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Anyone had any experience of Ripples Bathrooms?

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Feebs22 Fri 29-Jun-07 12:48:48

Hi Everyone, only just joined but wished I had found this site years ago!

A question for all you out there that have your bathrooms done recently - have you had a quote or had an installation from Ripples Bathrooms and if so how do their prices compare with say Dolpin Bathrooms? I had a Dolphin quote and it was extortionate (£12k for one bathroom and I want to do 2!!) plus the design was pretty uninspirational. Thought I may get someone in from Ripples but do not want to waste my time if they are in a similar price range to Dolphin. Thanks in advance

Justaboutmanaging Sat 07-Jul-07 14:07:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

e634 Thu 26-Jan-12 18:40:41

only just picked up this rather old exchange but can't help commenting.

Really, don't bother with Ripples. They have a lovely showroom and that could be useful to get ideas, and they talk a great talk. As it was, they were several weeks later than they promised, delivered the wrong things, and had an argument about returning some of the stuff because it was wrong, They then play silly games to delay any resolution of the problem.

Sorry, but we really regret having brought from them

Alaska77 Fri 11-May-12 15:56:15

Also only just picked up this old message but feel compelled to chime in!

I wouldn't recommend Ripples. We went to the Reigate branch this year looking for our bathroom and downstairs loo revamped. We'd previously trawled Wickes/Bathstore to no avail sodecided to splash out to get premium products. Also DH and I work full time so we wanted someone to take care of the project for us.

Dealing with Ripples has been stressful every step of the way; they never ever get back to you when they say they're going to, you wait for deliveries only to find they never arrive, when stuff does arrive it's the wrong items, our bath arrived in an enormous wooden crate that wouldn't fit through our (standard sized) front door. The delivery driver refused to take the crate away and DH spent 3 hours sawing it to bits just to dismantle it to get the bath out. Even when we complain and they apologise and promise us the earth, they never come through on all their promises. They have put us in touch with their suppliers to liaise directly when they should have been managing the interaction themselves. They've even lied about our products being 'lost' with their transport company, when subsequent direct conversations between myself and their transport company have proved the products were delivered weeks ago. On one visit to the showroom I enquired about the availability of a unit they told me there was an 8 week lead time. When DH subsequently went in to order the unit they told him it was a 2 week lead time, but guess what, lots of stalling, lies, promises and delays until it arrived after 8 weeks. The wrong configuration, of course, so now needs to be returned and reordered.

Please don't bother with Ripples, they're a waste of money and despite their claims of outstanding customer service, in reality they've never heard of the phrase

Colin12345 Tue 13-Nov-12 18:36:59

As the owner of Ripples Reigate (and Tunbridge Wells & Brighton) you can imagine how disappointed I was to read these comments. We did have some short term problems around that period with a manager that has since been replaced by me. After a lot of effort we have I feel restored the very levels of service my company have now provided many hundreds of customers over many years. We are not perfect, but we do honestly get it right most of the time and I am more than happy to speak to anyone personally who feels in anyway let down by Ripples. Seeking feedback from clients is important and for this reason we have always offered a feedback form on our web page as well as on a postage paid Comment Card that is sent to every client on order. My contact details are or I can be reached in the showroom on 01737 226450.

CovYummyMummy1985 Wed 16-Oct-13 15:00:28

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Mummys10 Sun 14-Dec-14 14:41:32

Please could covyummumummy contact me about Ripples?

Chrann321 Wed 07-Jan-15 17:00:02

Re Ripples - CAVEAT EMPTOR!! Any potential customer should be aware you will be dealing with a franchise. The Winchester branch has had a high turnover of franchisees for whom Ripples will accept no responsibility. Consequently, if goods are not delivered, or are of unsatisfactory quality, you will have no comeback whatsoever if the franchisee goes into liquidation. We have lost many thousands of pounds for which Ripples have shown total disinterest. My advice would be to find a reputable company which will guarantee its service and products. Leave Ripples well alone.

Daisyandpolly Mon 09-Feb-15 12:34:16

I was surprised at the negative comments about Ripples bathrooms. I had one installed by Ripples of Reigate in 2013. From the outset the designer was fantastic. After asking our particular tastes and needs in detail, she visited our house and produced a drawing so we could see how the finished room would look. I was particularly passionate about the type of shower I wanted and was recommended Hansgrohe which is fabulous. My only mistake was letting my husband choose the steel bath. He is far taller than me, so he gets a great bath while I sink! I could have done with a shorter length. Take my advice and both get in the bath if there is a big difference in height between you. Our builder's plumber installed the bathroom and did not follow the tiling instructions properly. He refused to change it and I called Ripples who did a site visit immediately and sorted it out so I got the exact design. I was so pleased with the whole process we wrote to Ripples to thank them. It was a complex room and everything works perfectly.

brumeye Mon 09-Feb-15 13:53:04

Although it's nice to see an old thread come back to life with such effusive praise, I'm afraid I have to say Ripples Winchester were far from helpful for us.

