Opinions on kitchen/diner layout and what lights would you have?

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MotherForkinShirtBalls Mon 26-Aug-19 14:33:03

We are finally knocking down our kitchen wall! Whoop whoop! I've been thinking about this so long, I'm doubting my layout. Any comments on the design below?

The main part of the room is 6m x 6m. The cut out is approx 1.5m x 1m. There are three doors that annoyingly can't be moved or closed which restricts things a bit. I don't want the hassle of moving water, so the sink will stay under the window. I cook a lot so I want the hob to be on the island (dc old enough not to be an issue) and the current extractor is vented there anyway (above and through the ceiling of the wall we're knocking) so it makes sense to leave it. I'm slightly concerned about the space for the couch/tv corner, but as we have a separate living room I think we can get round that. I think we will have space to move the island up to 20cm towards the L run which will take the pressure off that side of the room.

There will be space for two stools under part of the island, backing onto the couch. The doors by the kitchen table open to a conservatory so we have a bigger dining space there if we need/want/heat sufficiently.

On the lighting, dh wants just led spots. They make sense but they are so boring. That said, the extractor fan is quite "statement" and it's not centred on the island so pendant lights won't work there. I'd like something over the table, but it could look a bit odd just having something in the corner?

Any critique appreciated!

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PazRaz10 Tue 27-Aug-19 14:48:12

What is the distance between the island and the kitchen run behind it/sink? Ideally, this should be no more than 1-1.2m in width as you want to be able to easily turn from sink/worksurface,/cupbaords to island and vice versa. From this image, it either looks too big in which case i would be nudging it up and back or if it is right, then the gap between your island, where your stools are is too close to the back of the sofa.
This also applies to the corner of the island to the corner of the cut out.
Think about the flow of the room - where do people enter. If the gap between the island and sofa is too small, people will always need to walk through the kitchen to get to the other side or through to the conservatory and into the garden - i am assuming the door at the bottom is entry from the house, the door top right is back door/utility?
Where will you come in with shopping, make sure to have width to easily carry bags in both hands!

We have LED spots over the kitchen area (with under counter lighting as well, 2 pendants over the dining table and 1 over the living area space. In hindsight I would only put one over the table, so that you can spin the table either way or switch living with dining space, eg in the summer.

MotherForkinShirtBalls Tue 27-Aug-19 21:18:13

Yes, you're right, the island does need to go up and over to the right. That will give much more space for the couch. Thanks, I hadn't spotted that.

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cookiemonster5 Tue 27-Aug-19 21:33:14

I would turn the couch to face the bottom wall and turn the dining table similarly so it's lengthways as opposed to widthways iyswim? Will free up more space and give you a bit more room to play with. You may even be able to move the island over a bit or even turn it 90 degrees to make best use of the space.

Eyewhisker Tue 27-Aug-19 21:40:13

We have a similar room and have just finished re-doing it. I think you risk having too much kitchen and not enough of a couch area. I agree on moving the island up and to the left, to give more space for the couch. Would you also consider an armchair as it’s nice for people to be able to face each other when chilling out?

On the kitchen, do you need all those units? Seems like quite a lot. We made a list of what would fit in each drawer/cupboard and were able to take a few units out without missing anything.

We also have a similar sized island. My favourite thing is that on the side facing out into the room, each family member has a drawer for all their stuff, so that there’s no more clutter in the room. We also have a charging cupboard so no charging wires visible.

MotherForkinShirtBalls Tue 27-Aug-19 22:04:21

Yes, turning the table 90 degrees makes sense. Dh is fairly sure about the couch being where we've got it here. There's a built in seating/storage area recessed into the wall (planning programme wouldn't let me put it in) and he prefers the two in an L shape.

I have every cupboard and drawer accounted for smile. Current kitchen makes me weep daily for the lack of storage and countertops so I will cling with death claws to every square inch of usable space! I like the idea of a charging station though so I'll see if I can work that in somewhere.

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NorthWind Mon 16-Sep-19 19:30:23

I would go with LED spots for area lighting. Warm white (2700 kelvin)
Pendants above the dining table (I got the lantern from BTC)
Under-counter lighting would be LED. I got the Syndeo system from here which was a doddle to fit: www.ultraleds.co.uk/syndeo
Put everything on dimmers - remember you need different dimmers for LEDs compared to old-fashioned filament bulbs. I like filament bulbs in pendants as you can't beat the look.


Mummyshark2018 Mon 16-Sep-19 22:09:47

We have a similar shaped 6x6 kitchen/ diner/ couch area. I agree with what others have suggested in terms of moving island. I would also consider putting the couch towards the back double doors as you're more likely to sit there. In terms of lighting we have 12 spotlights (pitches roof) and3 big pendant lights over the hob island. We have one big lamp in the corner near our sofa and led lighting under kitchen units.

Africa2go Mon 16-Sep-19 22:31:45

Couple of comments

I'd lose the little cupboard to the left of the sink, its too close to the doors into the conservatory and makes it look cluttered.

I'd put the sofa against the bottom wall, so turn it through 90 degrees, and then rotate the table.

How many are in your family? If you have more than 2, i'd try to fit more stools.

I also think the statement hood should be over the hob, it would drive me nuts if it didnt.

RyanGoslingRocks Fri 26-Jun-20 08:56:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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