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Sellers/Buyers Roll Call 7

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MrBobLobLaw Wed 06-Nov-19 16:32:49

Stressed vendors and buyers alike: assemble here to moan about bloody solicitors!

Feel free to join at any point smile

AlmaMartyr Wed 06-Nov-19 16:34:25

Ooh I didn't even notice the other fill up!

Apparently all searches are back and solicitors are making enquiries, after which we can sign contracts (exchange?)

MarmsTheSausagedog Wed 06-Nov-19 17:07:08


Can I ask, when did the solicitors start doing your searches?

We sold almost two weeks ago, and were really eager for the possibility of a pre Christmas move 🤞🤞

housebuyer101 Wed 06-Nov-19 17:10:03

Can finally rejoin this after our whole chain fell through a year ago!

AlmaMartyr Wed 06-Nov-19 17:34:13

Hi Marms, we had our offer accepted on 9th October. Searches done as of yesterday, and mortgage offer all through now as well. We're hoping for pre-Christmas move but solicitors haven't given us any idea of dates yet. I reckon for us it might be cutting it fine but hoping not! Best of luck for yours!

@MrBobLobLaw - how are you getting on atm?

@Housebuyer101 - hope it works out for you this time!

gingerninja99 Wed 06-Nov-19 17:41:00

Well I do hope not to be around on this thread until the end smile
Also hope that all those familiar names I saw on the previous thread get moving along too x

MrBobLobLaw Wed 06-Nov-19 17:45:32

All sounds promising @AlmaMartyr, our enquiries took a few weeks to be all settled but make sure you keep on chasing them. The contracts have to be signed before exchange as far as I'm aware but it's just a step of signing and posting really, then when everything's in order they officially exchange on a date that suits everyone in the chain.

@MarmsTheSausagedog have you paid them any money on account yet? Ours sent off for them pretty much as soon as we gave them the all clear and they had the MOA, but we were just cautious as we'd been gazumped. Usually they get cracking on them straight away as the searches can take a few weeks or longer to get back to them. Are you buying too? How long is your chain?

Welcome back @housebuyer101! Sorry about your chain falling through. What's your situation now?

MarmsTheSausagedog Wed 06-Nov-19 17:50:15

housebuyer101 All the best this time around! smile

AlmaMartyr thank you! It sounds like the wheels are well and truely in motion on yours smile! Fingers crossed for a pre-Christmas move for you too!

Megmogndowl Wed 06-Nov-19 17:53:02

We're trying to sell but have had no interest at all on our house!! No idea what we're doing wrong but it's been on the market nearly 3 weeks and nothing.

MrBobLobLaw Wed 06-Nov-19 17:57:23

Just holding the baby in until completion on Friday now @AlmaMartyr though DP got an email yesterday that he didn't check angry from the solicitors chasing a form that I needed to sign regarding the sale of his flat that they should've flagged literally months ago. They didn't chase it at all even though it was apparently necessary for exchange. Queue a mad dash to the post office to get it sent guaranteed delivery for tomorrow before the cut off, otherwise we'd have been totally screwed! Makes me worry about what else they haven't sent. We're also awaiting the completion statement so we can send over the extra funds (approx £9k) in order to complete so that has to happen tomorrow! Really don't need the stress tbh!

MarmsTheSausagedog Wed 06-Nov-19 18:02:40

MrBobLobLaw no, not as of yet, I gave them a ring this afternoon but they said they were waiting for our buyers solicitors to get in contact? I just feel like nothings happening yet - it's so frustrating! Sorry, what does MOA mean? I'm sorry to hear you were gazumped previously.

We're buying and selling with with fairly short chain.

How far are you into the process now?

Dinosauraddict Wed 06-Nov-19 18:13:09

Just joining the new thread. Been quiet on the old one for a while as was awaiting docs from the vendor on our purchase. Finally received draft contracts (signing and getting witnessed tonight) and hopefully the end is in sight. All searches back and only minor enquiries outstanding. Will be transferring my deposit at the weekend and desperately hoping for an exchange next week!

housebuyer101 Wed 06-Nov-19 18:40:39

@MrBobLobLaw we accepted an offer on our house and had an offer accepted on one to buy all on Saturday!
We are sold to FTB so hoping for end of Jan.
Already run into issues though (search for other post if interested)

Trying to not hold on to too much hope this time round.
First time our buyers pulled out, we lost the house we liked and then decided to wait until I moved jobs and got a payrise so we could buy bigger

housebuyer101 Wed 06-Nov-19 18:41:00

@Megmogndowl share a link and maybe we can help?

