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Painting 14 rooms in four days!!

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Kyriesmum1 Sat 30-Nov-19 00:53:25

So while hubby is away with the three oldest dd's I have decided to paint 14 rooms of our new house in the four days he's away whilst still looking after an 8 mth old bubba! Am I crazy?? 😂

Anyway today was day one and I've done hallway and stairs. Was hoping to have started another room at least but I have prepped ready for a few hours time when bubba wakes up 🤪

Kyriesmum1 Sun 01-Dec-19 08:33:59

Lol no the floor was done by the fitter!!

We have picture rails so and the high bits are already white so didn't need painting so only had to go upto picture rail so not very high thank god, could reach on tiptoes 😁

Thanks for all the support!! Taking a break this morning to spend time with little one for a couple of hours then back on it x

MyKingdomForBrie Sun 01-Dec-19 08:42:12

The woodwork has very obviously been painted between those pictures OP.. and how did you paint it while the floor was being fitted... what are you playing at?!

MeTheCoolOne Sun 01-Dec-19 08:57:58

The woodwork has very obviously been painted between those pictures OP.. and how did you paint it while the floor was being fitted... what are you playing at?!

Lol, what are you on about MyKingdonForBrie 😂. The paintwork doesn’t look like it’s be painted between photos. It’s come up slightly whiter in one photo than the other because that’s what happens when you take quick snaps under different lighting conditions at different times of the day.

Kyriesmum1 Sun 01-Dec-19 09:01:41

The hall was painted the night before the floor was laid and photos were taken at different times of day hence why it looks whiter in some pictures. I've got loads more pics but mn will only let me post a few each day.

I spent yesterday while floor was being laid doing bath room and lounges 1&2 x

Ginfordinner Sun 01-Dec-19 10:21:26

How do you paint so quickly?

MillStone Sun 01-Dec-19 10:51:33

Those floorboards would be great once sanded and treated. Even just painted.

GinAndBubbles Sun 01-Dec-19 11:00:29

Great job @Kyriesmum1!!

Ariela Sun 01-Dec-19 12:14:42

Perfectly possible, but rope in others if needs be.

I had a friend divorcing and he needed to sell the house. Three of us did a lot of preparation work such as masking tape off the windows etc, and we invited friends to a divorce party 'wear old clothes you do not mind being ruined' Had a supply of paint and brushes and we got the whole house done between 7 and 10, then partied in the garden (sorry neighbours) till one while the paint dried. Looked ok too.

AliciaFleas Sun 01-Dec-19 12:19:01

Oh dear god <faints>

I will read the whole thread later when I have the energy!

Kyriesmum1 Sun 01-Dec-19 14:48:00

@Ginfordinner I do 2/3 rooms at a time, do one coat and while waiting for it to dry do a coat in the next room and so on. So much easier with hubby and kids out as I don't have to keep stopping to sort them out, and I'm fairly sure I've burnt more calories than I take in when ordering a takeaway in the eve lol

My fantastic sister is helping with painting and my friends and family have helped out looking after bubba. She's up at 5 so I get a good couple of hours playing with her in the morning before she goes and she's back for dinner bath and bed and then I carry on until 12ish. I literally only stop to pee drink and eat when she's not here or is in bed x

TinklyLittleLaugh Sun 01-Dec-19 16:26:15

Your house looks like it has loads of potential OP. Not sure about that new floor though; why don’t you just sand your floorboards?

Kyriesmum1 Sun 01-Dec-19 18:33:03


We were hoping that the floors would be salvageable because the floor in snug is beautiful but when we took up the carpets there was too much damage. We've gone for the vinyl as we will continue it through the kitchen diner once the wall has been removed x

Ginfordinner Sun 01-Dec-19 18:42:13

My fantastic sister is helping with painting

That makes a huge difference. I paint on my own.

AliciaFleas Sun 01-Dec-19 19:04:05

How do you avoid getting paint on the ceiling OP. That is what puts me off painting sad

Your house looks lovely btw.

Kyriesmum1 Sun 01-Dec-19 19:52:27

@AliciaFleas thank you, I'm in love with our new house too! We were very lucky that the estate agent bodged up photos and made it look awful!!

We are lucky enough to have picture rails and I'm on my 7th roll of frog tape! It's brilliant for edging xx

Kyriesmum1 Sun 01-Dec-19 19:53:18

@Ginfordinner she started helping yesterday after popping in for a cuppa and hasn't been home since!! I've got her until tomorrow 😁

Kyriesmum1 Mon 02-Dec-19 09:23:24

Lounge 1 before and after

Kyriesmum1 Mon 02-Dec-19 09:24:25

Play room before and after

MarthasGinYard Mon 02-Dec-19 11:00:06

Have you painted em trade magnolia 🤔

LochJessMonster Mon 02-Dec-19 11:07:00

Oh yeah, you 100% managed to clear a room, sand down, tape, paint 2 coats, let it dry and move furniture back in a day hmm

MarthasGinYard Mon 02-Dec-19 11:11:57

I'm impressed you had the hall floor down in a day as well as walloping the walls confused

DavetheCat2001 Mon 02-Dec-19 11:43:08

Stealth boast of the decorating I did over the w/e..

DavetheCat2001 Mon 02-Dec-19 11:44:46

.. and my poor blistered hands

MikeUniformMike Mon 02-Dec-19 11:48:28

You need to paint in natural daylight.

LochJessMonster Mon 02-Dec-19 12:01:30

@DavetheCat2001 I Iove the deep red with the white shelves and accents. Really nice!

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