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KC81 Sat 23-Nov-19 03:43:27

I'm thinking of upgrading my boiler, Glow Green gave me a quote of around £2000 for a Worcester Bosch.

Has anyone used this company before?

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glowgreenvictim100 Sat 13-Jun-20 14:47:17

Anybody know how to reply to any posts on here? I would like to have a chat with people who are giving me advice.Also,can't find a way of logging off.This site needs a bit of improvement I think

6Kappa9 Wed 04-Nov-20 07:49:00


DO NOT USE! You will only suffer frustration, heartache and a cold house.

Glow Green is a business with multiple departments that all make promises, but which none of them keep. Each phone call (and you will make plenty in order to chase them up ) will waste at least 20 minutes of your life waiting in a queue. They will say a fitter will turn up, he/she will not. Then whilst you are away a random fitter will show with absolutely no notice. Then you will have multiple no shows on other occasions having made arrangement to be in or change travel plans. The sales department (Neil Shimmin) will make promises and not deliver. Yolanda in Scheduling Department says she has booked a fitter - but they will not show. They do not use brand accredited fitters which means you do not get a free extended warranty as some brands offer with accredited fitters (e.g. Viessmann), but they will try and sell you one! They do not do a jet flush which is what you really want if you are going to install a brand new, very expensive boiler. Lloyd Greenfield (the CEO) is next to useless too.

Do not be suckered by the 5 star reviews like I was, read the lesser reviews too. Do look at the dreadful and very familiar to me reviews on "mumsnet" There are a collection of reviews that mirror exactly my experiences. I had to get a deposit refund in the end having wasted 8 weeks waiting for a fitter and boiler, even the refund was delivered with a delay to the 5 business days stated! It took them 2 weeks to pay me back. Their financials lodged at Companies House tell you that this business is going under. STEER CLEAR - DO NOT USE - I IMPLORE YOU. Kxx

TwoLeftSocksWithHoles Thu 05-Nov-20 11:06:10

Reading between the lines I think it's a 'no' then. wink

MrsCakelady Tue 26-Jan-21 12:35:14

Burr, cold good morning everyone,
Much to my surprise I saw reviews of Glow Green on Mumsnet. Not pretty reading.
How can the reviews on Glow Greenks site be so “glowing” when there are several contradictory on Mumsnet?
Unfortunately our unfinished boiler installation has become, and I’m not one for this expression, a nightmare, There is electrical work to be finished.
I am at the end of my tether. A trail of numerous calls asking for this work to be completed with each customer service assistant saying yes I’ll sort this out. Complete rubbish.
We’ve been without heating and hot water for 3 weeks. ( I know, there are homeless people and we should be so lucky.)
My daughter is a very hard working teacher and should be comfortable and I’m a pensioner, also partially sighted.
There must be a heating engineer’s trade ombudsman, or similar.
Thank you for reading this post. All advice and suggestions welcome.

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