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DelGirl Wed 11-Jul-07 21:23:36

My dsis and family have a had a real year of it. They have sold their house and were due to move tomorrow (still are) into a new house. They have to move out but they can't move into the new one for 2 weeks. Long story

Basically they need a holiday let ideally within an hour of Carshalton/Sutton Surrey which sleeps 6.

They need it asap, tomorrow pref.

They are due to go on holiday on the 21st I think, but can go sooner so it will only be for one week.

Can anyone help please or know of any lets.


DelGirl Wed 11-Jul-07 21:29:45

I know its a long shot but bump

DelGirl Wed 11-Jul-07 21:38:21


HarrywillNOTfuckingdie Wed 11-Jul-07 21:40:42

bump for delgirl

DelGirl Wed 11-Jul-07 21:42:48

thanks.....poor harry

LIZS Wed 11-Jul-07 21:50:04

anything on Rightmove under Holiday Lettings ?

DelGirl Wed 11-Jul-07 22:03:36

thanks, i've looked but there isn't.

DelGirl Wed 11-Jul-07 22:29:40

can't find anything

funnypeevesculiar Wed 11-Jul-07 22:32:35

we're fairly close ... but not enough room in our shed - sorry!
Bump for you...

DelGirl Wed 11-Jul-07 22:34:34

I don't think they'll be able to get anything. I didn't find out until an hour ago.

A shed would do though

Thelittlesoldiersmummy Wed 11-Jul-07 22:35:28

Have you tried a B&B better than nothing

DelGirl Wed 11-Jul-07 22:38:10

just looking at that. I'm sure they can get in a travel lodge or something just that there is work/school etc so could do with a bit more room

DelGirl Wed 11-Jul-07 23:21:11

I think my bil & co are going to go to France now and my sis will join them next week (when they were due to go)

But, if anyyone comes up with anything before tomorrow, like an emplty house they forgot about, be sure to let me know

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