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Order of renovations

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burritofan Thu 12-Sep-19 08:46:14

I know it's been done to death and I do know the correct order of renovations, it starts with "have pots of money and live somewhere else while the big dusty work gets done, start with the roof and stopping any leaks, work your way down via a loft conversion and ending in side return extension, big structural jobs then plumbing and electrics; choosing curtains and doing the garden are the last on the list".

But assuming you don't have pots, but you've got £25k (which I know is still a lot! Just not "glass side return kitchen extension" money, and doesn't go far in London), and a baby, what would you prioritise, assuming you do want to do loft/posh radiators/sash windows/all that jazz down the line when we win the Lotto. Would you bother decorating/making one room liveable, or is it wasted money because it'll get dusty when we've saved for the next thing? It's a 3-bed Victorian terrace.

We think we need to do:
• Roof, pointing, any leaky bits (haven't had survey yet; windows are all double-glazed upvc and no real signs of damp anywhere)
• Board and insulate loft for storage
• New boiler, thermostat & basic rads including moving a couple from under windows (maybe additional minor plumbing like sink in downstairs loo, outside tap, add dishwasher to kitchen)
• Update ancient consumer unit, add millions of sockets everywhere
• Sort downstairs flooring (it's original floorboards but they need a proper repair job before a crawling baby can be let loose)
• Replace knackered kitchen lino (because baby)

Would we get change from £25k for all that? If not, what's the most/least important? And if yes, would you chuck remaining money at a knocked-through sitting room to have one nice, finished room (take down wallpaper, skim, skim Artex ceilings, decorate, fit alcove shelving, add soft furnishings); or do the tiny bathroom (replacing like for unmouldy like, not changing layout)? Ideally we'd also like to paint and carpet the baby's room and cram it with the best of IKEA, but think we can do that piecemeal as we go, she's still in our bed so less hurry.

Is there anything major I'm not thinking of, refurbishment-wise? (A how long is a piece of string question.)

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mammabella1 Thu 12-Sep-19 10:27:15

Roof, boiler, electrics first.

If you've got change (which you may well have, depends on what needs doing to the roof!) then I would do as you've said, knock through the living room and do it nicely so you have a good living space. We have done our living space (knock through, subsequent replastering/decorating/furniture etc), bedroom and hallway so the house is pleasant to live in, and are saving to do the kitchen and bathroom at the same time as these are messy jobs. The knock through (if you really want to do it) is messy so I'd get it out of the way as soon as you can, it's a relatively cheap change but makes such a difference - for us anyway! Also if you move in and 'nest' you likely won't get round to it due to the upheaval of moving out of your main downstairs living space

It also depends how much you're able to DIY - we sanded all the floors ourselves, built the alcove shelves etc. That will help hugely with the budget!


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