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Builder recos

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mynamechangemyrules Thu 05-Dec-19 11:35:21

Thanks both, will investigate.

I've got nowhere fast with this... I'm looking at local Facebook pages now to see if anyone recommends anything.

Alexalee Wed 04-Dec-19 13:57:10

I am assuming sarcasm... their price would probably be 30k

fastliving Wed 04-Dec-19 12:53:25

Pimlico plumbers are a good first call, see what they say.

Alexalee Tue 03-Dec-19 13:49:58

14k for a budget bathroom and kitchen seems a lot. If it's short notice though builders generally name their price and it's always high to make it worth their while squeezing it in.

mynamechangemyrules Tue 03-Dec-19 13:42:30

Hi all, I live thousands of miles away and trying to get a kitchen and bathroom refit done in London on a tight budget!

Doing it through my rental agents, the lowest price they are offering is £14k plus their 12.5% on top confused

I have tried other managed options and that is the lowest..!!

So any recos for builders who'd go to SW2 and do it for less?! It's for rental until I move back in a few years and potentially redo the whole place so I really don't want to invest in anything.

Or anywhere that I can go to look for this type of thing?

Thank you!

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