Karcheer Wed 06-Nov-19 19:17:37

Evening all, checking in...

Estate agent called today asking if someone could put a tall wrought iron fence round the house if they wanted, they could I guess 🤔 but it’s a cottage, not sure it’ll look right... anyone else worry about what the new people might do to your home? Anyway estate agent to let me know if the wrought iron people want to view it...

Hawkmoth Wed 06-Nov-19 22:02:27

Marking my place on the new thread, keeping my pecker up.

housebuyer101 Thu 07-Nov-19 11:27:28

Good luck everyone.

Just wondering, what is the shortest you have experienced between offer and completion?
I know they say about 12 weeks which we were relying on to ensure all finances in order but want to be prepared!

WooMaWang Thu 07-Nov-19 11:38:48

Hello everyone.

We're buying a house and it has been painfully slow. Mostly because the mortgage company are just irritating.

We finally have had the mortgage approved (and should receive the offer in the next 5 days, because apparently it's the 19th century and it will be transported on foot and hand delivered rather than, what will actually happen, be emailed to me).

And we've finally got the survey back (despite the mortgage company not passing on a message from the surveyors for 8 weeks - I had to phone the surveyors myself today). It's the usual, 'oooh. The house is 100 years old so it has old plasterwork you know' stuff.

My buyers are super keen to move (and the sale is totally ready to go). The vendors are not buying anything so hopefully we can all now talk moving dates. My buyers want the 22nd. We are up for that. So hopefully it'll all be over soon.

MarmsTheSausagedog Thu 07-Nov-19 12:33:26


We have gone from offer too completion in 6 weeks and 8 weeks before, so I think its just how motivated everybody is in your chain smile

LC140391 Thu 07-Nov-19 12:55:04

We accepted an offer on our flat just outside London on Monday after being on the market for 18 months! We got right to exchange last summer when a dodgy buyer from Dubai pulled out... The new buyers are FTB so fingers crossed for a smooth transaction! We haven’t found anywhere to move to yet but thankfully can crash with family if we absolutely need to...

WooMaWang Thu 07-Nov-19 12:57:00

Apparently our vendors are going on a long holiday and want to propose the 13 December as a moving date. Gah.

Hopefully they can do sooner rather than later.

housebuyer101 Thu 07-Nov-19 16:45:07

I posted about our hurdle before but essentially we offer the price advertised which was the lowest end of the guide price. They had struggled to sell before that (over a year!) in a place where property sells easily.

They included a Range Master in the description and Agent told us it was staying, now they say it isn't and if we want it we need to put in an offer. Our concern is that it feels like they are only changing their minds as they didn't get the price they wanted.

What would you do?

MarmsTheSausagedog Thu 07-Nov-19 16:55:14

housebuyer101 is there any chance that the estate agent just assumed it was staying when actually the vendereds never intended for it to stay?

Dinosauraddict Thu 07-Nov-19 17:23:06

Good to see that people are getting offers and sales are progressing - hopefully this more broadly indicates a slightly less stagnant market since the latest Brexit delay which was causing a major psychological obstacle for many?
My update is that I've sent the contracts etc back to our solicitor today and we think we should be ready to exchange next week. Going to transfer deposit tonight/tomorrow. Hopefully finally getting somewhere. It's been a long year.

Hawkmoth Thu 07-Nov-19 18:29:56

Found out today that nothing has been done on the buyer's side and exchange will be end if next week at the earliest. Thay will mean completing in the middle of December.

I think we are going to remarket as we don't want to move so close to Christmas and cant face yet more delays whilst buyer and solicitor don't return calls.

MrBobLobLaw Thu 07-Nov-19 19:33:01

How're you feeling about tomorrow @Since2016? I'm paranoid that something is going to go wrong at the last minute, is that normal?! We've got pretty much everything ready to go and DS is being shipped off to soft play with the babysitter for the morning. Have you heard much from your solicitor today? We got an email this morning but nothing since.

Nothing in what sense @Hawkmoth? As in they haven't even sent off for searches, mortgage etc??

