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Carpet etc considerations on top of original floors

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Sabee Sat 11-Aug-18 08:57:51


We are looking to get a carpet fitted in our boys bedroom.

The floors are original pine, but not in the best state. I did think about restoring, but after much thought, we decided to go for carpet.

I've never bought carpet or underlay before, are there any considerations for the types of material (in addition to underlay) we should be using on top of floorboards?

Regarding the type of carpet and underlay, various searches on mumsnet have made us decide to go for cloud 9 11mm underlay, and an 80/20 wool blend carpet.

However, I was just thinking that the floorboards have lots of spaces between them, and whether we should put something additional to underlay. And whether it needs to have any qualities that help insulate but also allow the house to 'breathe' - would the underlay we have decided on be suitable for that?

Know nothing about these things so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks

BubblesBuddy Sat 11-Aug-18 13:21:15

If the floorboards are not in good condition, lots of fitters won’t put a carpet on top on them. You will not get a flat carpet. They may well suggest you have chip board put down. I would take photos of the floor and take it to a carpet shop such as John Lewis and see what they say. Ridges, knots and spaces are not really covered by underlay. I think you will need something under the underlay for a decent job.

Sabee Sun 12-Aug-18 08:44:00

Thank you for your reply! flowers

I was worried thats what I would hear! We have recently moved into a house, and every task we have to do has 'issues' or isn't straightforward in some way!

I will do as you say and see what they say...Thanks star

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