Loop pile carpets and pets

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PugPupsMum Thu 09-May-19 12:41:40

I'm looking to put down a loop pile carpet, much like this one.

However, I read online its not suitable for homes with pets. Supposedly their claws can get stuck in the 'loops' which damages the carpet and could hurt the pet if a claw gets pulled out.

We have a small dog (hence the name), his claws arent ever particularly long. In fact, even at the vet checkups they check them and never dont need to trim them (he pulls on the lead so they naturally get filed down on the pavement)

Would you go ahead? I dont want to put it down and have to replace it, but I really cant see his blunt, short claws being an issue.

Perhaps I'll get a sample and rub it on his paws to see if any catches (weirdest sentence I've ever written)


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Pipandmum Thu 09-May-19 12:43:19

Never heard of that. Had dogs and cats with all sorts of carpeting and never a problem.

QuantumWeatherButterfly Fri 10-May-19 10:37:19

QuantumCat has absolutely shredded the loop pile carpeting in our house - we didn't pick it, it was down when we moved in. But to be fair, she also shredded the twist one we had in the last house, so we're clearly just doomed.

minipie Fri 10-May-19 11:03:17

I thought this was more of an issue with cats as they (some anyway) like to claw things. Not really with dogs

AwkwardPaws27 Fri 10-May-19 12:23:23

DGirlCat would absolutely adore scratching that...

PugPupsMum Fri 10-May-19 13:45:53

Thanks guys. I think I’m going to risk it. Doggie doesn’t really scratch carpet, in fact he likes to lie on it as we only have wooden floors and tiles in our house - I think he finds carpet a luxury!

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StatisticallyChallenged Fri 10-May-19 17:45:33

My cats aren't scratchers but they made mincemeat of loop pile. And once one loop came out then it ran like a ladder in tights


MabelsMama Sat 05-Sep-20 18:33:30

Just wondering if you went for it and how it’s held up? I am really keen to get a loop pile carpet with a dog 😬

NotMeNoNo Sat 05-Sep-20 18:51:19

We had a bad experience with a wool loop pile carpet pilling very badly. So much so that the company have a web page trying to pass it off as normal. We've had all sorts of carpet in our time but this was terrible.
Having said that if your dog doesn't have a habit of scratching or "digging" you should be fine. Cats are lethal.

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