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What does it cost (roughly) to get your house valued?

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waitingforCOD Fri 06-Jul-07 19:55:39


Scanner Fri 06-Jul-07 19:56:27

nothing, ring a few Estate Agents and they'll be round in a flash.

Wheelybug Fri 06-Jul-07 19:56:34

nothing. An estate agent will do it for free (cos they hope to pick up a fat commission cheque when you sell it).

RubySlippers Fri 06-Jul-07 19:56:44

we got several estate agents to value for free before we put our house on the market

Mirage Fri 06-Jul-07 19:56:47

nothing-just ring 3 estate agents & take the average figure.

FioFio Fri 06-Jul-07 19:57:11

Message withdrawn

waitingforCOD Fri 06-Jul-07 19:57:14

ooh good news! Thanks

RubySlippers Fri 06-Jul-07 19:57:18

i think that is pretty conclusive!

Hulababy Fri 06-Jul-07 19:57:25

Nothing. Estate agents will value for free.

RubyRioja Fri 06-Jul-07 19:57:39

If you want a valuation for tax purposes or want to be ethical and not waste estate agents time (hah!),we had one done this year by surveyer for £400

Twiglett Fri 06-Jul-07 19:57:53

or do you mean a valuation to base a mortgage on

depends if remortgaging in which case you just need a basic one (that your mortgager should pay for really) and I reckon £100 or £150

or if buying then I'd go for the whole shebang which is more like £300

(I may well be 7 years out of date on these prices though)

Twiglett Fri 06-Jul-07 19:58:49

an estate agent doesn't really value it .. he works out how much he reckons he can get for it and sometimes adds a bit to get your busines .. although it gives you a good guestimate cos s/he'll be working in your area and know what things are going for

waitingforCOD Fri 06-Jul-07 19:59:23

We do want to sell it but not sure whether to sell it as it is or do a bit of work so would be nice to find out what we could get for it either way. Thannks everyone.

Twiglett Fri 06-Jul-07 20:00:03

estate agent and ask them how much if you did it up

user1122 Mon 31-Oct-16 10:54:46

We are in same situation, we have done a few things but don't want to waste money if it's not going to make a difference when it comes to selling, I worry that asking estate agents will result in them doing to hard sell for hours on end trying to get us to sell through them, any advise is appreciated smile

user1122 Mon 31-Oct-16 10:55:30

Just realised this thread is ancient! Oops

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