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Portsmouth & surrounding areas-any thoughts?

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Nenner Sat 18-Aug-07 21:31:18

As we have an impending work related move to the area, does anyone have any thoughts on the best places to raise a young family in the Portsmouth/Waterlooville/Havant/Leigh Park/Fareham/Gosport areas?

NannyL Sun 19-Aug-07 10:16:24

There are nice areas in Havant, Farlington, Bedhampton, Portchester, some areas of fareham, waterlooville, clanfield, Lovedean, Horndean

Would avoid Paulsgrove/ Leigh park and a coupl of areas of gosport tbh!

nell12 Sun 19-Aug-07 10:43:35

I would agree. Southsea on the island of Portsmouth is nice, but, because Portsmouth is an island, space is at a premium so gardens are small and it can be cramped, prices are higher in Southsea as well.

I would head out towards Emsworth, Portchester, Fareham, Havant. The commute can get congested at times, but it is worth it.

NannyL Sun 19-Aug-07 11:47:03

yes personally i wouldnt live ON the portsmouth Island either.... cause at time traffic is chaos, and parking can be a NIGHTMARE...

my grandparenst and aunt / uncle live there

my aunt and uncle live in the middle of portsmouth... at times they can drive around for over half an hour looking for a parking space and end up parking a 20 min walk from there house several roads away OR when no spaces are avaliable parking on double yellow lines and then getting up before 6am to drive to (try to) move the car to beat the traffic wardens, who start very early in the morning and work until about 10 oclock at night

(My grandmother doesnt have a car AND has a garage so she doesnt have a problem, and when we visist we can always block her garage!)

eekra Sun 19-Aug-07 11:53:08

Where abouts is the job? It does get very congested around all the areas you mentioned so firstly it would be helpful to know where the job is.

Nenner Sun 19-Aug-07 15:09:51

Thanks very much for all your replies! The job is near Paulsgrove which is why we'd been considering a number of the areas north of Portsmouth . NannyL- any particular reason why you'd avoid Paulsgrove and Leigh Park? It seems the most affordable housing seems to be in Havant and Gosport..but the occasional house seems pop up in Waterlooville and Cowplain. Please be honest- relocating is tricky! We have (and will have another) an infant and ideally would love to be within walk/bus of nice parks, schools, library and shops. Not asking much, huh? ;) Thanks for all your feedback.

onlyWotz Sun 19-Aug-07 15:18:51

Further up the A3 Petersfield is nice and good local amenities for the children.

NannyL Sun 19-Aug-07 20:25:25

Pauls grove and leigh park are notoriously 'dodgy' areas to be honest!

Saying that i know of a few people who live their happily without problems... also the catchment schools are not necessarily the schools most people want their children to go!

If you are working in Paulsgrove i'd aim for Portchester or Fareham to be honest or around Portsolent

TheMuppetMuggle Sun 19-Aug-07 20:29:04

Nanny L
I live in Leigh Park whats wrong with it??

onlyWotz Sun 19-Aug-07 20:30:48

It was bound to happen

NannyL Sun 19-Aug-07 20:30:53

as mentioned by the otehrs Petersfield and surrounding villages ARE lovely.... with lovely schools and everything you ask for...

herd on the grapevine that Petersfield is the 8th most expensive place outside of London... (and i belive it)(Its supermarkets are Waitrose and M&S food ) but there is a tesco on the outskirts!

(I know petersfield well... i have lots of nanny friends who work their, lots of my charges / ex charges go to a few of the many private schools there, and i have friends who live there and my mum works there so i DO spend a lot of time there... it is nice. there are also some lovely state schools (ie steep school) in the area too!)

TheMuppetMuggle Sun 19-Aug-07 20:31:15

Nenner i live in Leigh Park my DD will be going to one of the best pre schools in the area in new term, we are within walking distance of library & park and local shops, and 10 mins drive from Portsmouth&Southsea.

NannyL Sun 19-Aug-07 20:32:03

The muppet moggle.... I live on the edge here as well!

NannyL Sun 19-Aug-07 20:32:48

and 20 mins drive from Witterings Beach.... GORGOUS in the summer

TheMuppetMuggle Sun 19-Aug-07 20:34:05

Nanny L Where abouts on the edge??

NannyL Sun 19-Aug-07 20:34:59

Asda edge.... wher are you?

TheMuppetMuggle Sun 19-Aug-07 20:38:15

Near Asda Bedhampton

NannyL Sun 19-Aug-07 20:42:10

do you mean YOU are near asda bedhampton? Or saying am i near asda bedhampton? (or both)

Yes I AM near asda bedhampton! Are you? If so we must be very close.... how bizarre!

TheMuppetMuggle Sun 19-Aug-07 20:51:58

Yes I AM near Asda Bedhampton School, my road is off Middle Park Way

TheMuppetMuggle Sun 19-Aug-07 20:52:46

ignore school, haven't a clue why i put that!

nell12 Sun 19-Aug-07 20:56:16


Leigh Park is a "new town" for want of a better phrase. It was created in the 60s as Europe's biggest Council Estate. If you look at house prices there you will see that they are significantly lower than Bedhampton, for example, just a mile down the road.
This area, although improving, does have its problems; many people are unemployed, there is a drugs problem that is more visible than other areas. The schools are good (as a teacher I can vouch for that!!) but the majority of children that attend are from very poor families and so expectations are not as high as in other schools in the area.

Paulsgrove gained its notoriety during the riots against paedophiles about 5 years ago; a paediatrician's car was trashed!!! It is again a poorer socio-economic area with alot of council housing. The schools there, however are superb.

I would suggest you come down to the area and have a look around. You will form your own opinions best that way!!

littlelapin Sun 19-Aug-07 21:04:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sidge Sun 19-Aug-07 22:03:09

I'm in Gosport - it has a few areas I would avoid (like most towns) but bits of it are nice. Housing is cheap-ish, and we have the beach and some nice parks, and there is quite a lot going on.

Personally I would avoid Southsea - it gets jammed (esp in the summer) and parking is a nightmare.

Some areas around Fareham are nice, and I quite like Portchester.

eekra Mon 20-Aug-07 07:29:05

If the job is in Paulsgrove and you need to find more affordable housing then I'd look to move to the Portchester side of Farheam. Wallington maybe? There are a few nice primary schools and a decent secondary school there.

Nenner Mon 20-Aug-07 07:56:13

Thanks very much! Nell12- Nearer the time, my husbands employer will pay for us to come and check the area out over a number of days, which is nice. The idea of being a Stay at home Mummy without a car in a new area stresses me it can't be helped! We'll see Thanks for all your valuable input- it helps a lot

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