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chocorabbit Sat 21-Dec-19 14:53:13

Does anobody know if the Aquabion water softeners are any good? We were surprised and sceptical that they don't take salt and are so small. Our kitchen needs replacing and we have no space for a unit and we would have had to keep adding salt so we hadn't one installed when we bought our house.

Our bathroom basin mixed tap has had its cartridges changed many times in the 3 years since we bought it. The tap itself is so damaged, we have replaced the screws before as they were so corroded but now it is again impossible to remove the screws and the cartriges. DH said that the Bathstore doesn't stock the cartidges anymore either. Supposedly all taps nowadays are made with cartridges. We have extremely hard water. We have no problem with our kitchen or bathtub mixers.


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PigletJohn Sat 21-Dec-19 23:18:06

It doesn't take salt, so it doesn't have ion exchange so it isn't a water softener. So you won't find the term "water softener" used in the Trade Description.

As far as I can see, the approvals they quote will confirm that it doesn't leak and doesn't contaminate the drinking water, and doesn't rust.

These approvals should not be allowed to give anyone the impression that official tests confirm the device softens water.

IMO, "water conditioners" work in the same way that a copper bracelet cures rheumatism, or a droplet of purified water cures disease. See

However, it is very likely that the suppliers will refund your money if you return it and tell them it doesn't work. I understand that most of their customers don't get round to doing that, which is how they make a living.

I can, however, sell you five magic beans that will give you the feeling of luxurious silky water. If I charge you enough you will assure all your friends that they are wonderful.

PigletJohn Sat 21-Dec-19 23:21:22


you can still buy taps with rubber washers instead of cartridges. Provided they are not abused by people trying to turn them off with great force, wearing out the spindle and seat, and crushing the washer, they will probably last as long as you do. I get mine from Bristan.

Oldhouseguy Thu 26-Dec-19 20:23:35

Chocorabbit I had an Aquabion fitted two months ago. I did so for a similar reason: not enough room for a normal softener; new showers; taps getting clogged with limescale.

It does not claim to be a water softener, but a “water conditioner”. Not sure what that actually means but apparently instead of taking stuff out of the water (as a softener does) it makes some sort of change to what the water is able to leave behind. Importantly for me (and you) that means its affects the sticky deposits of lime - it may well also impact on other things too.

So far, I can report that there has certainly been a difference. Principally, the shower head does not get clogged and, instead of leaving hard-to-remove lime marks everywhere, the water leaves a light, chalky residue. This is easily wiped away - but does need to be wiped away...

I have no idea if such residue will be an issue inside the pipes and I have not had it long enough to know if the taps will stay clear. The claim from Aquabion is that limescale will not cause a problem in those places.

In terms of space, it takes up very little. It is an “inline” device which means it just replaces a section of the water pipe as it enters the house. Which is neat.

Just my personal experience. Hope that helps.

chocorabbit Thu 09-Jan-20 10:22:20

I had completely forgotten posting this!

So scientifically it couldn't possibly work AND even after having experience with having installed it it still leaves residues behind! That's the thing I wanted to check. Most reviews I had found were saying "I installed it X months ago so let's see how it goes" confused and nothing of the kind "it completely eradicated limescale". Like useless amazon reviews where the purchaser leaves a review "just received X, can't wait to unpack it" instead of a review from experience or expertise.

A local trader who suggested it and sells them asked for £150 to install it.

Thasnks @PigletJohn about the Bristan suggestion. Although we haven't had any luck we will try again!

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Schoolsearch2015 Tue 14-Jan-20 17:49:34

interested to hear about it too. Did you end up getting one?

FS99 Fri 24-Apr-20 08:51:33

Unfortunately Aquabion does not work. It has been tested in Sweden. You can read the test here:

PaulAQUABION Fri 29-Jan-21 14:34:27

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PaulAQUABION Fri 29-Jan-21 15:26:15

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