I contested something similar with a different purchase that fell through @housebuyer101. I basically said that they promoted the property as having (in our case) integrated appliances so therefore this had to be included in the final sale. They agreed in the end. I'd keep on at it though
, what would you be willing to pay?
WRT your other question, we're coming up to 8 weeks from offer accepted to completion (tomorrow) but our buyer had already got a lot of leg work done before our offer was accepted on our current property.

housebuyer101 Thu 07-Nov-19 20:17:22

@MarmsTheSausagedog no I don't think so, the estate agent is well respected and they've had it on the market for a while with it listed as included!

Hawkmoth Thu 07-Nov-19 21:23:46

We agreed to have a structural engineer report done and gave planned dates so they could get everything ready. Report was fine, buyer happy to go ahead and exchange this week for completion in three weeks, already delayed a week from what we agreed.

Now their solicitor has done nothing, not responded until today, only to say it will be at least another week as no paperwork has even been sent.

Rolypolybabies Thu 07-Nov-19 21:41:57

May I join? Just got mortgage approved so hoping all will start to move quickly and smoothly! Just 3 in the chain and we are FTB so possibly in for Christmas? Who knows!

Blobby10 Fri 08-Nov-19 13:22:15

@MrBobLobLaw dropped in to say good luck! Hope baby is still snug grin

@housebuyer101 I second what MrBobLobLaw said - definitely worth contesting and you could always say nah I don't want it and it will be such a fag to take out that they will leave it anyway!

@Hawkmoth some solicitors need permanent rockets up their backsides to get stuff done! You must be so frustrated. flowers

Just to lighten everyone's mood, a faintly amusing story about my seller who hasn't set up a redirection on her post or left a forwarding address. She has asked (through her solicitor to mine) if I could keep the post until some labels that she has had specially printed get delivered and then she will drop them off to me so I can put them on the post and repost it!! Why not just give me the address so I can put any letters into an envelope and post it! I suspect she doesn't want to put me to any trouble but its taking the post to a post box that will take the time rather than just putting her new address on an envelope! Bless her smile

Hawkmoth Fri 08-Nov-19 14:33:18

The buyers solicitor is going to see what she can do.

Great thanks, proper reassured now.

Dinosauraddict Fri 08-Nov-19 15:15:59

At 11am this morning I had an email from solicitor confirming that he'd a) received all the signed contracts, b) had received my deposit, and c) they'd bottomed out the last couple enquiries with the vendor's solicitor - so we were ready to exchange! I confirmed authority to exchange FOUR HOURS AGO and am now going absolutely mad. Keep refreshing my emails/waiting for phone to ring and nothing. I don't want to nag them as I know completions take priority over exchanges. And Fridays are the busiest day. But I was really expecting to hear some news by now... blush

Dinosauraddict Fri 08-Nov-19 15:57:21

Update on my last message - I HAVE NOW EXCHANGED!! This was the third house/attempt as two previous ones fell through, so I genuinely think my solicitor is as relieved as I am! grin

MarmsTheSausagedog Fri 08-Nov-19 17:42:40


Congratulations! That's brilliant news!

Do you know when you will be completing? You must be so relieved! smile

Hawkmoth Fri 08-Nov-19 18:07:03

@Dinosauraddict congratulations. Hope all goes well.

Our buyers solicitor left at 2 without sending them the contracts.

Karcheer Fri 08-Nov-19 18:37:42

We had another viewing today and we’ve a 2nd (the people who haven’t sold yet) tomorrow.
I guess we won’t hear back on either till Monday.

Monr0e Fri 08-Nov-19 19:04:12

Can I join? We put ours on the market 2 weeks ago. We know it's not the greatest time to sell but just wanted to get the ball rolling. Plus we have seen the house we want to buy which will probably be sold before we get an offer 😔

We had a viewing last week but feedback was it was too small for their family. Then another viewer today so hoping to hear back tomorrow.

And I've just started a new job so stress levels through the roof all round.

Dinosauraddict Fri 08-Nov-19 19:13:45

Thanks @MarmsTheSausagedog and @Hawkmoth. It's a new build/conversion so won't be completing for a few more months, but I'm so glad we've finally got across the line.
Sorry that not everyone's day has been quite so successful!

MrBobLobLaw Fri 08-Nov-19 20:22:19

Sorry I can't catch up with everyone right now but - we're in!!

