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House Buying long was yours?!

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TipTopAllOverTheShop Tue 13-Aug-19 15:17:31

We've sold our house so are now making offers on places. I was just wondering how long (both in groups of buyers/sellers and in time like months/years) can a chain go on for? Who thinks they've had the longest???

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TipTopAllOverTheShop Tue 13-Aug-19 15:22:47

Traffic bump 🙂

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TipTopAllOverTheShop Tue 13-Aug-19 15:25:10

Another bump...

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Seadragonusgiganticusmaximus Tue 13-Aug-19 15:52:13

Can’t help you I’m afraid. On our third (owned) home and in 3 purchases and 2 sales we’ve had no chains on either side. #jammygits

Rumours0fAHurricane Tue 13-Aug-19 17:20:47

How long is a piece of string!

We offered on a house in late February, we weren't even on the market. Surprisingly they accepted so we went on the market within a week.

We sold 9 weeks later, in mid May. Our buyer is a first time-buyer and the folk we are buying our new house from are going into rented so this made our chain of three quite straightforward really. We are also all using the same firm of solicitors as we are all local. Again, this may have helped

Anyway, we exchanged last week and we complete on the 30th of this month - so from start to exchange has been almost 6 months

isseywithcats Tue 13-Aug-19 17:25:13

we were very lucky chain of one as we were in rented and the house we bought was empty ( estate sale) so eight weeks from offer to moving in

friendlycat Tue 13-Aug-19 17:44:55

We were in a chain of 5. It’s very different and more frustrating than being a chain of 2 for sure. Have known of people being in a chain of 10 with lots of stress.

TipTopAllOverTheShop Tue 13-Aug-19 22:14:20

Any others? Can any one beat a chain of 5? Or 6 months?

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Rumours0fAHurricane Wed 14-Aug-19 09:30:44

Are you a journalist by any chance! grin

TipTopAllOverTheShop Wed 14-Aug-19 13:27:35

Haha! No I wish! Just in the middle of a chain and bored 😂 Only ever bought a house once and it was just 3. Want to know what the worst could be like!

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GoingToInfinity Wed 14-Aug-19 18:33:37

We were in a chain of 3 first time, and we've just had our offer accepted on a vacant property, so again a chain of 3. Fingers crossed it goes quickly and smoothly 🤞

PickAChew Wed 14-Aug-19 19:23:09

Just us us, our buyer and our vendor. Viewed this house in the middle of August and, after much faffing and AWOL vendors with useless online conveyancers, moved at the beginning of December.

IndianaMoleWoman Wed 14-Aug-19 19:30:51

We were the bottom of a chain of five, completing the chain. It went on for three months then we threatened to walk away, at which point the second in the chain decided to break the chain to keep their sale (they went into temporary accommodation).

Turned out the people at the top of the chain were elderly and moving to Cornwall, but couldn’t decide on a property to buy down there, so thought they’d just leave us all hanging whilst they dithered! I wouldn’t mind but they were on the market for a million pounds which is a lot round here AND it needed complete renovation, so they can’t have had a massive queue of potential buyers if their’s had walked away.

Fettfrett Wed 14-Aug-19 19:36:49

Chain of 5 and 6 months here. There were 2 flats in the chain and there were lease issues with both.

Puffthemagicdragongoestobed Wed 14-Aug-19 22:18:08

Chain of 4, started in the first couple of weeks of May. We have two parties below and one above. We have nearly done all paperwork from our side and are waiting for both vendors and buyers to complete theirs, both sides excruciatingly slow. We are hoping to move in October latest.

Longqueue Wed 14-Aug-19 22:24:27

Currently in a chain of 8 and approaching exchange. We are second in the chain and we started the chain with our offer on the onward property in mid April. There is some tension in the chain to move by mid September which seems do-able but have to see what my solicitor says. Was meant to be a chain of 2 but our cash buyers turned out to not be and our deceased estate turned out to not be so simple

TipTopAllOverTheShop Sat 17-Aug-19 19:17:09

Oh ok thank you all for replying! Threatening to break at 3 months is extreme!

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HelloCanYouHearMe Sat 17-Aug-19 19:59:14

Chain of 4, offered and accepted in Feb, moved in December angry

TipTopAllOverTheShop Sat 17-Aug-19 20:07:20

@hello why did it take so long?

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HelloCanYouHearMe Sat 17-Aug-19 20:23:59

The vendor of the house we were looking to buy didnt like it when things didnt go her way - she put her house back on the market 3 times for a number of reasons and I believe her attitude cost her a number of properties.

It was so bad at one point we had her estate agent apologising for her behaviour and even our solicitor apologised to us following a run in with her (I know you said she was bad, but I didnt realise how bad... i'm sorry you've had to deal with that...)

It took so long, we lost our original buyer and our mortgage offer ran out.

RangerLady Sat 17-Aug-19 20:27:56

I've only ever been in a chain of 4. Lucky. However the day we moved the movers told us they had that week moved 8 households in a chain of SIXTEEN. All completing on the same day. Said they were working til.9pm and even the managing director ended up shifting boxes.

mumdone Sat 17-Aug-19 20:35:38

Chain of 5. We are third. Sold in April complete end of August

TipTopAllOverTheShop Mon 19-Aug-19 20:16:17

We're now in a chain of 6 with us being link 3 accepting an offer on our place in early-mid July 🙄....

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Blobby10 Tue 20-Aug-19 08:54:08

I'm technically at the top of a chain of 7 although the person at number 3 doesn't need to complete on the bottom part of the chain in order to complete the top part so actually I'm on top of a chain with 3 of us in!

The top 3 are exchanging on 30th August then completing on 4th october. I will hopefully have a house to buy at the end of October 🤞🤞🤞🤞 (does anyone else think this emoji look more like chicken drumsticks than crossed fingers??!!!)

TipTopAllOverTheShop Wed 21-Aug-19 09:51:27

Oh good luck @blobby!!!! Is that what those emoji's are?! Haha I did wonder!! X

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