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We're moving house again....shall I add it to the list of annoying stuff in my life now or in a months time.....

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LadyTophamHatt Wed 11-Jul-07 22:25:37

Lived in this house 18, with that move well documented on MN.

Wasn't going to be moving until next yr but a house near by means we're doing it now.

I'm starting to feel like a property developer and well and child bearer!!

please humour me over the coming moths when I moan constamtly aboyt it....

LittleLupin Wed 11-Jul-07 22:32:58

Oh good luck... I loathe moving (shame we do it every two years )

LadyTophamHatt Thu 12-Jul-07 07:54:03

hmmmmm...exhaustion had rather set in last night.
I know I make alot of typos usually but not that many.

We're only moving for this one particular house this year as ours is far from finished. If someone else gets that one we're staying here to finish it off then will move next year as originally planned.

New house is Luvvvverly so hopefully it'll all work out.

chocolateteapot Thu 12-Jul-07 07:59:43

Good luck, we're in the middle of moving. I realised yesterday that I had got used to the constant tidying bit that you have to do when selling.

But it's all gone a bit pear shaped for us as we are waiting for a call to say my MIL in Spain has died & DD starts her new school 100 miles away on Monday, I've got someone coming to fit a new bath and finish off a little room that needs doing, also on Monday and the house we are temporarily moving into is a dump.

Oh dear, sorry, that was a moan. I will have huge amounts of sympathy when you moan about it over the coming months. Then when you've done it you can say what I'm saying now - I'm never moving again !!

RubySlippers Thu 12-Jul-07 08:20:11

we are due to exchange on our new house (fingers, toes and everything crossed) this week.
It will be our 4th move in 5.5 years
So, moan away - you will get plenty of sympathy from me

LadyTophamHatt Thu 12-Jul-07 11:38:29

Ruby, its similar for us.

in 8 yrs we've lived in 4 differnet houses, the longest being where we;ve just moved from to come here (4.5years).

hopefully we'll move to this new house and stay there.....

1dilemma Fri 13-Jul-07 01:38:18

LTH that's a lot of moves with a young family good luck.
Are you off to the IOW this year? We're going there for the first time and when I searced your name kept coming up I resolved to try and pick your brains for some ideas!!

1dilemma Fri 13-Jul-07 01:39:14

I'm not a weirdo stalker when I searched IOW for where to stay ideas your name kept coming up as someone who'd been and loved it

LadyTophamSortingHatt Fri 13-Jul-07 07:52:08

Ohhhhh yes, IOW is lovely, but after 4 holidays there we've exhausted the place, we're going to Devon this yr (plus we've out grown the caravan now that DS4 is here)

TBH everything is so easy to get to and info for places is really easy to find so I don't really need to say go here...there....and here..etc etc etc.

Where are you staying?
We always stayed near Sandown and even from there it only took about an hour to get all the way across the island.

You'll have a great time.

Oh actually, there is one thing, don't bother with the Zoo in sandown. It sreally expensive and pretty crap....unless you're especially fond of tigers, that lay about doing bugger all.

Pruners Fri 13-Jul-07 08:01:36

Message withdrawn

noddyholder Fri 13-Jul-07 08:03:15

We are moving too!PITA

JARM Fri 13-Jul-07 08:27:11

Im moving too!

This will be move number 5 in 3.5yrs! (The joys of army life!)

Luckily this is the last for a LONG TIME!

Miaou Fri 13-Jul-07 08:53:22

Oh, you have my sympathy LTH - I've moved three times in less than three years (and eight times in the 12.5 years we've been married!) - it's stressful and crap but (hopefully) worth it in the end.

This time we had a really ruthless clearout of all our excess stuff we don't use (including things like china we had been bought when we got married - been in a box for over 10 years!). It was very liberating, I can tell you.

1dilemma Sat 14-Jul-07 12:40:08

Miaou I an of your ruthless clearout do you think my school exercise books should go?
LTH thanks will avoid Zoo, we're going very near Sandford. Do you have a recommendation for a nice safe little child friendly beach? I'm so looking forward to it we don't get away much and with the ferry and everything it will feel like a real holiday
Enjoy Devon

1dilemma Sat 14-Jul-07 12:41:01

We've only moved twice in just over 2 years so can't compete there

twinsetandpearls Sat 14-Jul-07 12:43:55

We are moving next year and I am dreading it, I keep waking up in the middle of the night in a sweat thinking about sorting our loft out.

peanutbear Sat 14-Jul-07 12:46:30

I have great empathy we only moved here 2 years ago after 3 house moves now we a remoing agin worse still DH wants to go and sell this house, rent find a house and then move again if he gets his way I may be leaving his body under the patio!!!

1dilemma Sat 14-Jul-07 12:52:31

twinset could always just leave loft contents behind

twinsetandpearls Sat 14-Jul-07 12:53:17

Believe me I have considered it! It contains all the stuff I ahve been saying I am going to ebay for years.

1dilemma Sat 14-Jul-07 13:00:38

Well either they can put it towards their mortgage or you can get a night on holiday.

chocolateteapot Sat 14-Jul-07 13:00:38

This is our 10th in 10 years, the first few were rented though so a bit different I guess. We've been here for 4.5 years now which is the longest anywhere since I left home nearly 20 years ago, is it really that long

The car is packed, we're going in about an hour for a week and a half then back till the end of the summer when we'll move up properly.

LadyTophamSortingHatt Sat 14-Jul-07 14:16:17

1dilemmma, Sandown beach is lovely although the sand makes you feet go yellow which is abit odd.

We stayed at whiteliffe bay the first few times and the Sandhills 3times after that. The beach there(called whitecliffe bay) is FAB and very safe, flat and sheltered. The only down side is that the walk down the slope to the beach is very steep.

The cream teas that the little cafe on beach sells are the BEST in the entire world so if you're staying anywhere near there yuo have to have one.
actually have 2.

no, make that 3

Ohh sod it! Have one every day, like we did!!

Have a good holiday, we'll propbably go back there agian year. The boys love IOW.

Miaou Sat 14-Jul-07 18:04:42

LOL 1dilemma - I got rid of all mine when moving this time! It was a bit of a wrench, but then I thought, I only ever flick through them when I move house, my dcs are hardly likely to be interested in them ... I am only hanging on to them because I have hung on to them for so long IYSWIM!

I worked on the general principle that, if I haven't even unpacked these things since I last moved, would I really miss them if I never saw them again??

Dh kept muttering about torching the place and starting afresh ... I drew the line at that of course

bran Sat 14-Jul-07 18:10:57

Get the movers to pack for you - honestly our last move was (almost) a pleasure. We just de-junked before putting the house on the market and then on moving day half a dozen fine young antipodean men in shorts turned up at about 9.30 am and everything was done and dusted by about 3.30 pm.

1dilemma Sun 15-Jul-07 00:19:50

Thanks LTSH will try and do that, purely because you recommended it and it's polite to do so of course

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