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If I want to buy a property privately, where do I look?

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AnaKi Tue 14-Aug-07 16:08:36

Can you tell me a few websites where I can find properties that are listed privately? (Kent area)

TheBlonde Tue 14-Aug-07 16:09:30

Why does it need to be privately?

As a buyer you don't pay the commission the seller does

AnaKi Tue 14-Aug-07 16:22:57

We are still trying to buy through an agency, but so far we've been very unlucky, 2 out of the 3 houses we were about to buy went privately and there was nothing the agency or us could do. The vendor only said I'm sorry, and that was it. We really want to buy a house so we want to look for one anywhere possible.

expatinscotland Tue 14-Aug-07 16:23:56

Try google, perhaps?

UnquietDad Tue 14-Aug-07 16:25:57

Locally-based net forums (fora) sometimes do it. If there is one for your town/city there is probably a property section on it.

AnaKi Tue 14-Aug-07 16:28:55

UD, do you mean in MN?

UnquietDad Tue 14-Aug-07 16:29:46

No, separate sites - for example, we have one called Sheffield Forum. Do a google for your town name and there may be one.

expatinscotland Tue 14-Aug-07 16:29:53

Have you tried auctions?

What about local newspapers like AdTrader or even your daily local?

AnaKi Tue 14-Aug-07 16:30:49

I googled a few places but there are not as user-friendly as ... say... rightmove. I'd like to know of one or two good websites, if there is one.

expatinscotland Tue 14-Aug-07 16:31:37

I honestly think what you're looking for might not exist.

AnaKi Tue 14-Aug-07 16:32:11

thanks, see? I didn't even know of those things! I'll try those for sure.

aloha Tue 14-Aug-07 16:38:41

There are loads. Go to Google and type private property sales or sell house online or similar.
& loads more.

TheBlonde Tue 14-Aug-07 16:39:07

this site is mostly london I think

AnaKi Tue 14-Aug-07 16:59:00

thank you all so much. TheB, I found some properties in Kent but none in T Wells or tonbridge.
I'll save all those websites that in my favourites and keep searching.
I'll buy AdTrader tomorrow.
fingers crossed we find something soon thanks to you all.

AnaKi Tue 14-Aug-07 16:59:12

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