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Where did you buy security door?

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Amunamun Fri 10-Aug-18 10:58:05

Hello, could you please recommend where to buy a good door? I tried to search for local companies but all of them seems to have fake reviews (5stars given by new users) or no reviews at all. We are in Islington in London. Also some ideas on what to avoid/pay attention to? Thanks a lot!

HardAsSnails Fri 10-Aug-18 11:05:01

What sort of door? Front door? Office door? Bank vault door?

Amunamun Fri 10-Aug-18 11:12:44

oh sorry, it is front door.

Ifailed Fri 10-Aug-18 11:17:05

Banham's do them, but if they are priced anything like their locks, it will be expensive! They have various showrooms dotted about London.

hartof Fri 10-Aug-18 11:18:41

Have you looked up Rockdoor and any local stockists? We just got ours from a local window/door fitting company who could order it in for us.

HardAsSnails Fri 10-Aug-18 11:26:03

We've got a Rockdoor and absolutely love it, went through the Rockdoor website and they referred on to the local fitters, who were excellent.

TwoBlueFish Fri 10-Aug-18 12:24:44

We’ve just had a new Solidor front door and love it.

skippy67 Sat 11-Aug-18 07:49:10


dudsville Sat 11-Aug-18 07:59:49

Could anyone see pricing information on the rockdoor website? I will replace the back door someday and based on the recomendations here I had a look at their site, designed a door, but couldn't see anywhere how to get a cost.

HardAsSnails Sat 11-Aug-18 08:17:39

duds fill out the find an installer and they will contact you to quote. It's all very simple. They will go through various upgrade options but there's no pressure at all. Have a copy of what you want ready for when they call.

Amunamun Sat 11-Aug-18 16:35:36

Is Rockdoor something like Howdens? Do they have secret variable margins so every fitter will give me a different price?

HardAsSnails Sat 11-Aug-18 16:57:36

I have no idea how Rockdoor works, only that it worked perfectly for us.

dudsville Sat 11-Aug-18 21:26:35

Thanks hard as nails, I had stopped at that point so will go back and continue!

HardAsSnails Sat 11-Aug-18 21:40:37

duds we were referred to Value Doors but the actual installation was subcontracted to a small more local firm. It took about 5 weeks from ordering to install. The only thing that was a surprise was needing to pay over the phone while the installers waited.

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