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Birthdaycakemondays Wed 27-Nov-19 22:58:13

Does anyone have any experience?

I’m a single mum with 2 young children (both under 3.) I have been placed in temporary accommodation by Brighton & Hove Council after becoming made homeless about 8 months ago (private landlord sold.)

The council & homemove are so cagey about telling you anything & I have no idea how long I might be in temporary accommodation for.

I have been placed outside the city & as all my family & friends are there I’m really struggling & feeling so lonely & stuck.

I also care for my dad who has POTS syndrome so travelling to him every day with both the kids is tough.

Can anyone help me? I’m desperate sad

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Birthdaycakemondays Thu 28-Nov-19 20:31:00


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Drabarni Thu 28-Nov-19 20:33:10

Completely different area but two years for one of my friends.
No idea what it's like near you, sorry.

Surfskatefamily Thu 28-Nov-19 20:40:21

In cornwall (where I am) some people are in temporary for years.

I'd try to find private if I were you as band C is not high priority.

Alternatively you need to bid on property in less desirable and rural locations. But obviously not where you dont intend to live

CactusAndCacti Thu 28-Nov-19 22:26:09

Hi, I have had a little look over the B&H allocations policy (goodness it is complicated) and I have also done some digging for numbers.

I am afraid it does not look good - average wait for a 2 bed property is about 3.5 years, with the longest wait being 15 years. In 17/18 there was 4000 people on the list for a 2 bed and just over 200 properties allocated, so not great. -Page 16 on here. There is a lot more data to delve into but they are the main headline figures.

Obviously I don't know all the circumstances but the banding seems to be about the only one where you can fit, I have had a look at what seems available this week and even that you have pretty much no options - unless you want a high rise flat.

In all honesty I think you need to look into the private sector, it does seem that there may be some help available if you need help with initial costs.

I hope some of this is useful (even if it is not what you really wanted to hear), if you have anymore questions, I will try and help.

Enterthewolves Sun 01-Dec-19 19:50:41

The only thing that might, might work is if you can show your current accommodation is unsuitable. Ask your Officer for the written evidence of the assessment they made when you were placed out of area - by law they are required to have done this, see s17 Code of Guidance and ask which out of area band you are (Brighton has a policy on this). Once you have this ask for a suitability review of your current property on the basis it is stopping you effectively caring for your Dad. Good luck.

Birthdaycakemondays Mon 02-Dec-19 23:20:53

God thank you so much @CactusAndCacti & @Enterthewolves I have only just seen these comments & they are both hugely helpful. Thank you, thank you! X

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Birthdaycakemondays Mon 02-Dec-19 23:23:36

Really thank you 😢 for total strangers to take time out of their day to help someone... I really appreciate it.

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ButtonMoonLoon Mon 02-Dec-19 23:31:08

On Band C you’re looking at being in temporary accommodation for a number of years. There is such a housing shortage in Brighton, that demand by far exceeds supply sad

Has the fact that you are your Dad’s carer been logged on your records?
Do you have evidence from professionals of the need for you to be close to your Dad and in any area where you are near to your support network of family and friends?

Shesalittlemadam Mon 02-Dec-19 23:53:49

Wow! I joined the housing waiting list in May whilst I was private renting and have just been allocated a new build house. Years? Really?

LadyAllegraImelda Tue 03-Dec-19 07:03:25

You are probably better off renting privately and claiming housing benefit, it generally takes years on band C if it ever happens at all.

LadyAllegraImelda Tue 03-Dec-19 07:05:52

@Shesalittlemadam It obviously depends where you live, I'm presuming not Brighton or London areas!!!

Birthdaycakemondays Tue 03-Dec-19 18:00:48

@Shesalittlemadam what area are you in if you don’t mind me asking?

I took @Enterthewolves advice & emailed my homelessness prevention officer today with those questions. Haven’t heard back as of yet... fingers crossed, although I won’t be holding my breath.

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Shesalittlemadam Tue 03-Dec-19 18:07:13

Near York x

Birthdaycakemondays Tue 03-Dec-19 18:27:24

@shesalittlemadam. Ahh long way away. I’m glad the system still works in some places. Enjoy your new home 🏠

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lifeisgoodagain Tue 03-Dec-19 19:27:11

It really depends where you are. Here we still have lots of council houses and due to demographics and the age of the estate, the original residents (if they stayed put) are 70's & 80's so there's natural wastage!

Doobydoo Tue 03-Dec-19 19:38:06

Bloody hell OP..I really hope you get sorted. In Lincolnshire I think you would be a higher band. If you were able to live out in the sticks you could prob be allocated quite quickly. Really hope you get sorted.

Birthdaycakemondays Tue 03-Dec-19 21:34:20

@Doobydoo yeah problem is you have to of lived in an area for 5 years to be eligible to apply on the council list! So even if I moved I’d have to wait 5 years to even register... plus I can’t leave my dad. Just a nightmare honestly... oh well, people worse off.

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Enterthewolves Tue 03-Dec-19 21:36:16

Hi @birthdaycakemondays - check back when you get a reply and I’m happy to help!

Doobydoo Tue 03-Dec-19 21:37:36

I really hope for the best for you OP. So stressful for you.

Birthdaycakemondays Tue 03-Dec-19 22:53:18

Thanks all. I just keep reminding myself I have 2 beautiful happy, healthy children & I could be in a mansion but without them I would be miserable. So as long as we have each other, everything else will fall into place. This to shall pass smile

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Birthdaycakemondays Tue 03-Dec-19 22:53:53

Thanks again @Enterthewolves for all your help

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Equimum Wed 04-Dec-19 11:40:53

I know a few years ago, B&H were struggling to get people to move into the tower blocks in KempTown. I knew a few people who got housed fairly quickly by bidding for flats in those. It might not still be the case, but worth a look. FWIW, they were actually quite nice and you could get into pretty schools etc.

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