windsor, particularly the local schools?

MissChief Tue 28-Aug-07 12:22:16

both lovely but v noisy plane-wise - check you can handle it before moving would be my recommendation!
Windsor 1st schools/sec schools goodish, middle schools not great, some excellent private.

bumposaurus Wed 29-Aug-07 14:49:34

Thanks MissChief. We currently live in Barnes, so I think the plane noise should not be too much worse. Am I right in thinking there are grammar schools in the area?

dustystar Wed 29-Aug-07 14:52:13

My sister used to live there and its a lovely village. I'll email her and ask about the local schools. I know there was a good preschool.

Littlefish Wed 29-Aug-07 14:55:57

I lived there until I was about 25. Went to a small private school so don't know about the local LEA schools.

Might be able to help re. locations.

To be honest, I never even noticed the planes!

Windsor Boys School used to be a grammer school, but not sure it is anymore.

The commute to Richmond is really easy. One train from Windsor Riverside station - takes about 50 minutes I think.

bumposaurus Thu 30-Aug-07 21:32:49

Thanks both of you - we have an 18 month old so any pre-school info gratefully received!

littleducks Thu 30-Aug-07 21:40:42

The grammar schools are in slough rather than windsor itself, slough, langley, herscel and burnham grammar schools but some kids do travel. Are some very good private schools, including Eton!

Datchet is nice but traffic can be bad at times.

scienceteacher Mon 03-Sep-07 07:23:43

Local schools in Windsor are very iffy. They have a three tier system of first schools (to year 4), middle schools (to year 8) and the separate boys' and girls' comps. The girls' school is pleasant but the expectations for achievement are not great, so they don't perform as well as they should. It's a scruffy place because of lack of investment. The new Head should make a difference though. The boys' school has a good reputation, but it probably doesn't deserve it. The profile of the intake of each school is below the national average for a comprehensive intake because of nearby grammar schools and private schools. The four middle schools have varying reputations, and have strict catchment areas, so you pretty much have to live in the catchment of the one you want to go to. The first schools have nursery classes.

Datchet is in the Slough LEA, and the secondary school in Datchet itself is basically a secondary modern, with higher achieving pupils going to one of the four grammar schools in Slough.

If you are interested in private schools, there are three in Windsor itself - one mixed prep (St George's at Windsor Castle), a girls' 3-11 and a girls' 3-18 (both these schools take boys up to age 7). There is a girls' prep in Datchet. Not much for boys in the area - older boys have to travel to Weybridge, Reading, North Ascot, and beyond.

Living in Windsor is fun, with lots of shops and restaurants. Parking is mostly by residents' permits in the central area, but could be a bit of a nightmare in the area just beyond this where there are long terraces of narrow Victorian cottages. Datchet is a pretty village, with very nice large villas.

The planes are annoying but you really do get used to them.

MissChief Mon 03-Sep-07 12:42:59

to add a couple of points, St Georges and a couple of the others are v oversubscribed. Planes can be a nightmare- much noisier than London when they're landing and many people I know, inc ourselves, moved out within a couple of yrs because of them (we'd moved out of London too and thought we knew what it would be like). If you can handle ithe noise, great, but do stay over when they're landing first to see if you really can. There are a couple of lovely pre-schools and montessoris. depends where exactly you're going ot live but you can get info from the library or online from Again, they get quitew booked up,

bumposaurus Wed 05-Sep-07 12:48:47

Thanks for this - have been doing a bit of homework and have spoken to the primary school in Datchet which is full - the council has suggested I try Eton Porny or Kings Court - this should probably be on the Education topic, but does anyone know anything about these schools?

rosak Sat 07-Jan-12 19:14:12

Can anybody advise me about Langley Grammar. My DD just got result for entry exam. She got 121, so does anybody know if that would be enough to get place?
As well do you know is there order of geting reply from LGS?

newgirl Sun 08-Jan-12 18:16:52

i went to school in windsor and lots of kids did very well but i think the schools weren't amazing considering the catchment of lovely families grin. But both windsor and datchet are fab places to live. River, great shops, cafes, bars, just beautiful. Love it there. Plane noise is really bad - really the worst of anywhere ive been so if you plan to sit in your garden, be very aware! but there are days when planes fly in on a slightly different route so a bit quieter. Eton lovely too.

disney123 Sun 23-Sep-12 22:26:38

Hi Can anyone please tell me a good state first school in Windsor with Nursery?
and First schools to avoid, Dedworth Green? Hilltop first school? Alexander First School,Oakfield? Moving to the area so appreciate honest responce,thanks.

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