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Sellers/Buyers Roll Call 7

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MrBobLobLaw Wed 06-Nov-19 16:32:49

Stressed vendors and buyers alike: assemble here to moan about bloody solicitors!

Feel free to join at any point smile

burritofan Wed 04-Dec-19 11:46:21

Finally it's happened to me! Got the email alert to say our sale and purchase we're both exchanged while I was changing DD's nappy, so not the exciting moment we've all been waiting for but ::Etta James voice:: at laaaaaaaaasssst!

I now pass the baton of luck to the next poor buyer/seller on this thread.

housebuyer101 Wed 04-Dec-19 14:32:25

@burritofan ah congratulations and good luck going forward!
Please may I have this baton? 

@Candlesky thank you - it looks like it may result in their mortgage not being given but we shall see. It's not a new issue but it's causing upset.

Gillian1980 Wed 04-Dec-19 14:38:45

Yay @burritofan excellent news!

@housebuyer101 keeping fingers crossed for you.

MeMeMeYou Wed 04-Dec-19 20:17:51

@burritofan that’s the best news! Congrats!

Still not getting anywhere and it’s very likely that the bottom two will fall out of our chain as they can’t seem to get sorted. There is talk of our buyer going back on market. It’s all a bit shite and depressing.

Gemok Wed 04-Dec-19 20:36:11

Hello Folks,

I had an offer accepted on my first house about a month ago grin.

I've instructed my solicitors, mortgage is approved, help to buy ISA is closed. However everything is at a standstill because it took the sellers the whole month to fully instruct their end.

So no contract pack issued yet, searches not been sent out. I wonder when the council etc down tools for Xmas? Pretty sure I'm not seeing any progress this year.

Good thing I took the EA "Could be in by Xmas" as the joke it was surely meant to be!

Doilooklikeatourist Wed 04-Dec-19 21:30:30

Excellent news @burritofan 🍾💐
We used today’s viewing as a rehearsal for a viewing that might be worth doing
Nice couple , but can’t see them buying the place
Have a new agent coming round tomorrow, we’ll see what he has to say

waddleandtoddle Wed 04-Dec-19 22:13:09

Can I join? Sold for the first time a month ago, and have solicitors going through searches now. All is in the buyers court. What I don't get is I am on the receiving of a 3rd request for a valuation survey - what does that mean? I've hosted 2 to date. My house is not valuing as high as before? They are shopping around for a mortgage? I thought we were close to exchange, but now worried... Worrying because I have had an offer accepted on a house I want to buy, and don't want plans not to fall though...

Congrats to those all sold up :-)

Little11 Wed 04-Dec-19 22:55:34

So sorry to read of all the problems, fully agree that it’s ridiculous how all solicitors seem to take best part of a month off over Christmas! We are completing on Friday, I’ve been in work all week and I’m working tomorrow, feel emotional at the thought of saying goodbye to our first home and keep crying!! Tell me this is normal...

Jayne35 Thu 05-Dec-19 09:07:54

Congrats to all those exchanged/completed in the last week or so. I will keep fingers crossed that it all works out for the rest of you without too many hiccups.

We have now exchanged! Finally (it's taken 6 months) and are moving next Weds so now excitedly finishing packing. smile

housebuyer101 Thu 05-Dec-19 10:35:39

My buyer just pulled out sad absolutely devastated!

NewYoiker Thu 05-Dec-19 16:58:49

@housebuyer101 oh no! I'm so sorry

Candlesky Thu 05-Dec-19 21:04:41

@housebuyer101 so sorry to hear this, I'm gutted for you.

@Jayne35 congrats on finally exchanging!

We've had to pull out of our purchase and are back on the market today. We've started looking into selling at auction, no experience of this but thought it was at least worth looking into.

TempestHayes Thu 05-Dec-19 22:53:14

@Candlesky sorry to hear it, it's everyone's worst nightmare sad And @housebuyer101 too. If it's any consolation we lost our buyers but they called another couple who'd offered and they snapped it up, so we got right back on track within 36 nerve-wracking hours.