The design was fine, but the fitter they recommended to us was rubbish. Very keen to do the bare minimum, had to be told very firmly to do the tiling as per the design (as he'd initially agreed) and not a slapdash alternative that would have been quicker. A year later, the concealed shower valve leaked due to incorrect fitting.

They also sold us an expensive dansani vanity unit with an awful design that led to the board expanding due to water damage after 3 months. Ripples weren't at all helpful and it took months to convince dansani to replace it.

Not a great experience all round.

Colinnic Fri 13-Feb-15 22:21:15

I was also really surprised by the negative comments about ripples. We bought 3 bathroom suites from ripples tunbridge wells in december 2013 and the service was excellent. Colin who owns the franchise even came to visit us 3 times at home to discuss our requirements as it was too difficult for us to get to the showroom during the week ( I had 2 young kids and a baby on the way and we lived an 1 hour away from the showroom). The staff were also excellent with the children when we went into the showroom which was a nice change to some other places we went to. We have had no problems with anything we have bought and when we did have an issue with something the plumber did wrong (not connected to ripples), ripples helped to resolve it for us even though it wasn't their fault. Cost wise it wasn't much more than we would have paid elsewhere as we did a lot of comparisons and definitely worth it for what we got.

Weesprig Wed 29-Jul-15 17:25:23

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Kbbexpert1 Mon 05-Oct-15 21:04:25

Right ok... Where shall I start? I was once upon a time an employee of Ripples. The biggest problem as with most kitchen bedroom and bathroom establishments is wrongly named salespersons....designers!!! To those of you not in the know is that this trade is swamped with so called designers with no expertise at all in how a bathroom should work or can work. They flaunt around talking down to the real experts.....the installers whom they think are an arrogant breed? If you swapped positions and gave each one a week to learn the ropes the installer would not even need that week as already knows the job inside out. The designer, sorry, salesperson could only just about drive the van to the job.
Installers are highly underrated , extremely well paid ( for a reason ) and try their best to bite their tounges on a Monday morning listening to the designers bragging about their awards for best designer they won at a swish pompous event over the weekend.
This all Leeds to a massive clash in the industry.
The best showrooms are run by ex installers, trust me and my 26 years experience.
My father is an aircraft engineer and you cannot get involved in design or desisions on an aircraft without any experience on the tools.
There are also plenty of poor installers. Mainly working on social housing and new builds but the guys installing top end gear with skill knowledge and respect in your house is worth earning a maybe surprising wage. Everyone needs to re assess this industry and realise who is cocking it up!

Kbbexpert1 Mon 05-Oct-15 22:20:12

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

paulcrow99 Mon 12-Oct-15 11:38:41

I am the managing director for Ripples Holdings Limited, who operate the franchise for Ripples across the UK, and do naturally read all of these comments with interest and hopefully objectivity. Everyone in the company does their best. We do always want to do better.

I have contacted the author of the last post, who has never been employed by Ripples and he has acknowledged this. I am at a loss to understand how or why Ripples have prompted this expression of frustration despite asking.

Weesprig Mon 26-Oct-15 15:26:42

Paul Crow, it is interesting to note that you have responded to a fitter, but not the customer. I would very much like you to contact me regarding the very poor fitting of our bathrooms so that I may help you to understand why there are expressions of frustration being recorded here. You may obtain my contact details from the TunWells branch.
I look forward to having a conversation with you.

K8t123 Sun 26-Feb-17 12:14:53

I just happened to come across this review feed, can see it's an old thread but it's sad to say I've been shocked at the terrible customer service with Ripples, they are just not interested in getting back in touch it's painfully slow, they forgot about our project and then took almost a month to get a quote and it was just a weird almost blank pdf with just a final cost no details at all looked like no time was spent on it, still awaiting the breakdown and response another three weeks later. Great show room but disappointing service im certainly having second thoughts about even bothering following it up again.

coolkidda Wed 02-Aug-17 11:41:35

I found this company truly amazing!! Their service and product specs is of high quality. My key contact was a lady called Jo Crane who designed our two bathrooms. One was a small bathroom but she was amazing at utilizing all the space available with amazing quality bathroom products at a really good value. she answered all my queries and liased directly with the installers. I had no issues with them as they delivered an excellent service. Would highly recommend. Have had bad experiences at other places such as the Bathstore who were very salesy! Ripples are the complete opposite and will actually work closely with you.

coolkidda Wed 02-Aug-17 11:42:44

I found this company truly amazing!! Their service and product specs is of high quality. My key contact was a lady called Jo Crane who designed our two bathrooms. One was a small bathroom but she was amazing at utilizing all the space available with amazing quality bathroom products at a really good value. she answered all my queries and liased directly with the installers. I had no issues with them as they delivered an excellent service. Would highly recommend. Have had bad experiences at other places such as the Bathstore who were very salesy! Ripples are the complete opposite and will actually work closely with you.

