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Complete rewire for two properties

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hambo Sat 11-Aug-18 12:30:34

Hello, I have to get a two bed flat rewired and a 4 bed house. Both have very old electrics. Was quoted 5 grand for the flat and am now stressed about the quotes I may get for the house. Does anyone have any experience of rewired and how much did they cost??

UnaOfStormhold Sat 11-Aug-18 12:34:00

Definitely get another electrician to take a look before you commit. We were told by one electrician that we needed a full rewire but a second electrician said that was nonsense; while he didn't say so, he clearly thought that the first company were trying to make some business for themselves!

hambo Sat 11-Aug-18 12:35:50

Yes, good advice. It is so hard as I have no clue about electricals and have to trust! I really need a recommendation but don't know anyone with that experience. I would be so happy if I didn't need a total rewire !!!!!

whataboutbob Sat 11-Aug-18 13:47:27

My brother who is a vulnerable adult was told his house was a death trap and needed total rewire. I asked a trusted electrician whom I have used before to have a look, he remedied the problem in the living room for a few £100 , the rest of the house was ok.

Snog Sat 11-Aug-18 13:50:04

I was quoted £17k for my 4 bed.
Blew my mind.

NotAllIndividuals Sat 11-Aug-18 13:53:58

Electrician I asked (in the north of England) said rough guide of 1k per bedroom for whole house i.e. as number of bedrooms increases so does size of house so it mostly works out. That's for wiring only, not any decorating after or fancy fittings/ consumer unit.

hambo Sat 11-Aug-18 14:01:35

17 grand!!!!! Did you pay that or did further quotes decrease in amount?

So 1k per bedroom sounds like I am beig overcharged for the flat...

Many thanks for your stories, it is helping me get an idea of what I should hopefully get a quote for....I am investigating through local facebook pages for recommended electricians so at least I know what ball park figure I am aiming for.

Thank you!

whataboutbob Sat 11-Aug-18 14:07:36

Are you in Kent? I know a good electrician there.

hambo Sat 11-Aug-18 14:08:54

Hi Whataboutbob, annoyingly not - am near Edinburgh. But thank you!

Snog Sun 12-Aug-18 18:36:22

I gave up on any thoughts of a rewire at £17k, assumes other quotes would be similar

hambo Sun 12-Aug-18 18:44:40

I'll get back to you soon with the other quotes, if it is 17 k for the big house I could go to college and retrain as a sparky for that much!

hambo Tue 14-Aug-18 22:43:54

Just an update, the quote for the flat has gone down by 2 k, and it seems a very professional company too. Hurrah!! This also includes adding smoke and heat alarms...Thanks for advice, it pays to get a few quotes!

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