We completed quite early this morning at 11ish and got the keys at 12:30.
Soooo much to do, aside from give birth in the next few days (yep, still pregnant!), but we're here and we love it and bloody hell I'm relieved it all has happened at long last. 15 weeks since we had an offer accepted on our old place and 8 weeks since ours was accepted on this property. 4 days overdue and doing my best to do as little as possible.

Hawkmoth Sat 09-Nov-19 09:13:00

Having made a list of pros and cons for starting again I think we are just going to keep on with current buyer. They are really keen and it's not their fault their solicitor is so 'casual'.

Even if we moved close to Christmas and it all was awful, by next year it would be just a story. And we have lots of hats, scarves and gloves so we're not going to freeze.

I might go to the doctor next week and see if she can give me something for either the stress or the stomach pains (or both). I know I'll be fine again once I can start to plan and organise, but until then it's perhaps time to practice a little self care.

catndogslife Sat 09-Nov-19 11:30:05

@MrBobLobLaw so pleased to hear that you have completed at last. Please update when the new baby appears. Hope you have a few days to recover before the birth.
@rolypolybabies that's interesting. We are in a chain of 3 properties too. Our house is in the middle of the chain and we are moving into an empty property so hoping it won't take too long.

Dinosauraddict Sat 09-Nov-19 13:00:15

Congratulations @MrBobLobLaw!
@Hawkmoth as frustrating as it is, that sounds like the right decision.

AlmaMartyr Sat 09-Nov-19 16:51:54

Congratulations @MrBobLobLaw, I'm so happy for you! Have a wonderful time in your new house smileflowers

@Hawkmoth sounds like the right decision. I think we'll be moving very close to Christmas too so am focused on how I can make a new house feel very Christmassy very fast at the moment. Not ideal but would rather that then put it off (it may not happen in any case).

Hawkmoth Sat 09-Nov-19 17:22:33

@dinosauraddict yes I think so. Kids seem to have accepted another short delay, they'd be less accepting of another long one I think.

@almamartyr agreed. I've been looking places with potted Christmas trees to plant out afterwards (as our very old plastic one fell victim to decluttering). There's something very festive about the house smelling of pine.

I'm still really cross though. We should have moved at the beginning / middle of September.

Blobby10 Sat 09-Nov-19 21:29:53

Congratulations @MrBobLobLaw so glad you completed at last!!
@Hawkmoth sounds like the right decision to make. Fingers crossed you get there in the end

gingerninja99 Sun 10-Nov-19 12:25:49

Buyers survey is booked in for Thursday, this is in addition to the mortgage valuation. Apparently it's a smart survey so straight online for the buyers. Although I know my house I'm obviously nervous that something will be picked up that even we don't know about!
Hoping as it's online and if it's all ok buyers still happy to exchange this Friday as they wanted. We are not time restricted as no forward purchase but as we're thus far in the process I'm now ready to say goodbye to our family home. Beside which it's a nightmare with a lot of our stuff packed including the kids toys so i'd like to get unpacked at the other end and let them have all their belongings again even if it's just to stop the moaning asking for things grin

AlmaMartyr Sun 10-Nov-19 14:19:50

@Hawkmoth so frustrating for you! I hope it happens soon. Potted Christmas trees a good idea! We'd been thinking about getting one little one for while we're still here and a big one for once we've moved. I'm a bit obsessed with Christmas trees though! New house has vaulted ceilings so looking forward to having a big one. I've got lots of Christmas scented candles ready and far too many fairy lights.

@gingerninja99 hope buyers survey goes well! I felt really weird with people poking around our home. Still don't know what the survey said but apparently nothing too bad.

MrBobLobLaw Sun 10-Nov-19 14:22:19

Still bloody pregnant! 6 days overdue now... baby is allowed to come now, despite the piles of boxes and bags and crap to sort through.

Glad you've come to a decision @Hawkmoth. I hope it brings some respite. This whole moving thing is just a constant flow of moving goalposts and doing your best to not let it all get too much.

Any update from @Since2016?

All the best to the new joiners and those who are halfway through the process.

I'll update when baby arrives!

gingerninja99 Sun 10-Nov-19 14:31:10

@MrBobLobLaw hope baby puts in an appearance soon, nothing like doing all the stressful things in life at once!

