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Glow Green Ltd

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KC81 Sat 23-Nov-19 03:43:27

I'm thinking of upgrading my boiler, Glow Green gave me a quote of around £2000 for a Worcester Bosch.

Has anyone used this company before?

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MarieG10 Sat 23-Nov-19 06:58:56

Not used them but doesn't sound excessive fro a boiler change. If you are staying at the house it might be worth paying a couple of hundred pounds and upgrading to a high spec Worcester

KC81 Sat 23-Nov-19 07:11:55

Thanks, yeah I didn't think it was too expensive tbh..

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JoInTheCity Sun 22-Dec-19 12:20:56

Nooo. Do not use them! I did with big regret. When spending so much money you need the job to be right. Two years down the line it turns out they did not do the job correct. I have corrosive water leaking, including back into the boiler. It will all need to be redone and they are not responding to me. If I could go back in time I would not pick the cheapest but a reliable trustworthy company. They have a bad reputation for a reason!

Warrilow37 Wed 01-Jan-20 22:22:27

Hi everyone.


My wife, son and I were/are in desperate need of a boiler as we don't have a working central heating system at the property. We first spoke with Glow Green in October and since parted with £2800 for the boiler to be installed which should have been completed by mod November. We are still without a boiler. Grrrr.

They didn't turn up for appointments despite me taking time off work to allow them access, they deliver the wrong parts, the customer service has been awful and the only thing they actually did was remove the insulation from the current tank which meant we no longer had hot water, for two weeks. We have had our £2800 refunded but had nothing reimbursed in terms of the heaters we had to buy, phone calls (their hold times are usually 40 minutes for existing customers), time taken to deal with it all, or the stress and I'll was it's caused the whole family. We have an ongoing complaint going through the ombudsman and are talking to the BBC as so many other people have had this sort of experience with them.

Does anyone know anyone who is good in terms of installing a boiler?

Rhys, Helen and Archie.

sholly64 Tue 14-Jan-20 11:41:03

Terrible company total rip off do not use

Wendy123456789 Fri 14-Feb-20 18:03:12

Our fitter was brilliant, all went down hill after that, we bought our boiler from Glowgreen approx 2 & a half years ago with 12 year warranty & a Glow care 200 pack @ £12 per month, the poor poor communication of customercare , we have been trying to get a new thermostat fitted since October 2019, nobody turned up November 27th 2019, no call no email nothing, i sent many emails asking what happened, no answer. They eventually made another appointment January 15th. We didnt expect this to be good, it was cancelled couple hours before he was due. Our contract is/was with Glowgreen, theyre now saying theyre sending a contract oelectrician to fit it. Told the electricians we are not in till 4pm. We have cctv, they turned up one morning, phoned me can you let me in, we were both at work, they called again one evening, both random calls, no appointment made, so this 2nd time i was in bed , husband still at work. For all this hassle Andy gave us our monthly glow care 200 pack at £12 free for a year. We thought thats kind, oh no, now been told if we want our thermostat fitted its £192. We never missed these appointments as Alyssa said we did, the electricians turned up without an appointment. DISGUSTING . We have now decided to have nothing to do with them, even though we have a 12 year warranty with them. This isnt the first time we have had problems, October/November 2018, we booked our first boiler service for 4pm onwards, still nobody at 5pm, i thought i would give Glowgreens Bournemouth office a quick call, asked is the engineer still coming, they replied no hes been called away. They never phoned or emailed to tell me. This is all fact. [edited by MNHQ to remove identifying names of staff]

Muchlywrong Sat 15-Feb-20 00:40:02

It's difficult to answer that one @Warrilow37 as you don't say what area you live. Best thing you should do is talk to friends/family/colleagues about who they use and recommend. Also, look on the CIPHE (chartered institute of plumbing and heating engineers) website.
@KC81, what you should be looking for on boiler installations, is supply and fit. This should be them supplying the boiler, a system filter, any pipework and fittings, cleaning and protection chemicals and probably a new thermostat and programmer. They should be cleaning out your system to make sure no soldering chemicals are left in the system as this will cause early corrosion of your boiler. For me, that price probably seems a little low, if they are supplying all the extras that should now be fitted with new boilers.

Wendy123456789 Sat 15-Feb-20 07:38:17

The thermostat fitting should have been free , in the glow care 200 pack, glowgreen made out we missed the contract electricians appointments, they never made appointments, just turned up twice, without warning, & said now we have to pay £192, because we were not in when they came round, awful company

Supermamax Sun 16-Feb-20 11:35:17

Dangerous and hazardous installation
Rude and poor communication.
Almost a con.
Don't go near them

Supermamax Sun 16-Feb-20 11:41:56

Very bad
Look at trust pilot and hit the poor reviews.
Trust pilot is heaving with horror stories about them. Believe it. WE HAD A NIGHTMARISH experience with them. Every single negative issue mentioned in the trust pilot reviews we experienced and more.
Leaky installation, loss of heating. Unresponsive customers support.
Very rude staff. Dishonest. Doesn't keep their promises. I can go on all day.
Advice : haggle a good deal with BG, they are far better equipped to get you out of trouble if sh#t happens.
Stay well away from Glow Green Limited boiler installation....

