The best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet?

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getcleaningdone Wed 09-Jan-19 06:50:34

My very old and faithful Hoover vacuum sadly gave in and stopped working after about 25 years. It's time to move on and find a replacement.

I'm not very informed about new vacuum cleaners. What are the best vacuum cleaner brands and options these days? Do you recommend upright or canister ones? What about bagless vs bagged? I do have quite a lot of hardwood floors and carpet, so we'd need something good for that.

I've googled around a bit and ConsumerReports recommends Miele Dynamic U1 Twist, while GetCleaningDone recommends a vacuum that's supposed to be specifically good for hardwood floors and carpet, SharkNinja Canister Upright Vacuum. What do you think about these two options?

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DullPortraits Wed 09-Jan-19 06:55:44

Defo Shark!

justilou1 Wed 09-Jan-19 07:03:01

SHARK!!! (Never loses suction - I was given an old one and I ended up giving away my newer Dyson.)

FairfaxAikman Wed 09-Jan-19 07:08:31

Another for Shark. Out performs my previous Vax

PenguinPandas Wed 09-Jan-19 10:24:14

We have just got a new Miele one and DD says its so good she is doing all the hoovering from now on. 😂

Esbm2015 Wed 09-Jan-19 15:23:07

We've just got a Sebo pet and it's amazing on our hard floors and carpets

shortgreengiraffe Wed 09-Jan-19 18:03:41

Another vote for the Shark. It is lifting dirt I didn't know was there. Feel like I have new carpets!

I have the upright lift-away and it is really easy to change from hard floors to carpet (literally the flick of a switch).


BarryWils0n Tue 21-May-19 10:47:39

There is no one vacuum to do both well. A carpet needs a brush roll to separate the fibers to reach the dirt. A brush roll on bare floors usually flings stuff around, especially if you’re picking up cat sand... So, I ended up using two vacuums. After we pulled up the carpet I bought a Sebo Felix. Picks up beautifully, however, it hates kibble. In order to pick up kibble, I have to pick up the vacuum and wave it over the kibble. It’s like kibble doen’t fit under the head of the vacuum.

And with having cats, and living in a dusty area, I should vacuum daily. I hate it, and end up vacuuming once or twice a week. Then I bought a Electrolux Ergorapido. It’s a small chargeable stick vac. Actually, it’s a Dustbuster in a upright case, and you can take it out to use as a Dustbuster. I use that for a daily zip around and the little bits of carpet we have it works wonders on. Yes, it has a brush roll, but the suction isn’t so great it flings things. It also picks up kibble. The one I bought has a brush roll cleaner pedal. Step on it, for 5 seconds and the roll is cleared. Good for two people who have long hair.

Nothing is maintenance free. You have to wash the dust cup and filters once a week. The Felix gets clogged every once in a while, it needs to be cleaned out. The Meile vacuum we used to have really hated wood floors. And I personally despise with the passion of 1000 red hot suns canister vacs. Doing janitorial for 20 years I have developed a long stroke in vacuuming, and a canister never has along enough vacuum hose so the canister is continually right behind me. I have fallen over it several times. I am so over that...

roses2 Tue 21-May-19 20:50:43

I'd agree with no vacuum being good at both. Carpets need a roller brush to "beat" the dust out whereas hardfloors need a flat head to make good contact with to suck up the dirt.

I've got two vacuums - an upright for carpets and a cylinder for hard floors.

DOLLYDAYDREAMER Tue 21-May-19 20:58:19

I have Miele cat n dog - use the alteq floor tool on the hardwood floors and the turbo brush on the carpets - wouldnt have any other - really good filtration and dust/hair pickup - just noticed robert dyas have on offer so may get a new one

BubblesBuddy Tue 21-May-19 22:10:55

We have a Miele Blizzard CX1. The best ever. Of course it does all types of floor. Is a Miele!

Ohyesiam Tue 21-May-19 22:16:56

Good old Henry hoover does my carpet and wood floors and stone floors.

wowfudge Tue 21-May-19 22:18:51

We have a Sebo X4 Pet and it's brilliant on both types of floor. We also have a Karcher hard floor cleaner which vacs and mops at the same time - I love it.

GeorgiaTrotmansParachute Tue 21-May-19 23:43:14

Shark cordless but get two batteries so one is always on charge.

Have a Miele but rarely bother to get it out and plug it in as the shark is so handy.

If you want a plug in traditional vac then Sebo or Miele are the best.

LaurieLord Fri 02-Aug-19 22:40:49

I know I will probably get a load of crap for this, but I really like my Roomba. I think it does a great job on both hardwood and carpet.

It takes care of most everything, you may just have to go over corners and harder to reach spots here and there, but my Roomba keeps my house pretty darn clean!

Does anyone else use them?

I use a lower priced vacuum to get the spots my Roomba doesn't.

Instagrrr Sat 03-Aug-19 10:14:43

We have a mix of hard floors and carpets and our Henry is fab. Rarely needs maintenance (I’m lazy) and bonus that they are still made in the U.K.

DavetheCat2001 Sat 03-Aug-19 17:54:49

Henry Numatic

amandamiller Sun 24-May-20 08:57:09

I totally agree with Laurie. While we do still use our trusty canister vacuum and are eyeing a cordless Dyson, we love our Roomba :D
It does take care of a lot of things! The only thing it can't do is get up stairs, so that's where we do it manually.

homegym Thu 23-Jul-20 21:31:05

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iusedtohavechickens Fri 24-Jul-20 22:45:30

I have a Miele and it's amazing, my cleaner has a shark but prefers to use our new hoover. I went for the one with power controls on the handle and it came with two heads. One just for hard floors and one that can change between the two.

Smallgoon Fri 24-Jul-20 23:43:07

@iusedtohavechickens Which did you get please?

iusedtohavechickens Fri 24-Jul-20 23:59:23

@Smallgoon it's the blizzard cx1

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