Experience of Sunseeker Ultraslim slide and swing doors (also known as slide & turn or slide & pivot)

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ScotinWales Fri 02-Aug-19 09:51:58

I am looking for doors for our new Garden Studio and Sunseeker Ultraslim Pivot and Slide doors are at the top of the list just now due to the very narrow sightlines and the versatility of the slide & swing system.
However I have found mixed reviews on the web and I also have a concern that their warranty is much poorer than other bi-fold doors.
I would like to hear the experiences, good & bad, of Sunseeker and their Pivot and Slide doors.

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ScotinWales Fri 02-Aug-19 10:56:19

From research I have now found out that Sunseeker also trade under other names including
Frameless Glass Doors www.framelessglassdoorsuk.co.uk/
Vision Glass Doors www.visionglassdoors.co.uk/products/ultra-slim-patio-doors
Sightline www.sightlinedoors.co.uk/glass-doors/bi-fold-slide-glass-patio-doors/
So anyone who has slide and pivot doors from any of these companies I would be pleased to hear about your experiences of the company and the doors.

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renolyfe Mon 20-Jan-20 16:34:30

Hello ScotinWales
My first ever post on mumsnet having been a long time lurker..! And all for the sake of doors. I too am interested in going for Sunseeker ultraslim pivot and slide but have just trawled all the threads with some scary reviews, albeit from years ago. Did you go with them in the end? Or not? Would be so grateful to hear what you decided and why and how your experience was. Thank you!

rosthomas Fri 11-Sep-20 17:28:07

Hello Both

I'm also looking to buy the Pivot and Stack doors from Sunseekers. Can I ask, how did you get on? Did you buy? are they standing the test of time?

Many thanks

positivelynegative Fri 11-Sep-20 17:52:16

We are going with Panoramicdoors. So far the service is excellent.
I spoke to sunseeker and the attitude was poor and it put me off

CaurnieBred Tue 24-Nov-20 16:08:11

Hi @positivelynegative, how has the door installation gone?

We are looking to put these doors in our new extension


vivimimi Sat 02-Jan-21 17:35:06

How was the experience with Sunseekers & Panoramic doors @positivelynegative @rosthomas


rosthomas Sat 02-Jan-21 20:06:11

Hi Vivimimi

Sunseekers have been appalling in communications. I've every faith they will get here eventually but so far we've had a site visit and a very brief email to say there will be a delay. Nothing installed after months of waiting. no direct reply to my emails. its a real shame they are letting their business be so badly run. I've paid the deposit so I'm going to stick with them, plus the design is perfect for our needs.

Panoramic didn't reply to any enquiries from us so we didn't pursue them. Plus their website was redirected so we were worried about the status of the company.

good luck

vivimimi Sun 03-Jan-21 11:20:37

@rosthomas so you are waiting over 4 months. shock.
There are not many alternatives for this kind of doors.

rosthomas Sun 03-Jan-21 11:26:42

Exactly. Its the slim profile that gives them the edge (if you pardon the pun).

Roset190 Wed 03-Feb-21 21:02:22

Hi there

We're considering Sunseeker Ultra Slim Pivot and Slide. Our neighbours had a very good experience with them. Did any of you choose them? My concern is the traffic door and how easy is it to open and close? Would my 10 year old be able to run in and out easily using the handle (there appear to be two). I can't inspect the neighbours' as they are shielding!

Any thoughts?

Weirdlynormal Wed 03-Feb-21 21:21:42

We are expecting our panoramic doors 3 march. I’ll update when in

MIchca Thu 11-Feb-21 09:40:44

FInally an up to dte discussion about slide/fold/wing/pivot/stack doors (or whatever they are called)! I would love to hear feedback from people who have installed recently ie. 2020/21 but also people who have had them a while. Thanks Michca

AnjUK Sun 20-Jun-21 17:26:59

I'm interested in Slide and Pivot, contacted Sunseekers and basically blamed Covid by the looks of recent reviews online and on FB it doesn't look like they've changed much. They shouldn't be taking on new business if they can't fix their current problems
If anybody has had recent experience with them could you please share please?

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