TempestHayes Sun 10-Nov-19 17:02:01

We've had an absolute shitshow of it all, and there wasn't even a good reason. Everything's been "done" since September. Offers and stuff were July ish.

The vendor's solicitor suddenly stopped responding in September and went silent for 4 weeks - ghosting both us and the vendor. The case was moved to another solicitor, who was active for about 48 hours, got the final bits done, and then she too went silent, not responding to mortgage brokers and estate agents alike. It's now "been escalated".

Buyers have been ready for some time. We're ready. Vendor's ready. I'd love to say "yay fingers crossed for next week!" but we've been in this position since October.

TempestHayes Sun 10-Nov-19 17:06:20

@Hawkmoth - why so long between exchange and completion? Has someone asked for that, or could you shorten the time?

Hawkmoth Sun 10-Nov-19 18:02:53

@TempestHayes we are selling in England and buying in Scotland so we can't put a formal offer in until we have exchanged. Our Scottish solicitor does seem to have a lot of paperwork good to go though and everything looks simple enough.

We've been doing a bit of planning this afternoon and found a lovely air bnb to cover the time it will take for our stuff to arrive. I feel better about it now but then tomorrow might be another zero progress day.

It's illogical to me. At this point surely they just want to move the file on and crack on with something else?! I might offer to pay for document couriers tomorrow. I fucked something up at work recently and had to pay for one so I know they are worth their weight in gold!

@MrBobLobLaw being overdue is so tedious. I really sympathise.

Hawkmoth Mon 11-Nov-19 18:41:43

Buyers have signed the contract and posted it back. We could exchange tomorrow, which would mean our completion date would be ok, even if it means a couple more nights in a cottage and the pets in kennels.

Have sorted out hats and scarves today!!

bettyskitchen Tue 12-Nov-19 12:54:31

Congratulations @MrBobLobLaw!

I’ve been following from afar these past couple of months because our “simple” chain free purchase is not going to plan! We all agreed in August to exchange end of Sept, the way it’s going we won’t be in before Christmas - were in a rental so there needs to be 3/4 weeks between exchange and completion. Fed up of the lies, slow responses and lack of updates from vendor / solicitor.
We’re essentially waiting on a form to be signed by the freeholder before we can exchange. He is putting his foot down (rightly so) due to a dispute with the current vendor due to an issue from 2017!
To top it off was really hoping we’d be in the end of this month in time for some Black Friday house purchases wink instead I’ll have to wait for the January sales...

Pilodowan Tue 12-Nov-19 13:42:59

Joining smile

We're currently renting. Made our offer on 7th September which was accepted. There have been no hold ups that I'm aware of at our end but it seems to be taking ages.

The vendor has had an offer accepted on a house and their vendors said they wanted it all done and dusted in 28 days. That was 3 weeks ago and heard nothing from them since hmm

We got the mortgage deeds to sign at the weekend which we have done and sent back. Any ideas how much longer we can expect to wait from this point?

AlmaMartyr Tue 12-Nov-19 13:57:53

@Hawkmoth that's great, hope you exchange soon!

@bettyskitchen frustrating! Fingers crossed you manage Christmas anyway!

@pilodowan not sure how long but hope it speeds up for you!

Apparently all our searches are back and solicitors raising enquiries now so goodness knows how long we're waiting. I've given up on being in by Christmas at this point. Buyers solicitors still waiting for search results.

Blobby10 Tue 12-Nov-19 16:37:07

@Pilodowan its worth phoning either your solicitor or the EA handling the sale on a regular basis for an update. Start weekly then twice a week until you get so frustrated with the lack of progress that you're phoning them every day!!! grin In my (vast) experience of moving house, the vendor/buyer is not kept up to date voluntarily and usually has to make a nuisance of themselves in order to get things moving.

TempestHayes Tue 12-Nov-19 20:58:18

If it were up to me I'd phone every day and frankly lose my shit. We were told all the questions had been answered, paperwork done, on October 21st. The vendor's solicitor has gone silent and won't even respond to the vendor!

It's infuriating. There haven't been any complications at all, everyone is keen to move, and they're just sitting there as if they're being paid by the day.

Blobby10 Wed 13-Nov-19 16:42:25

@TempestHayes why on earth doesn't the vendor visit the solicitors offices and demand attention?! I think this is the problem with so much stuff being done online and via email these days, we are losing the habit of actually going and meeting with our legal people!

