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Will a dishwasher fit here?

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JanewaysBun Sun 11-Aug-19 11:12:50

So i have a sink then gas oven then freezer all in a row. Could i put a dishwasher in where the freezer is and have the pipes run behind the oven?

Also annoyingly the switch for the freezer (and therefore new dishwasher) will be behind the fridge which is next in line, ie i have to physically pull the fridge out to switch it off.

Planning to sell in 6 months but with the imminent arrival of dc2 realise i wont have time to wash up!

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JanewaysBun Sun 11-Aug-19 11:13:35

Also i have asked a plumber who said it would fit but just wanted to check the hive mind to see how practical this is smile

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ElstreeViaduct Sun 11-Aug-19 11:29:04

We had trouble running water pipes behind an oven, because ovens tend to go all the way back and you need to be careful with hot ovens and plastic water pipes. Nothing's ever impossible. Various solutions were to run the water pipe outside the house, to remove the plasterboard behind oven to make a channel, or to fit a deeper worktop and move everything forward a few cm. The latter is by far the easiest but we didn't want to lose floor area in our tiny kitchen. We moved the oven to another spot.

You might be able to find an oven that has a good void behind it, but it's not easy.

What sink unit have you got at the moment? Could you juggle things and get a narrow DW on the other side of it?

JanewaysBun Mon 12-Aug-19 11:44:40

Thanks elstree.

have atrached a diagram but basically have the smallest kitchen ever so bringing the oven out will make the floor space too small and we are 3rd floor.

I could look at swapping the oven and freezer over as i assume gas going behind a dishwasher shouldn't pose any issues. Do i need a special gas person to move the oven and will the oven being next to the fridge cause any problems?

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bodgeitandscarper Mon 12-Aug-19 11:54:34

I think you do need a registered person to do any gas work, are the fridge and freezer separate? Could you look into getting an upright fridge freezer to create more space?

JanewaysBun Mon 12-Aug-19 12:22:55

Thanks bodge, yes the fridge and freezer are separate although need the worktop space so dont want a tall fridge.

If i move the oven it will be under a cupboard - assume this is ok (can always change to an electric oven to make things easier). Can defo live without a freezer although DH is worried about not having icecream to hand hmm

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ElstreeViaduct Mon 12-Aug-19 12:43:56

Freezer can be plugged in in another room if needed.

A couple more questions - how wide is your sink cupboard and window, does the window open, where is the hob?

ElstreeViaduct Mon 12-Aug-19 12:49:06

Reason I ask is there are regs about distance between gas hobs and windows. Yes I agree you need to get a gas safe person to move a gas oven point.

JanewaysBun Wed 14-Aug-19 21:56:58

Thanks elstree. Sink is small, as kitchen is small the hob will still be close to the window whereever it is.

If i run dishwasher pipes behind the oven can i get special heat proof ones maybe?

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Dontfuckingsaycheese Wed 14-Aug-19 22:04:18

You say you're selling in 6 months? I really wouldn't bother!! What about DH. Does his washing up pass muster?

ElstreeViaduct Wed 14-Aug-19 22:24:09

Unfortunately regs don't only apply to larger kitchens. I think it's about the risk of wind from an open window blowing out the gas. Various ways round it. One is switch to electric but that is expensive if it means putting a cooker point in. I was told by a kitchen designer that technically you don't need to comply if you refit the kitchen without moving or replacing the cooker - not sure how dodgy this is. (We did this and chose never to open the window with the hob on.) If you do move the hob that'll prob solve it anyway. I think it only needs to be 60cm or so away - don't quote me on that.

With the sink I was just wondering if it were 1m or so, in which case you could potentially squeeze a 45cm DW and 50cm sink cupboard into the space, but it sounds like that's not a goer.

Myotherusernameisshy Wed 14-Aug-19 22:29:12

I don’t think I’d bother either sorry OP. If you have to sell in 6 months I think the lack of a freezer in the kitchen may put people off. I’d spend the money saved on rejigging the kitchen on a cleaner for a few months.

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