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Extractors & Power Sockets

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HotTotSpot Wed 14-Aug-19 20:10:39

I'm designing my new kitchen and have thoroughly read all the great kitchen threads on here and got some great ideas!
One thing lots of people said is to put in more power sockets/usb ports than you think. How many do you have and do you think you have enough?

Also I don't want top cabinets and with my kitchen design I don't want a normal cooker hood as it looks out of place on the wall as there's nothing else up high on the wall. Also due to where my hob is going it would have to be off-centre on a bit of wall and would look totally odd.
Does anyone have one of those venting hobs and how do you find them? Or does anyone have a ceiling one and does it work well or is it too far away from the hob?
Or any suggestions for an alternative?
These both cost ££££ so I need to be sure they are worth it.

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JellyPeanut Wed 14-Aug-19 21:18:24

We built a faux French chimney coming down from the ceiling & hid the extractor underneath that. I think to be effective there is a specific distance the hood needs to be from the stove.

HotTotSpot Thu 15-Aug-19 09:21:16

Would you be willing to share a pic? Is it just like a fake wall instead of a cabinet?

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cinnabunbun Thu 15-Aug-19 11:31:07

I think those fake chimney breasts look great but they only really look right if you have a wide hob and range type cooker.

As for sockets, I think it depends on the type of kitchen you are planning. Does it have a seating counter/island where you might want to plug in laptop, phone charger etc? I'd add a double socket with USB on the end and maybe a couple more underneath at the other end of it.

Are you having a kettle or a boiling water tap? Do you have shelves for a speaker or lamp maybe that might need plugs?

I dream of a fancy butler cupboard with lots of sockets in the back of it to house toaster, a dream kitchen aid, nutribullet and so on.

HotTotSpot Thu 15-Aug-19 16:21:26

Thanks cinnabunbun. Hob will only 600mm wide and ovens are built in on the other side, not a range. I can't really picture how a fake chimney would look in this case.

As for sockets, I'm having a U shaped kitchen with one side a peninsula. I'm thinking 4 sockets at the end of this for radio, chargers etc and then 6 in the corner at the other side of the kitchen. These will be hidden under one of those roller door cabinets. This will be where I'm keeping my mixers, nutribullet, toaster etc. Getting a Quokker tap so no kettle.

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