Hawkmoth Wed 13-Nov-19 17:29:39

Nothing yet here. DH is now starting to lose his sanity as well. It's good I'm not alone in my dressing but just awful. We now have two weeks to organise everything... if it actually happens.

TempestHayes Wed 13-Nov-19 22:48:53

@Blobby10 That's a good observation, certainly could be. Perhaps they're just not very assertive or are nervous about the whole process. The whole industry's mad. I'm sure most of this could be done with a couple of online searches and a bit of digging. I've dug up the history of the house and its residents back to the late 1880s just using google and free genealogy resources. Give me another week, I'll get that Land Registry guff sorted!

gingerninja99 Thu 14-Nov-19 12:58:14

Well buyers survey has been done this morning. They have opted for a smart survey which is all done via iPad so they can see results online straight away. Surveyor was getting fairly annoyed at the iPad trying to take photos so ended up doing back ups on his phone.
He was here nearly 3 hrs when he said he would be normally done within the hour!
Just need to wait and see what the buyers think of the results, he gave no indication as I expected as he's not working for me. Buyers did want to exchange tomorrow but not sure if that will happen now. They survey was the last thing I think, everything else is good to go

Candlesky Fri 15-Nov-19 17:04:46

We accepted an offer on our flat yesterday after 10 weeks on the market. Survey is booked in for next week so fingers crossed everything goes smoothly. Now the small task of finding somewhere to buy!

Little11 Sun 17-Nov-19 22:52:03

How is everyone getting on? We are creeping ever closer now and hoping to nail a completion date this week...

Hawkmoth Sun 17-Nov-19 22:54:36

Oh we are definitely exchanging tomorrow. <hollow laugh>

MrBobLobLaw Sun 17-Nov-19 23:01:38

Baby Rafael arrived on Wednesday night at 9 days overdue! 4.03 kgs of contentedness.

Had a really amazingly calm water birth, despite all the stress and panic of the last few months. He's such a trooper.

Still unpacking and deciding on/ordering furniture and having yet more bloody boxes arriving but we are so so happy. My toddler... less so!

Bloody good luck everyone, it's a fucker of a system so keep at it. One day I promise you will move house!

AlmaMartyr Mon 18-Nov-19 00:02:26

@MrBobLobLaw congratulations! He is absolutely gorgeous, what a cutie! Glad all well, you must be so incredibly happy 💐 Enjoy new house and new babe!

Hawkmoth Mon 18-Nov-19 01:09:39

@MrBobLobLaw congratulations. What a gorgeous baby. Enjoy your family and your new nest!

gingerninja99 Mon 18-Nov-19 06:53:57

@MrBobLobLaw massive congratulations!! He is just adorable

Blobby10 Mon 18-Nov-19 09:20:52

@MrBobLobLaw Congratulations!!! He is gorgeous!!!! xx

Jayne35 Mon 18-Nov-19 09:50:19

Congratulations @MrBobLobLaw, he is beautiful. Enjoy the new baby and the new home smile

We should be exchanging (finally!) on Wednesday for completion on 28th, so in before Christmas thankfully!

Good luck to the rest of you waiting on exchange/completion dates.

catndogslife Mon 18-Nov-19 12:15:14

Congratulations @MrBobLobLaw - a new home and a new baby wow!
He looks really chilled and unaffacted by the whole house moving process.

bettyskitchen Mon 18-Nov-19 13:10:11

Ahhh congratulations @MrBobLobLaw, he’s adorable!

magnarocks Mon 18-Nov-19 20:02:06

Haven't posted for ages.

Had two offers on the same day after six months without a sniff of an offer... like buses...

Trying to keep an open mind.

AlmaMartyr Tue 19-Nov-19 07:54:16

@magnarocks yay for offers!

@Jayne35 fingers crossed for exchange tomorrow, that's excellent.

We're still waiting on enquiries, solicitor refusing to talk dates at all. Spoke to a friend yesterday who reckons we won't be in before February half term shock. I'm really hoping that's not the case - they were very pessimistic though.

burritofan Thu 21-Nov-19 09:49:23

I've been awol trying to fix the imminent collapse of the world's shortest chain.