TheHagOnTheHill Sun 16-Feb-20 11:53:43

Absolutely not.Their first fitter took 2 days,removed all the copper pipes so we had a working boiler not connected to a week with only the kitchen tap working until they fixed it.
I had water through 4 ceilings,had to get an electrician in to make the electrics safe where the emersion heater had been removed,bare live wires left,they also sorted a light fitting that had had running water down it and the fitting of the boiler to the mains as that was also unsafe.
We had solder burns and bits of solder on some carpet and had to have our bathroom floor replaced as it was sodden.
They didn't have ladders so used mine and broke some glass dishes that they tried to catch water in.
Customer service was terrible and they were no better when it came to the yearly service(when I found they hadn't register my boiler with Bosch,who did it there and then for me,)
Is that enough or did miss that what I have is impossible to box and make look nice and the put a few needless holes in walls.

TheHagOnTheHill Sun 16-Feb-20 11:57:22

Oh and whe I refused the final payment until the boiler was fitted,minus electricians bills I was threatened with bailiffs.

Supermamax Sun 16-Feb-20 12:42:53

They baffle all the time with threats and intimidation. Mafia type firm.
Dishonest and lacks integrity.
Adding insult to injury...

HeddaGarbled Mon 17-Feb-20 00:33:49

Another customer with a very bad experience here. Boiler incorrectly installed by sub-contractor and getting it sorted was a nightmare: numerous promises to phone back which didn’t happen, numerous appointments which they cancelled late in the day after we’d waited in all day or just didn’t turn up with no communication. No heating or hot water while this was going on.

We had repeated phone calls about outstanding payment whilst we were trying to get them to fix the damn thing. Just appalling.

We eventually got Worcester Bosch to sort it out and they were much better.

Do not use Glow Green!

Supermamax Mon 17-Feb-20 14:15:23

Glow Green Victims thread
This have the potential to be a forum for customer rights.
This is a particularly Dishonest firm apart from being inept, they lack integrity, chronic liars and manipulative people.
They utilize a business model of very limited resources, just enough to get the ball rolling. That will be OK for about 80% of the installation that are straight forward. But in case of trouble high demand they can't cope and just try to fob you off and manipulate customers as they cannot provide enough troops on the ground to meet demand.
They will consistently have about 20% loss of customers which I guess is quite acceptable as long as trust pilot comes up with overall 4 stars.

That leaves poor customers vulnerable for falling in their trap.
If anyone have horror stories let's share it and make this a proper forum to support mums net members and the public as a whole.

Supermamax Mon 17-Feb-20 15:23:01

Dear Helen Warrilow
I read you Trust pilot review and I am similarly gutted from the awful Glow Green.
You said you spoke to BBC, which programme was that.
Was it rip off Britain. We would like to share our experience as well

Supermamax Mon 17-Feb-20 15:38:16

Again Dear Rhye and Helen Warrilow,
We are another gutted family that believe this firm is not only inept and dangerous but also vile and criminal.
We have a great deal to say about them, just need to find a platform.
If you read this post please reply so that we can communicate and reinforce the case.

Wendy123456789 Mon 17-Feb-20 16:52:41

Ive tried to put my bad review on Trust pilot, it wont let me !!!🤔

HLMG Thu 20-Feb-20 10:26:23

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Wendy123456789 Thu 20-Feb-20 11:25:42


glowgreenvictim100 Mon 01-Jun-20 10:27:56

I was trying to sue the company but my solicitor found the company was up to its eyes in debt(plus £1 million) and I had no chance of getting any reimbursement.First fitter(bodger) instaled a new boiler.Gas safe came and piut a Danger Do Not Use sticker on it.Next bodger came and removed the boiler ,put it where I wanted it in the first place. Massive gas leak .Gas Board came and shut all my gas supply off.Bodger No.2 had missed fitting a sealing washer on the gas supply to the boiler.Then I found out the pipework has been installed the wrong way round causing the flow and return to be reversed! Rads fitted wrongly ,one rad leaking ,boiler not firing up.Loads more problems .First bodger wrecked a perfectly good hot water cylinder,I had to buy a new one from Screwfix .Then this awful company threatens me to sign the satisfacton document!!! KEEP WELL AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.NO CUSTOMER SERVICE,RUBBISH CONTRACT FITTERS .

ExGGEmployee Sat 13-Jun-20 10:48:08

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

glowgreenvictim100 Sat 13-Jun-20 12:51:17

For the third time the boiler and stuff all taken out because the 2nd (of 3) fitter had plumbed in the boiler with the flow and return reversed.
Last fitter did an excellent job but he didn't see the 2nd fitter had put the bypass piping in the wrong way round causing the boiler to fail with Fault codes showing in the display.Now waiting for the last fitter to return to correct the bypass piping meaning the system has to be drained again( over 10 times now). Pity because this last fitter had done a really nice job except for this oversight.Next part of this 10 month saga is to find out what the company expects to be paid.I have over £1500 of damage to my property caused by the first fitter.

ExGGEmployee Sat 13-Jun-20 13:24:21

I wouldn't pay anything. They'll likely go under before they manage to effectively chase the debt in any manner.

Keep absolutely everything documented. It might also be worthwhile asking for Subject Access Request. This is where they have to give you any and all data they hold on you within 30 days.

Their systems are so bad that I can bet my life savings that they wont have noted all of their mistakes and the interactions theyve had with you. They're very likely to lose any case in court.

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