Letter arrived today, we're completing and exchanging on the same day in mid-December. I'm not being funny, but really? The solicitor takes three weeks to answer a question and I'm really not convinced it will be plain sailing...

housebuyer101 Thu 05-Dec-19 23:03:49

@TempestHayes hopefully goes well though and to plan!! Good luck.

It's all very upsetting here, we are attempting to rescue it by offering a reduction but doubt it will work. Already another viewing booked in though. Just so upset

Hawkmoth Fri 06-Dec-19 08:42:50

@housebuyer101 I'm so sorry. It really is devastating. We lost our first buyer and almost lost our eventual buyer more than once.

Be kind to yourself. It's not just a transaction, it's your home and your life.

housebuyer101 Fri 06-Dec-19 11:43:56

@Hawkmoth thank you, that's very kind. DP and I are both at home today. I'm working from home, he's off sick with stress, he's never had a sick day in his life. Think we've cracked!

WooMaWang Fri 06-Dec-19 15:29:56

I am so frustrated today.

Our useless solicitors seem to be unable to understand that the early repayment charge on the mortgage redemption document they have does not apply and they should discount it in their calculations.

They're insisting that we prove that we have £12k in the bank, which we don't. Because we only need £1.5k to complete (we definitely have that). And just won't recognise that they haven't done the calculation correctly. I have told them this so many times. And confirmed it with the mortgage company (who suggested getting the solicitors to phone them for clarification).

We are supposed to be moving on the 13th (everyone hopes). But our solicitors are being idiots. If they correct their own figures they have literally everything they need to exchange today (or Monday I guess at this point). But they're being really stupid.

And they were not very pleasant to DP on the phone, telling him that he should speak to me if he has questions. Why I would know, given I'm not a conveyancer, I have no idea. DP is phoning because we both have the same questions. Mostly: why won't you update the figures to reflect what the redemption figure actually is? And, while you're at it, why haven't you asked for a new figure to reflect the 4 mortgage payments that have happened since you last asked?

Gillian1980 Fri 06-Dec-19 16:14:08

@WooMaWang that’s frustrating!
Can the mortgage company not fax over a revised redemption statement to the solicitor?

We had a redemption statement which was out of date, skewing all the figures. Yesterday I rang mortgage company who issued a revised statement and faxed it to our solicitor. He redid his numbers accordingly and all was correct by close of business.

WooMaWang Fri 06-Dec-19 17:15:43

The mortgage company said the solicitor should call them. So I passed that message on to the solicitor.

The thing is, a revised statement will still have £9k of early repayment charge in it. But we don't need to pay one. The solicitor needs to disregard that and work out the numbers accordingly.

So both the bank and the solicitor are being frustrating.

Gillian1980 Sun 08-Dec-19 16:22:29

Anyone else due to complete/move tomorrow??

Still packing, but the cats are now at the cattery & DD is staying at friends. So other than DS cluster feeding we can crack on with the last push.

I’m so bloody anxious and don’t think I’ll relax until we’re at the new place with keys!!

MeMeMeYou Sun 08-Dec-19 21:41:24

@housebuyer101 so sorry it’s gone wrong. This process is so very stressful

@Gillian1980 congrats on exchanging.

This week is crunch week I think. If we exchange this week with plan to complete after Xmas I’ll have faith it’ll be ok. If no exchange this week I think we’ll have to go back on the market or our buyer will. I don’t feel confident that whatever the issues are at the bottom of the chain can be overcome but trying to retain a little hope.

MeMeMeYou Sun 08-Dec-19 22:29:09

Best of luck for tomorrow @Gillian1980 it’s a stressful time but you’re nearly there! Hope it goes smoothly 🙂

Gillian1980 Mon 09-Dec-19 01:15:51

Thanks @MeMeMeYou and I hope you get things sorted this week.

1am and we’ve gone to bed as we’ve run out of boxes!! Nearly finished though and I’ve messaged the removal company asking them to bring a few more when they arrive.

Gillian1980 Mon 09-Dec-19 13:14:34


Keys to new place being delivered at 2, a second load to be collected from the old house and then a final clean.

housebuyer101 Mon 09-Dec-19 14:59:58

@Gillian1980 congrats!! Wish I wasn't extremely jealous right now grin

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