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What can I do with this room?!

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happy97 Fri 29-Nov-19 20:54:33

I'm really struggling, have just moved in and really want to make the living room cosy. But I'm struggling with the lack of.a focal point/mantelpiece etc. It just looks very bland and I can't see a solution yet!!

PickAChew Sat 30-Nov-19 23:40:40

Rather than furniture, baskets and rubbish scattered across, you need some furniture with height.

PrimalLass Sat 30-Nov-19 23:41:00

Another one

myheartskipsskipsabeat Sun 01-Dec-19 07:57:27

We have split face tiles behind our log burner, looks similar to this. We don't have a chimney breast either

Stooshie8 Sun 01-Dec-19 08:05:45

I have some dark green tiles with grey grouting in my kitchen which are very effective - you could put these on the 'hearth' around the base of the wood burner and up the wall behind to the height of the wood burner (not the chimney) then a nice wood surround - ask joiner for cut offs or sawmill, stain or varnish. Then paint the wall behind the stove a darker colour. I think the tv is dominating the room, I would lower it so it isn't obviously so much bigger than the stove. Then to the left of the stove a nice stack of logs (nice shaped or coloured ones) up the wall more as a feature than to use. Something on the left eg nice cupboard with books/ plant/ whatever to balance the tv.

UnfamousPoster Mon 02-Dec-19 10:20:02

Take a look on pinterest - pics - there are a few ideas on there.

Do you have a hearth in front of the burner? Difficult to tell from your picture. A nice rug might soften the look.

I think making a bit of a feature of the wall behind the flue would be your best bet. I'm not sure you would have enough space to the right of a fake chimney breast for the space to be as useable as it is now.

Can you take any inspiration from how the previous owners had it?

ML1706 Mon 02-Dec-19 18:24:03

Frame the fireplace with two built in bookcase/display cabinet on each side, rug and sofa centered in front of fireplace with a couple chairs on each side

happy97 Mon 02-Dec-19 19:20:22

Apologies for the picture! This is currently where everything is dumped.

The issue I have on the left on the fire is that the sofa it too close to the wall to be able to really do anything to it. The sofa isn't mine, the house is rented, so I can't construct mock chimney breasts etc. I appreciate the tv dominates the room, I have ordered annual sideboard to pop the tv on and store bits and pieces.

The footstool was a pre-move purchase and I think could be too big!

NigellaAwesome Mon 02-Dec-19 19:34:15

I think that wall with the wood burner needs broken up. If it is rented I would suggest Billy bookcases or Liatorp shelves on either side to give symmetry. I think a sideboard might be too uneven.

NigellaAwesome Mon 02-Dec-19 19:34:35

And good luck with your new home

theoriginalmadambee Mon 02-Dec-19 20:08:36

Hi, could you put a big poster next to chimney, remove the footstool possibly to where it seems you have boxes and chairs upside down (hard to see) move the little side table next to the telly in front of the sofa, put the dollhouse on the footstool and remove boxes (possibly under footstool with a cast over it?)

Sorry just a suggestion, good luck smile.

happy97 Mon 02-Dec-19 20:38:33

@Madambee Everything to the right is going!

I'm just missing a focal point. Maybe the sideboard wasn't a good idea, but I needed something for the tv. And the footstool can definitely move away from the dodgy looking sofa.

I think once I move things about, get the sideboard next week and see how that fits, put up new curtains and buy a new rug it will be fine!!!

It's just so bloody cold. Cold looking and feeling but I think it could look really cosy with some work.

happy97 Mon 02-Dec-19 20:40:15

@NigellaAwesome Thank you! I think you're right about the sideboard. I like things to be symmetrical and balanced, but will have to see how it works.

theoriginalmadambee Mon 02-Dec-19 21:01:58

Uhh I'm Scandi we generally decorate a way you think is cold grin.
White walls, stringent decoration.

Louise91417 Mon 02-Dec-19 21:25:33

H&m textured stone effect wallpaper on amazon would be lovely on that wall..

PrimalLass Tue 03-Dec-19 12:29:41

You could do something like this with one Ikea Kallax for logs beside sofa and one for the TV on the other side.

happy97 Tue 03-Dec-19 14:41:10

@PrimalLass I like that!

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