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No certificate / maintenance record after boiler service?

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QueenOfThePumpkins Tue 10-Sep-19 19:24:40

I had my boiler serviced 2 weeks ago by a very experienced gas safe plumber, who was highly recommended to me by two different friends. He spent well over an hour checking over my whole heating system, bleeding radiators, explaining bits to me and giving advice. He charged £70 which I was really pleased with. The thing is, I've just remembered that in the past I've always been given a certificate after a boiler service (or maintenance record, I think it's called). I didn't get one this time. Does that matter? I don't plan to sell the house any time within the next year, so it's just for my own records really. I'd feel silly asking for one now, especially when he was so thorough and reasonable. Is the paper bit optional?

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Grumpyunleashed Tue 10-Sep-19 21:58:26

Give him a ring and ask politely for the certificate for your records. To quote many other threads, big girls pants time and talk to the man. I’m sure over the years any plumber worth having will have had all sorts of requests and will think nothing of this.
No idea if it’s optional or compulsory to be given a certificate. As you say, you will be asked for it if you sell and a full history showing years of inspections must be worth having.
Call him.
Good luck

claire697 Wed 11-Sep-19 11:37:12

Yes, ask. Our warranty on our boiler is only valid if we have the certificates, hopefully an oversight.

Comefromaway Wed 11-Sep-19 11:45:01

Unless it’s a rented property any paperwork is optional. The company I work for issue service/maintenance Evie’s sheets but we have to buy them from Gas Safe and are under no obligation to use them unless a safety issue has been identified. The invoice or signing the boilers service recurs Book (if you made it available at the time) also suffices.

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