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gingergiraffe Sun 08-Dec-19 17:41:38

I would echo staying away from major companies, especially Safestyle. Local companies will care more about their reputation and are easier to contact if there are any snags. We have only had new windows once in our lifetime and you live and learn. Yes, quotes from major companies magically reduce for no apparent reason. We were given examples to look at but no price was mentioned until the very end of a long process. It would have helped if we were given some indication of what made things cheaper or more expensive. We were then hassled for weeks afterward on the phone. Two more salesman visits and a surveyor.

Sadly, installation was a nightmare. I won’t bore you with details but all windows had to be fitted twice and one window a third time as the frame had cracked on installation and filled with filler. Not mentioned at the time. Numerous phone calls, surveyor visits, letters, time off work and mess! They promised qualified, experienced fitters and sent cowboys. (The last lot of fitters spent their time fixing all the bodge jobs other fitters had done.)

Seeingadistance Thu 05-Dec-19 08:53:00

Andrew Wright in Irvine are good. They’ve done windows for me in two different houses. Worth getting a quote from them.

rumple123 Thu 05-Dec-19 00:05:05

It was actually 8 windows, I didn't count porch. First quote is £4700 for 8 windows a front door and a porch door. We don't need new sils. Interested to see what the other quotes come in at

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filka Mon 02-Dec-19 15:43:03

My mother's house was 1930s and our local window firm made UPVC windows with the same pattern in the top windows as the original. Looked great, and was then copied by several neighbours.

rumple123 Mon 02-Dec-19 15:30:38

I will look that company up- yes I'm in Barrhead

Thanks everyone that's great advice. Will book one more quote to make three. (I had arranged another this morning)

Does anyone know about these government grants that sound too good to be true? Window scrapage schemes. They mention insulation renewal as well?

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Toodeloo Mon 02-Dec-19 14:56:42

You’re in glasgow?! Google Windows advice centre and get in touch with them. I’m about to have similar done tk what you are looking for (using them for the 2nd time - different houses now) and they’ve slashed 50% off other quotes for me. Cannot praise them enough for peace of mind, quality and advice. Best thing about them, they are free and will do all the work for you and come back with 6 quotes, no obligation.

MelissaCortezsPastry Mon 02-Dec-19 14:01:20

We went with a local company who make their own windows so no middle man.

Chap came, measured up, opened a folder which had a chart with width x height on and a price, then every opener added an additional cost.

He said there you go, have a think about it and left. We got two comparison quotes and went with first person who came in about £5k under the other 2 middle men quotes. We replaced 14 windows and a french door.

I used a supply only online quote place to get an idea of cost and the company we went with was pretty much the same price but they obviously fitted it as well.

I would always look for a reputable local company, not any big names who feel pushy when it comes to trying to make you sign. My SIL fell for the whole I really like you, let me call my boss. I couldn't believe the cost she paid for her windows and doors.


Trimbls Mon 02-Dec-19 13:34:45

We had all of our windows & front door replaced in last year - best advise would be to stay well clear of the 'major' companies like Anglian! Very pushy sales people despite us advising time & again we didn't want to use them, their quotes magically came down from around £7000 to £3500 in half an hour & they couldnt seem to factor into account I was 8 months pregnant & wasnt sure exactly what date we'd be able to have them fitted! We went with a lovely local company who were brilliant & got them cheaper than with the big companies too. Definitely get 3 quotes though - all 3 local companies who quoted us were friendlier, cheaper & more professional than the major ones.

crosstalk Mon 02-Dec-19 12:42:36

Can you ask them if the new windows can match the old ones if they're original? Some old houses look very sad after the originals are replaced by bog standard windows.

You should also go for three quotes and ask how long they're guaranteed for. Try for a customer reference. Also ask how much it costs to replace the glass if it blows - which often happens on south facing double or triple glazing.

JoJoSM2 Mon 02-Dec-19 12:34:18

On principle, it’s good to get 3 quotes.

rumple123 Mon 02-Dec-19 10:08:33

Looking for any advice or experience with replacing windows. I want to pay for the purchase and instalment of 7 windows - well the 7th window is a small downstairs toilet. I would also like an internal porch door (glass) and a new exterior front door. I would like to keep costs down so pvc presumably is the cheaper option. I want them to be as cosy as possible so maybe triple glazing?

I have a local company coming to quote me on Wednesday. Any advice re what I should be looking for, what I should be looking to pay would be much appreciated.

I wouldn't be looking to finance I would just to purchasing outright.

I live in a 110 year old mid terraced house.
If anyone lives in Glasgow and surrounding area and could recommend a company that would be really helpful as well.
Thank you

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