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Lost the dream house, please make me feel better!

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showmethegin Wed 11-Sep-19 15:50:22

Just found out we have been outbid on an amazing house, it was perfect, perfect house, perfect location, perfect garden.

It was the top of our budget but we bid the asking price as the market is crazy round here. We're ftb with mortgage in principle, no chain, in rented round the corner etc and been told that someone bid over the asking price. I know I should just take it on the chin but I feel so gutted.

We have left our offer on the table and have been told if it falls through we're next but please can I have your stories of when the same happened to you and you found something even better?! Help!

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maxelly Wed 11-Sep-19 16:02:39

Oh I am so sorry sad. Horrible when you get your hopes up as naturally you do, only to be shot down.

I lost what I thought was the perfect flat, nice block, lovely area etc. on my first ever purchase, to make matters worse we were quite far down the line, on the verge of exchanging and I had already paid out on survey, solicitors fees etc when the b*stard vendors decided that the market was stronger now (it had taken us 6 months to get to this point due to them procrastinating) and they could make more money by putting it back on the market, I increased my offer by £10k (all I had in the world) and it still wasn't enough angry . I then had a tough few months as the market had indeed moved on (this was in a London boom period) and I was priced out of the area I wanted so lots of sad trudging around looking at tiny horrible flats ensued.

But it all ended happily because it gave me the push I needed to find a new area to look in, much rougher than the first one so affordable, but actually more vibrant and interesting too. I was very happy there, plus the flat I ended up buying needed very little work compared to the first which was a total refurb job. In hindsight I'd probably been a bit optimistic about my ability/funds to do the refurb work (especially after the £10k increase!) so 2nd flat was a better bet as somewhere to enjoy living in! Plus the 'rough' area got quite gentrified while I was there so when I eventually moved on I still got a good return on my money even without doing much to improve the flat. So all round a happy ending. I still regret that first flat and mentally shake my fists at the vendors when I go into the area though!

I am sure something good is just around the corner for you, maybe you can broaden your horizons a little and take the opportunity to give areas or styles of houses you've been ruling out a chance?

Mummyshark2018 Wed 11-Sep-19 16:35:23

My parents were outbid on their 'dream house'- they were downsizing and it was a 3 bed semi. They really thought they wouldn't find anything then they saw a 3 bed detached bungalow on a cul de sac with 3 other houses for the same price. Recently moved in and love it! You'll find another house. Good luck

claybakefan Wed 11-Sep-19 16:49:34

Sorry this happened to you. If you've left your offer on the table with the agent, I'd also pop a note into the letterbox to directly inform the home owner how much you love it.

Ericaceae Wed 11-Sep-19 17:16:30

Ach, what a shame. We lost out at sealed bids at what we thought was the "dream house". In retrospect, the fact it was "done" meant I was blinded by a perfect house in an imperfect location. A month later we had an offer accepted on a great house on a similar street, but my kids have walked straight into new friendship groups from their school, and it's worked out beautifully. Yes, we've had and have a lot of work to so here, some unexpected, but it's meant we can take our time and get it right for us. I wasn't mad keen on the colour of the "dream house" kitchen for example, but couldn't justify ripping out a new one. This one on the other hand... grin
It absolutely sucks when it happens, but we did have a happy ending for what it's worth.

geordiepidge Wed 11-Sep-19 20:54:40

We lost out at best and final offers. Two weeks later the estate agent called to say the winning bidders couldn't get a mortgage and were we still interested? Completed last summer, sat in it now smile

nearlynermal Wed 11-Sep-19 21:02:34

A friend of mine found her dream farmhouse, and was heartbroken when it fell through. Then a few months later she found somewhere closer to London, less land so it fell into a better tax category, and renovated by a builder, so everything worked. There's always another house and sometimes it's part of a larger Plan. Don't despair, OP flowers

blueshoes Wed 11-Sep-19 21:02:50

We could not bid the first time but the sale fell through months later and we got it at a discount because we had sold our house by then and were chain free. We are still in our forever house and pinch ourselves everyday.

On another property, we lost out on sealed bids to a lower bidder because the agent was prejudiced against us. That fell through too and when the agent came crawling back, we had gone off it and luckily too, because we would have moved to a worse area and lost out on the appreciation in our current area.

HerRoyalNotness Wed 11-Sep-19 21:09:24

We went to view a house that was perfect in a really great area, and then viewed it a second time and out in an offer. We went off to have a coffee while the agent did that. Left phone in car so missed her calls and texts. The house had already been SOLD and the dodgy mcdodgy agent of the seller had let us view it twice anyway! angry

We did find another in the next neighbourhood over which has a better garden and no one over looking us at the back. It felt like a little paradise coming home to it and sitting out there relaxing.

showmethegin Wed 11-Sep-19 23:06:12

Thanks to all of you for replying! My mum took for for a glass of wine tonight to cheer me up. Gonna let myself wallow and then tomorrow is a new day!

So positive to hear of all your stories! The sensible part of me knows there will definitely be another one out there for us. I had initially really fancied a project which this one wasn't so I'm hanging on to that. I think it doesn't help that the area is so up and coming that I panic that we'll be priced out.

We have decided to be proactive and flyer the 4 roads that we love in the area (one which we are already renting in!) So least then it will feel we are doing something. Otherwise we'll be messaging Kirsty and Phil 😂 Underestimated how much this stuff plays with your head and heart. (Not for DP though, he's so laid back and stoic it's driving me mad!)

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showmethegin Wed 11-Sep-19 23:12:18

It's bringing out an awful side of me hoping that something falls through with this buyer though hearing all the positive times it did for PP's 😂

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mammabella1 Thu 12-Sep-19 08:31:23

Same thing happened to us - lost out after offering our absolute maximum. Spent 6 months looking at other houses that didn't compare. Then, a house a few doors down from the perfect house (needed more work though) came on the market for 20k less and we snapped it up! If you always wanted a project house - get one! Very satisfying in the end!
Good luck smile

katewhinesalot Thu 12-Sep-19 08:36:56

I remember being in tears as my house fell through two weeks before moving in day. I'd mentally redecorated and settled in!

I found a much better one and loved living in that one for a long time. Bigger and better located.

Preggosaurus9 Thu 12-Sep-19 14:40:59

Much sympathy, this has just happened to me today, it's an awful feeling!

Keep telling yourself "if not this then something better". And have more wine!

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