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can i put my house on the market with more than one estate agent?

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Tortington Thu 19-Jul-07 09:54:40

can i put my house on the market with more than one estate agent?

my dead mothers house to be precise. the estate agents we have are the most well known in Oldham and have turned out to be a complete shower of shite.

so outragously shit - i am actually in awe of it.

the police had to break the glass togain entry to the property, so the door is a bit difficult to open.

its a matter of pulling it towards you - turning the key and pushing

my BIL has shown them this - twice.

they stopped taking viewings on it becuase they couldnt open the door

the best part of 2 weeks passed and they didn't phone us to tell us

they had my contact number but i had instructed them i would rather they deal with m husband

but if i idid'nt want contacting at all i wouldnt have given them my fucking number the fucking idiots.

they say they couldnt get through to dh - which is bollocks - becuase i ring him every day and never have a problem.

then they had my BIL's phone number - which they didn't try.

then they argued with me on the phone.

so can i?

choosyfloosy Thu 19-Jul-07 09:56:08

of course you can.

Check your contract with your estate agent - there is usually a higher fee if you go multiple agent (e.g. 1.75% instead of 1.5%).

TBH in this sitch I would pull out of the contract you have and go exclusive with another - have a chat with a couple, say what you have experienced and what you want, and go with your instincts about who is actually going to be any good.

Imawurzel Thu 19-Jul-07 09:56:28

I have seen a few houses with 2 boards outside,different agents.
Someone is bound to know.

oliveoil Thu 19-Jul-07 09:57:14

are you using AK or RD?

we used AK and they were ok

all a shower of bastards usually

take if off the market with the one you have it with and put it on with the other

stress you are MOST ANGRY with estate agents in general and you need them to prove they are good or you will sod off again with someone else

wannaBe Thu 19-Jul-07 10:00:45

you can, but it's likely that the percentage you will have to pay them for selling the house will be higher. Most agents charge between 1/1.5% but up to 3% for being a dual agent because they are less likely to sell the house if there's someone else marketing it as well and they therefore have to work harder - well that's what they'll tell you anyway.

I personally would give notice to the current agents and say you're taking your house off their books with immediate effect as you are not happy with their service, that you are not prepared to negotiate with them any more, and that you will be gong to the local media if they do not let this happen.

Tortington Thu 19-Jul-07 10:02:45

RD - i am fucking livid. they take ages tor answer the phone - how does that look to someone wanting to buy a property?

i am quite frankly astounded.

we have registered with estate agents here in worthing and i get at least 2 phone calls daily activley trying to get me to buy.

Tortington Thu 19-Jul-07 10:04:04

ok i am convinced - i will look into putting it on the market with someone else.

thank you.

oliveoil Thu 19-Jul-07 10:07:16

go with AK

they go in the free local property paper, RD do not

when I was looking for a house, I always got the paper (pile of them free in Tesco and Asda)

Tortington Thu 19-Jul-07 10:10:07

thanks OO will do

oliveoil Thu 19-Jul-07 10:11:43

AK give you a weekly run down as well - how many clicks on the website, info requests etc

staff appear to have brain cells

get you BIL to pick up the paper (or I can send you one)


Scoobyc Thu 19-Jul-07 10:11:50

Just be careful you don't get into a situation of owing commission to two sets of agents if the second agent sells and you are still legally contracted to the first. They will hunt you down for it.
(Unfortunately them being totally cr*p at their job doesn't void the contract, if that was so all estate agent contracts would be void )

Make sure you give them notice in writing.

Tortington Thu 19-Jul-07 10:31:23

notice in writing - got it - thank you.

yes will get somone to save me a free paper - it is in the Wednesday? property bit of the paper - but like oyu say the free paper is better.

Tortington Thu 19-Jul-07 10:34:24

just spoke to dh. he is being forced (ha ha) to have a weeks holiday in august due to his contract. I will take that time too. i think we will then come up to oldham and sort it out. maybe paint the house, do the garden ( which is huge and overwhelming) get rid of some debris, get a skip or go to the skip. its all quite overwhelming.

maybe do a house swap with my PILs so we can sleep at their house rather than in my dead mothers house - slightly creepy!

oliveoil Thu 19-Jul-07 10:44:08

take it off with RD

tart up the house etc

get it revalued with AK

relaunch and sell sell sell

Tortington Thu 19-Jul-07 10:54:51

its so overwhelming. the whole house is pants. we actually dont have much money to spend on it. it costs us £60 in petrol to get there and back - then we have to get our food etc. and that can easily work out at over £100 without eve thinking about it. a skip = £100

its got an old tiled fireplace, needs new bathroom and kitchen needs new central heating and new windows. needs a new front and back door becuae no fecker except BIL seems to be able to get in. two doors =labour = what £100?

we will have to farm out the twins to relatives in hastings and my older son will have to goo to his girlfriends and their family have been so good already.

sorry about that woe is me tale - ahhhh feel better.

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