Does anyone have a Studybed?

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fabulousathome Thu 07-Feb-19 09:28:20

Does anyone have a Studybed? We are moving into a two bed flat and wanted to put one in the spare room so it could become a decent study and a spare bed for visitors. It's a big room so we were going for their Majestic model plus some of their wardrobes and bookcases. Mega pricey but if it's good qualitative long lasting it would be just what we want.
Csan anyone reassure me that it's amazing stuff and worth the money.

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CaurnieBred Thu 07-Feb-19 21:41:01

We have one. One of the small doubles. Have had it since late 2012.

It is solid oak wood. Is used as a home office minimum 5 days a week. We have the upper cupboards/shelves too as storage (We have what was a 3 bed 30s semi and this is in the box room at the front of the house).

Really happy with purchase.

SwearyG Thu 07-Feb-19 21:52:02

I bought one in the autumn for the ridiculously small boxroom in our flat and i think it’s marvellous. We have the small double as the room is so teeny and it gives a simply massive desk and a decent guest bed too. I particularly love that we don’t have to take anything off the desk to convert to a bed. It’s so clever and so well made. They have a long guarantee and that shows in the finish. We didn’t bother with any of the additional furniture as I want to install a fridge in that room so I will build something specific at some point. At the moment it’s next to an Ikea Billy Bookcase and that works perfectly.

Have you seen them in the flesh yet? If you’re not near a showroom they have a list of local people who will let you see it in their houses. There’s also a referral scheme where you get a discount and whoever refers you gets a bonus if you buy (I suppose as CaurnieBred got in first you should arrange it with her).

JohnLapsleyParlabane Thu 07-Feb-19 21:52:50

Yes! Actually just ordered a second blush

Echobelly Thu 07-Feb-19 21:56:11

Oh, I'd never heard of these. There's a chance we might get the money to extend into our loft next year, in which case we'll want to make smallest bedroom into a study/guestroom and that might be a good solution for it.

Trethew Thu 07-Feb-19 22:22:51

Can you please provide a link to this? Sounds like what I need

ThanosSavedMe Thu 07-Feb-19 22:26:24

We have a single one with the bookcase cupboard above. It’s bloody brilliant. Would definitely recommend.


ThanosSavedMe Thu 07-Feb-19 22:28:18

Mosaic123 Thu 07-Feb-19 23:34:16

Thank you all so much. That all sounds very positive. I will go to the showroom in High Wycombe and see them in the flesh before ordering. They look amazing on their website's videos.

PerkingFaintly Thu 07-Feb-19 23:46:44

Good lord, that thing is astonishing!

Don't have a need for one at the moment, but will bear it in mind forever more.

Mosaic123 Fri 08-Feb-19 00:40:03

Isn't it just!

Threesocks Fri 08-Feb-19 06:31:19

We looked at them for our new office/bedroom but have ended up going for a vertical wall bed from arthaus as it was a significantly cheaper option and meant the bed can be accessed from both sides. Really pleased with it.

Mosaic123 Fri 08-Feb-19 06:36:06

Interesting. We are planning on getting their Majestic model as, I agree, being able to access it from both sides is good, especially for a double.

ChessIsASport Fri 08-Feb-19 06:38:10

We have one too. It’s very useful and very robust, the desk space is huge and it is so handy to just be able to leave everything on the desk when you fold it down.

Mmmmbrekkie Fri 08-Feb-19 06:50:28

I’d need to pay for installation
Any idea how much all in?

MarciaDidia Fri 08-Feb-19 07:10:20

I definitely want one of these. Even though I have no real need for it. It's so clever!

SwearyG Fri 08-Feb-19 07:36:45

Mmmmbrekkie we paid £2,350ish all in, of which just under £200 was delivery and installation. I mentioned how small the space was to them and they said they’d just come from a room as big as the bed when open (mines a whole 90cm longer) and they are absolutely used to installing wherever it needs to be. I was slightly annoyed by the high delivery/installation charge when I ordered but not when they came - you are definitely paying for a good value service.

ThanosSavedMe Fri 08-Feb-19 07:48:55

Yes, the installation guys were fab, definitely worth every penny

SwearyG Fri 08-Feb-19 08:08:55

I’ll also add, because I can’t rave about them enough that it’s fab that you can leave all the bedding on when you fold it into desk mode. No need to find somewhere to store pillows and a duvet (as we had to when we had a futon in that room). It also means that if I get really chilly when I’m working I can fold down the bed and sit in it on my laptop grin

Sooticathecat Tue 03-Sep-19 15:34:31

These are fantastic. Unfortunatelywe have torevamp the room and its surplus to requiements. Bought for£2900We have a complete set consisting of small double bed including mattress, top-box cupboards and two underdesk drawer units all in light oak . Bought as a set it's a quality product and does exactly as advertised. It converts from a large desk to a bed in seconds without disturbing anything on the desk....even a glass of water! Unfortunately w have to revamp the room so it's surplus. Bought for £2900 you can collect the whole lot for £490

PeachPotato Tue 03-Sep-19 17:04:21

Ooh interesting, where are you based?

Sooticathecat Tue 03-Sep-19 18:07:20


Kjsearle Wed 02-Oct-19 10:18:00

Are you still selling the studybed or has it been sold? Thanks.

CapturedFairy Thu 03-Oct-19 08:30:57

@Sooticathecat see above

Woodlandwitch Thu 03-Oct-19 21:31:39

I used to work on the farm where these got spray finished and the quality was excellent.

The only downside is you cant leave tall things on the desk.
Otherwise they are amazingly useful in small spaces

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