What can I do with this room?!

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happy97 Fri 29-Nov-19 20:54:33

I'm really struggling, have just moved in and really want to make the living room cosy. But I'm struggling with the lack of.a focal point/mantelpiece etc. It just looks very bland and I can't see a solution yet!!

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Imicola Fri 29-Nov-19 21:04:20

A big plant, colourful art work in the wall, and possibly also a more closed type of TV unit might help?

happy97 Fri 29-Nov-19 21:13:33

@Imicola I'm planning on buying a bigger cupboard/sideboard for tv etc. But it just feels soulless!

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GaaaaarlicBread Fri 29-Nov-19 21:15:58

Some art on the main wall, new cabinet, some plants and you should be OK! Lovely fire by the way. We moved into our house as first time buyers last December and the house felt awful for ages. We've only just finished decorating. It was very sad! Get some lights up etc and you should feel a bit more homely for Christmas xx

Lololololola Fri 29-Nov-19 21:21:07

Is the ceiling much higher past the sloped bit?
From the photo, I would be inclined to lose the magnolia (if it is) as it looks too clinical for the fireplace. Is the house old or newish? It looks like it needs a warmer colour on the wall, a mantel shelf. Maybe great wallpaper to mask the chimney - you couldnt do a mirror or picture but it needs something to detract from the pipe I think.

happy97 Fri 29-Nov-19 21:25:21

@Lololololola It isn't a slope! Just the angle I took it at. There is about a 3 inch lip to the ceiling by the door.

Normally I get a feel of what to do to a room but I can't get it here...early days though! Plus I love symmetry which doesn't help!

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Fatted Fri 29-Nov-19 21:32:26

The big fire in the middle doesn't help really! Can it go?!

Can you paint? If so try a different colour. If not, add colour with pictures, curtains and ornaments etc.

My house is all white walls everywhere. I can't paint it so I'm struggling to find ways to make it less clinical. I do love a good picture and flowers.

8paws8legs Fri 29-Nov-19 21:34:03

Could you build a false fire place and chimney breast around it with a nice railway sleeper hearth? Maybe a warm lilac on the walls and a unit for your tv in similar tones as the hearth and perhaps carpet its more cosy than wooden floors x

ShellieEllie Sat 30-Nov-19 16:51:31

Wallpaper that one wall perhaps

Letthemysterybe Sat 30-Nov-19 16:54:39

Maybe paint a ‘fake chimney breast’ behind the fireplace? ie a vertical strip of colour.

ewwsweatyunderboob Sat 30-Nov-19 16:56:23

I think you need to make more of a feature of the fire but I don’t know how without losing loads of space

DropZoneOne Sat 30-Nov-19 16:57:31

I'd build a false chimney breast / foreplace for the wood burner too - your eyes need to be drawn to the fire rather than the black pipe.

Annasgirl Sat 30-Nov-19 17:04:43

I would build a false chimney breast too - with an old mantle made of reclaimed wood (maybe railway sleeper?). Look on Pinterest and search character woodburner room - you need to make it into the type of thing you see on Escape to the Country.

kulaexchange Sat 30-Nov-19 17:26:36

Yes to fireplace. Also, I bet some coving would make it look a bit more cosy.

Grasspigeons Sat 30-Nov-19 17:30:45

If you cant stretch to building a false chimney/mantle, i agree that a verticle stripe of colour would help detract from the flue. I think i'd go with a darkish colour.

DaphneduM Sat 30-Nov-19 18:01:02

Ladder shelving either side of the fire maybe? You can add lots of interest with putting books, pictures, plants, photos on them.

happy97 Sat 30-Nov-19 19:07:40

Thank you everyone...I hadn't thought of wallpaper on the focal wall. I've ordered an oak sideboard to put the tv on. Maybe some floating shelves? I normally know what to do but I'm finding this room very uninspiring!

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FloreanFortescue Sat 30-Nov-19 20:45:37

I'd do a nice feature colour - navy/red/green on that wall. Definitely a plant, lovely log basket. Hearth rug.

ToiletsRUp Sat 30-Nov-19 21:02:01

We had the pipe through the wall also and so built a fake chimney breast around it, we are really pleased with it. My brother did a slate tilled wall behind his and that looked good too.

NigellaAwesome Sat 30-Nov-19 21:06:47

I'd do a slate tiled section behind the fire, and then built in shelving / cupboards either side. So a bit like reverse alcoves.

happy97 Sat 30-Nov-19 22:18:31

I think I need to build a chimney breast. I do like the idea of a slate wall behind the fire too, a bit like the attached picture.

But a chimney breast gives a focal point which I crave!

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TheWildRumpyPumpus Sat 30-Nov-19 22:27:24

You could tile behind the fire if you don’t want to go to the lengths of building a false chimney breast.

happy97 Sat 30-Nov-19 23:28:34

@TheWildRumpyPumpus That looks so good! And I love the green too.

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PrimalLass Sat 30-Nov-19 23:36:28

I'd be tempted to do something like floor to ceiling shelving along that wall, with logs either side of the fire.

PrimalLass Sat 30-Nov-19 23:37:35

Like this but without the fireplace

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