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lastqueenofscotland Mon 02-Dec-19 10:09:59

Unless you are in a brilliant market I think making 10k in 18 months for the amount of work you’ve done is unrealistic.

I’d travel through all agents (like tripadvisor for estate agents) and see you has the best reviews

TDL2016 Sun 01-Dec-19 14:13:35

I’d also check that the agent you want to go with it is the best one to sell you house. They might have cheaper fees, but not be used to selling your style of house. Check their reviews out on google etc.

TDL2016 Sun 01-Dec-19 14:12:05

Yes. Of course you can ask them to place it on the market at what ever price you want them to. The standard phrase that agents include on their adverts where I am is “Priced for quick sale”

drowninginstuff09 Sat 30-Nov-19 23:10:28

Hi we have recently decided to buy a house and would like to move quite quickly if possible (I am 3 months pregnant!). I have never sold a house before so any advice would be great if possible please.

We bought our house last Spring for 150,000 (I appreciate this isn't a long time ago), and have made some changes - basically re-plastered the living room walls and ceiling, new carpet, and lights, and redecorated the main bedroom, but otherwise no big changes.

We have had 5 estate agents around (I appreciate now this was probably too many!).

1 had valued at 155000, and said to go in at 160,000, 2 have valued at £160,000 and said to go in at £165,000, 1 has said to go in at £160-170,000, and the other has valued at £170,000, and said to go in at £175,000.

I am guessing that I should go in at £165,000 with a view of hopefully getting £160,000?

The estate agent we were wanting to go with (their fees weren't too expensive, and they came recommended) were the ones who quoted the highest - can I request that they price lower than they wanted to?

Sorry if this all sounds a bit stupid, I'm just a bit over my head withal of this!

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