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Sliding doors or bifold doors cost

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Rhica Tue 10-Sep-19 19:27:15

Due to start an extension soon and we have decided to get 6m sliding doors. I was wondering if anyone would mind disclosing how much their sliding doors (or bifolds) cost.

In the quote breakdown he has put 2.5k for the doors but I was expecting them to cost alot more than this

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Africa2go Wed 11-Sep-19 10:38:22

Can only tell you my experience. Local suppliers about 2 years ago, 3 or 4 suppliers, all around the £1k/metre range. Some of the well known nationals were slightly dearer than that. Our builder and door company fitted together, cant recall whether fitting was included in the price. Obviously we paid the building for the building work.

£2.5k for 6m sounds like a mistake.

EastCoastDamsel Wed 11-Sep-19 12:37:09

We've just had some installed (today!)

3m wide x 2.7m high cost £3k maufactured and installed incl VAT.

This excluded the cost of making the hole in the wall and inserting new steel lintel.

ThePrestonFamily Thu 12-Sep-19 06:47:28

New Wave Doors kind of work like bifolds but better. We paid £5000 for 4m wide & they are amazing, that included fitting and the VAT though. I think they do pvc ones that are cheaper but our builders advised aluminium. Good luck smile

ChikiTIKI Thu 12-Sep-19 07:09:07

I have been getting quotes for changing a 9ft wide window into bifold doors.

So far had one full quote, doors plus fitting, just under £5k. Need to go back to them and get a detailed breakdown though.

Had one other quote but that was for doors only, and was just over £2k.

Got someone else coming today to give a full quote then one other company hasn't got back to us yet.

Rhica Thu 12-Sep-19 22:45:18

I was expecting £1k/m so thanks for all your help- looks like the quote is well off 🤦

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ComftyCushion Thu 12-Sep-19 23:33:30

It does sound very cheap... double check on the exact details of what they've quoted... are they quoted upvc without installation? May explain why so cheap. Be specific with them what you want. As per PP, for such big door space you'd be much better getting aluminium.

ChikiTIKI Fri 13-Sep-19 06:14:23

Had another quite yesterday for my 9ft window to change to bifolds £3.5 k including fitting.

ChikiTIKI Fri 13-Sep-19 06:14:58

New Wave Doors do seem better now I've seen them on YouTube though!!!

Iwantmychairback Fri 13-Sep-19 06:26:22

Definitely go for aluminium rather than PVCu.

Toomanycats99 Fri 13-Sep-19 06:41:46

I got a quote to replace existing patio doors - about 6ft wide. Was £1750-£1900 for pvc patio and £3.5 ish for bifold.

mooncuplanding Fri 13-Sep-19 06:45:16

I've just replaced some bi fold doors an i got loads of quotes

It's a 5m length and the costs varied from £ 3k to £9k

I used the £3k guy cheapskate and they are absolutely great - aluminium.

My understanding of all of this is that the costs vary massively and if this is part of a bigger project, that price could be right.

Canyousewcushions Fri 13-Sep-19 06:45:29

I've just bought a vistaline door- similar to the new wave although the sightlines look slimmer. It's costing us £10k for a 3.5m wide door, though that is triple glazed and with a fancy costing.

I was quoted around 6-7k for really nice triple glazed sliders from a couple of places.

Ours are for a 2.6m high system.

Canyousewcushions Fri 13-Sep-19 06:51:27

If its part of a wider quote, he may have put the money elsewhere- so I can't trust a bill of quantities to be a true reflection of the cost of things.

However it would be worth getting them to tell you exactly whichbdoornthey have specified- brands etc, and whether you can go and see one somewhere to make sure you're happy with it. Itnwoukd be really galling to pay for a new extension and then find the door wasn't as smooth as you hoped or you don't like the way the handle opens it etc (some slide on the lower runners, some kind of lift when you pull the handle and then slide along etc etc- lots of different ways to move very big and heavy panes of glass.

Not that I've spent too much time thinking about doors in the last few months....

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