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If you were moving in 4 weeks when would you start packing?

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Rumours0fAHurricane Wed 31-Jul-19 19:24:41

Just that really. Moving from a 3 bed to a 4 bed, both owned so I've no end of tenancy clean to worry about

Trying to organise myself but no idea where to start! Any ideas?

DramaAlpaca Wed 31-Jul-19 19:38:51

I'd start now with a major declutter & get rid of anything I didn't want to take to the new house.

Then get hold of loads of boxes & start packing stuff that's not used often or that you can manage without for the next few weeks. If you start now & do it gradually it won't be so overwhelming.

LegoPiecesEverywhere Wed 31-Jul-19 19:39:59

Yes definitely now. It will take longer than you think.

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Wed 31-Jul-19 19:40:53

I'd start now! And clearing out as you go saves moving stuff that you don't really want/need anyway

LoafofSellotape Wed 31-Jul-19 19:41:29

I would gladly pay the approx £200 for it to be done,worth every single penny.

Rumours0fAHurricane Wed 31-Jul-19 19:43:03

Oh yes , I've been ruthlessly decluttering for a few weeks now. Luckily I'm not a hoarding type of person so it's not been too bad. However, we still seem to have rather a lot of stuff, despite me thinking I have a relatively clear and minimalistic house!

I think I just feel rather overwhelmed. Husband is all ' ah we can pack the week before!' but I'm not so sure about this grin

I don't want some mad rush. I want to feel in control and organised so I'll take your advice thanks

abitoflight Wed 31-Jul-19 19:43:23

Pack winter clothes at very least
Box up books? That's a real pita
De clutter - even if new house bigger, you don't want it with clutter at the start
It always takes longer than you think

MrsMozartMkII Wed 31-Jul-19 19:43:46

Now! Especially if you've not yet decluttered.

Aquamarine1029 Wed 31-Jul-19 19:44:10

Right this minute. It is crucial to use this time to get rid of all the shit you don't want or use anymore. Don't you want to have a nice, uncluttered fresh start?

Rumours0fAHurricane Wed 31-Jul-19 19:44:44

@LoafofSellotape I considered the option for the removal folk to pack it all for me. Entirely reasonable quote of £850. However, I feel I want to know what's what and what's gone where and I'm too much of a control freak to let anyone else pack for me

gamerchick Wed 31-Jul-19 19:47:43

Winter clothes and equipment first, DVDs and books, all kitchen stuff that doesn't get used often.

LoafofSellotape Wed 31-Jul-19 19:50:30

Oh that's quite a hefty price!

You still would know where everything is as they move the whole peice of furniture,they take drawers out and wrap them then put them back in the other end.

All boxes are labelled and so put in the correct room in the new house.

I will never pack again. It also means everything is insured ( lots of companies won't insure contents unless they've packed as well)

It also means you aren't spending the last week in your last house looking for stuff you have packed. It's a joy to watch it being done,they pack so quickly and efficiently.

If it's an option I would seriously consider it.

hormonesorDHbeingadick Wed 31-Jul-19 19:50:35

Start running down food supplies now. A huge declutter, you don’t want to pack, move and unpack junk. Then start packing the stuff and areas that you don’t use regularly eg loft.

buckeejit Wed 31-Jul-19 19:55:13

2 Months ago before I was on the market in a decluttering way!

But yes, ASAP, unless you can afford someone else to do it.

SaveKevin Wed 31-Jul-19 19:56:32

Yep now. Start on all the things you won’t need e.g casserole dishes, winter clothes, nice tea pot, fancy dishes, cake tins etc.
Run down the freezer, food cupboards and bathroom cupboards.
Books, gardening stuff.
Anything you won’t use / can do without.
Start looking at post redirection and telling the relevant companies your moving.

Rumours0fAHurricane Wed 31-Jul-19 20:09:48

Good advice thanks. I've sorted through the kitchen cupboards and the freezer so we are down to food that we will use over next few weeks.

Good shout re packing the winter clothes now. In bin bags ? Or boxes? Blimey, I'd need a ton of boxes

thisisthetime Wed 31-Jul-19 20:10:54

You are in exactly the same position as us. We move in just over 2 weeks, own both so no big rush. 3 bed to 4 bed. Uncanny!

So I started about a month ago. Have packed most of the loft, non-essential clothing (winter etc), most toys, any kitchen things we don’t use regularly, most of the kids toys, all photos are off the wall, shelves down, lights down/changed, and I’m sure much more.

Last time we did this I started to pack the week before. It was quite stressful and this time I want to be ready to go. I was like your dh, I didn’t want to live in a house that was all packed up, thought it would be ok etc. It wasn’t so this time I’m being ultra prepared. Last time we owned previous property too but ended up being annoying having to go back more than we’d like to finish up when we wanted to concentrate on new place and get tenants in the old.

We’re also very minimalistic so don’t have much and still have loads of boxes everywhere! Good luck and get going now: it’s nice being able to pack up 5 or 6 boxes at a time and know that you’re not on any major deadline, much nicer than packing up 100 a week before!

thisisthetime Wed 31-Jul-19 20:13:21

We ordered the double walled boxes from amazon for kitchen stuff and breakable bits and the single walled boxes from eBay for toys/lighter bits. The single walled ones we have are very flimsy so def would be no good for anything heavy.

I’m putting some clothing/coats etc into black bin bags and will also use suitcases.

RainOrSun Wed 31-Jul-19 20:13:26

Ouch to £850, but, but, the packers are like locusts. They are truly amazing. No furniture, but they packed the contents of our house in 90 mins. And nothing got broken over 3000 miles...

AliciaWhiskers Wed 31-Jul-19 20:14:39

Now! I made the mistake recently of starting far too late and it was horribly stressful at the end. Declutter as you go. It will take far longer than you think

Mokepon Wed 31-Jul-19 20:21:52

Ah fuck. I'm moving next week but still decorating the new house. Also own both so been very blasé but it's going to be horrible, isnt it?
I've moved all my stuff from the garden and some random shite but now you are making me Panic!! Good luck to you, OP.
I think I might just open the gin..

Rumours0fAHurricane Wed 31-Jul-19 20:27:02

@thisisthetime ha- moving twins! Yes I'll take your advice there. I've had one hell of a busy year what with ongoing probates (yes, plural) and all the admin that goes with that, that I can't just sit here and then spring into action the week before we move. That way I'll feel all stressed

Rumours0fAHurricane Wed 31-Jul-19 20:27:55

@Mokepon ha, pass me that gin too

Rumours0fAHurricane Wed 31-Jul-19 20:28:22

I've got a few boxes here, think I'll order some of those double walled ones from amazon

Rumours0fAHurricane Wed 31-Jul-19 20:30:42

@RainOrSun do they just go through and pack the lot then? Clothes? Toiletries?

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