AllThatGlistens2 Wed 30-Aug-17 20:28:50

I had Ripples do a bathroom for me. I agree with previous contributors the showrooms are lovely...... but.... Let me just say my Ripples encounter was a few years ago now but reading some of the contributions it is chilling that the same 'modus operandi' seems to be in operation seven years on. When 'WHICH' magazine published the story of my bathroom saga I thought sending a photocopy of the article to the managing director of the franchise would bring about change, after all the circulation was about a million readers then, but it seems some poor people are still becoming victims for the same complaints I had. I was very disappointed at the time that 'Ripples' HQ wouldn't intervene. I had the MD up to look at what had been done for £20,000, the shoddy workmanship and an incomplete bathroom 5 months after the 10 day job was commenced. It was an installation disaster. It wasn't as if I was alone. Word spread at the school gate and it wasn't long before a telephone call came in from another Ripples customer asking what my experience had been and I told her, she listened and remarked she had the same experience. She reported that she lived next door to a well known English novelist, the author of several best-selling books, most notably a fantasy trilogy, a CBE and FRSL . She had seen a Ripples van in his drive. Should she go and say anything? I said yes do, lets hear how his job is going. Well he couldn't wait to get rid of them either. Apparently his wall mounted loo "leaned forward alarmingly" when he perched on it! Ripples HQ washed their hands of our problems, and they weren't minor faults. The association they belonged to at the time, The Bathroom Showroom Association(all talk), were a bunch of spineless jellyfish, set up I suspect to protect their members only. I will never forget my 'fitter', once he felt he was being blamed for shortcomings of the boss, telling a few tales. For instance when fitters were informally talking among themselves about where they had learned their trades, he said one of the fitters was proud to say he'd learnt his skills from "those 'Wickes' leaflets"!! Then there was the tiler called 'Chip' because the chaps were amused how he'd lay a chipped tile if he thought a customer wouldn't notice. These aren't the blokes that Ripples customers should be getting and when something goes wrong it should be sorted out 'lickety–split'. Ripples seemed to move into objection handling mode. I would have settled early on - for £3000 quid, simply what the repairs and redecoration had cost me, but they wouldn't suck it up. So I stuck with it for six years - eventually getting my money back, (thanks to my credit card) and an article in WHICH. The Ripples showroom limped on after publication and then I noticed moved to an area where rents would have been less...then it closed down and I remember some other poor customer stuck a letter to the door "If you are a victim of Ripples like me....." I was shocked, it was still happening then!
My top tip is be very careful. It's a franchise, and there's no knowing who you are dealing with. Oh the company name may have been around for decades but......Don't just put the products on a credit card - insist on the installation being paid on a credit card too. Installation is where it can all go 'Tango Uniform' (tits up!). Section 75 covers you. (well....eventually). Remember the products may not be faulty, but if some 'numpty', with his DIY leaflet is doing the fitting, you need installation on a credit card. Don't rely on the Franchise owner/HQ, or whoever is on top of the 'pyramid' to sort a problem out. In my experience they put as many legal small print, bullshit miles between themselves and their franchisee...for good reason sometimes. Having said that there seems to be a decent team, led with integrity, operating a showroom somewhere I saw in the thread. I was corresponding with a Journalist who'd had a similar installation saga with his kitchen. He said to me, in Germany there are no programmes like 'Cowboy Builders' on the telly - they just don't tolerate repeat offenders over there. You've got to be qualified. Maybe that sort of useful legislation would have made it over here in time. Oh well.

SophieLMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Mar-18 11:29:52

Hi all,

We're posting this statement on the behalf of Ripples:

"If the writer of the comments set out would like to make contact with the Ripples showroom or indeed the Ripples head office either on line or in person we would be very happy to provide a response to the point made. For the record, as the managing director of the Ripples Winchester showroom and the founder of the Ripples company some 30 years ago I can advise the Ripples Winchester showroom has only ever had one franchisee, who subsequently parted on good terms with no consumer to our knowledge being out of pocket as a result of the franchisee moving on. We are quite rightly very proud of all Ripples achievements and as a family run business strive to offer the very best customer service within our capabilities."

Thanks flowers

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