We're in the middle. Below us, FTB buying our flat who GAVE NOTICE ON THEIR RENTAL before exchange/completion was agreed. So they're now not budging from a pre-Christmas date.

Above us, a vendor who has so far switched solicitors (and not updated anyone), offered and reneged on three separate properties (and not updated anyone), and eventually promised to vacate at any time to facilitate the sale… right up until the pre-Christmas date was mooted at which point he said, "Oh, I didn't mean then".

Buyers won't budge, despite having time to rescind their notice. Vendor won't budge, despite having another home to go to. Us in the middle unable to break chain and move into rented because buyers' preferred completion date is now 2.5 weeks away and between DP's insane commute and our insane baby the thought of arranging packers, movers, storage and a rental property, right before Christmas, makes me want to vomit. Also six months London rent would basically kill our renovation plans stone dead.

It's either agree a completion date today and exchange tomorrow, or the chain collapses tomorrow. Either way I think I'll collapse. Send wine.

housebuyer101 Thu 21-Nov-19 10:20:14

Hi all, so happy that so many of you have progressed

And that baby is adorable!!!

We have had our buyers request searches - how long does it usually take from there provided no ridiculous questions?

The sellers for where we are buying have provided contract but no f&f TA10 form! Refusing to pay for searches until we receive this.

housebuyer101 Thu 21-Nov-19 10:21:25

@magnarocks did you accept either?

Blobby10 Thu 21-Nov-19 11:34:19

@burritofan wine wine as requested along with some flowers and cake cos you sound like you need it. What a stressful time it sounds sadxx

Hawkmoth Thu 21-Nov-19 17:57:47

We have exchanged.

Oh the fuckery... but now it's over.

A week to sort everything out. Eek.

isseywith4vampirecats Thu 21-Nov-19 18:25:22

@MrBobLobLaw Raphael is a seriously cute baby congratulations

Little11 Thu 21-Nov-19 22:05:05

@Hawkmoth congratulations on exchanging!! Very much hoping to be able to say to same next friday! So you have a week to get sorted, can you call in some favours? Do you have family who can help? Grit your teeth and pack pack pack- think how lovely Christmas will be in your new home!

AlmaMartyr Fri 22-Nov-19 08:30:21

@Hawkmoth Congratulations! 💐 Hope you get it all sorted and move quickly.

@burritofan that all sounds horribly stressful, hope it got sorted OK.

We're still in limbo, waiting for someone to start talking dates. We've given up on moving before Christmas now, I don't see how it can happen. DH sent a solicitor a pretty strong email because her replies to our emails so far have been really awful. Very brusque, won't answer our questions and normally just repeats what we've said:

"I know we don't own this parcel of land next to the property but who does own it? We have a right of way over it but we'd like to know who owns it"
"You don't own it but you do have a right of way over it" hmm confused

Sorry, just venting because I'm frustrated!

Hawkmoth Fri 22-Nov-19 08:38:37

Thanks @Little11 and @AlmaMartyr we are going to ship the kids out as much as possible, and will be paying for packing... if we can find removals company. The people we were going to use are booked now. It's all a bit scary.

gingerninja99 Fri 22-Nov-19 09:59:55

We'll still no exchange for me sad
They buyers were still waiting for their survey report nearly a week after the 'smart survey' being done but due to technical issues they surveyor hasn't managed to get it done yet! Moving out tomorrow as moving in with family and there isn't much left in my house anyway
Stressed!!! confused

burritofan Fri 22-Nov-19 10:24:18

OmiGOD @MrBobLobLaw congratulations! I wandered back into the thread full of rage and missed this adorable squish!

Thank you, @AlmaMartyr and @Blobby10. We've now agreed on a completion date – not without some last-minute FUCKERY from the vendor who is quite, quite mad; "Mrs Rochester in the attic" mad (wouldn't surprise me if there were bodies in the attic of this house, actually – why do I want it so badly?). It's not over til exchange, though, and of course she doesn't have her paperwork or arse in gear for that.

AlmaMartyr Fri 22-Nov-19 10:42:11

@burritofan yay for completion date! I really hope you exchange soon 💐

@Hawkmoth paying for packing is an excellent idea! Hope you find someone

@gingerninja99 very stressful! brewcake

Karcheer Fri 22-Nov-19 16:55:35

oh I'm really upset. everything has gone quiet on selling out house,and the lady from the development we want to buy on has just called me to tell me the house we like has gone under offer sad there are 2 others the same style on the development, so not a complete disaster but overtime one sells,it feels like our dream is getting further away.
my agent says he doubts anything will happen here till the new year now.

TempestHayes Fri 22-Nov-19 18:50:04

@burritofan I hope that gets resolved, it sounds dreadful! And congrats @Hawkmoth!

No real progress here. Vendors don't have a GasSafe cert, our mortgage lender requires one or an indemnity, Vendor doesn't want to get one or an indemnity so we're at a bit of an impasse.

cantbelievemyeyes Fri 22-Nov-19 20:10:28

Hoping to exchange next week - have proposed 27th, with completion 2nd Dec, and just waiting for confirmation seller agrees. Can't see an issue, property has been vacant for months, no chain involved etc. Who knows though!

We had a couple of weeks delay while seller repaired the boiler. Turned out to be a fairly simple fix, and have seen the invoice for the work which seems pretty comprehensive. Still, going for a final pre-exchange look about/ measure up etc. in the morning, just in case anything has gone tits up.

It feels like it's been taking ages, considering we're FTB, no chain, vacant house etc. If dates we suggested are OK it'll be 12 weeks from offer to completion which I guess isn't crazy.

Hawkmoth Sat 23-Nov-19 12:25:36

We've found a removal company and today I'm going to have a bonfire of paperwork. Keep waking up at the crack of dawn a mixture of terrified and excited.

DD and I have been planning modern cottage decor and speculating about boarded up fireplaces. DS has chosen our first family trip destination (a beach with a huge colony of seals) and the two little ones can't wait to be released into the garden.

I may well, with teenage help, do a renovation Instagram.

TempestHayes Sun 24-Nov-19 10:08:53

I've already started mine smile It's fun and a nice distraction.

Still all silent here. Solicitor literally said she'd 'refuse to discuss the matter any further' which is a weird thing for a solicitor, hired to resolve A MATTER, to say, so she's stayed true to her word and is not responding to our requests for an exchange date.

Estate agent is sick of our polite attempts at chivvying or altering the vendors to their mad solicitor.

TeachesOfPeaches Sun 24-Nov-19 10:42:46

I had an offer on a 2 bed flat accepted yesterday! I'm a first time buyer and currently in rented accommodation. I'm a lone parent to a 4 year old and he will finally have his own bed and bedroom grin

DaphneduM Sun 24-Nov-19 11:29:18

@TeachesOfPeaches - that's fantastic. I'm so pleased for you. How exciting to look forward to having autonomy over your own life and that of your four year old. Being a first time buyer, you're in a good position, and I hope it all goes smoothly for you. Brilliant!!!!

lardass88 Sun 24-Nov-19 12:37:39

I'm heading to the final stages now , going to sign some paperwork next week which I'm hoping is the contract ( my solicitor has been annoyingly vague) any ideas what happens next?

TeachesOfPeaches Sun 24-Nov-19 14:52:53

@DaphneduM thanks so much! It's very daunting as we are in London so paying what seems like a small fortune just for a flat. At least I will finally be able to decorate now I like!!

DaphneduM Sun 24-Nov-19 15:06:15

@TeachesOfPeaches Even more of an achievement then!! You'll be able to have such fun decorating - I love the bolder colours that seem to be becoming fashionable - no more rental magnolia for you any more!!!!

TeachesOfPeaches Sun 24-Nov-19 16:37:25

@DaphneduM it's like you've read my mind - I've been looking at pink kitchens and navy blue and teal living rooms. Freedom at last!

DaphneduM Sun 24-Nov-19 18:16:25

Great minds think alike!!!! Loving the idea of those colours - we've just moved into a modern house after a cottage which was only painted white everywhere. Teal/black and white kitchen for me so far, plum snug and just about to embark on a deep gold coloured bedroom!!! The pink kitchen sounds great.

WhenYouCantRunYouCrawl Sun 24-Nov-19 19:30:22

Hi, can I join?

Accepted an offer on our house two weeks ago from a first time buyer.

Had an offer accepted on a house last week, and the vendor is going into rented accommodation.

So a really short and simple chain.

Our solicitors is a family member's firm that we used last time and everything was done really fast.

Am I being hopelessly naive to think that everything will go smoothly?

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