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Anyone else have a snail pace Solicitor?

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Fluffypinkpyjamas Wed 13-Jun-18 18:39:34

Currently waiting to exchange. Our Solicitor is SO slow and never in when we call, emails go unanswered and the only time we ever get any info is when we contact them. Anyone else have this issue and if so, any advice please?

specialsubject Wed 13-Jun-18 18:44:47

high street dinosaur? Call the senior partner and demand that an arse is kicked. If this person IS the senior partner then you have more of a problem.

I'd query the bill, too, given the time you have wasted.

Fluffypinkpyjamas Wed 13-Jun-18 21:41:51

Thank you for the reply special He is a lone wolf grin so it’s just him and his secretaries. It’s annoying as he was highly recommended to us.

ASauvignonADay Thu 14-Jun-18 06:43:28

How long has it been going on for? I'm finding it hard to judge the pace of mine!

Spickle Thu 14-Jun-18 08:39:22

Do you have slightly unrealistic expectations of how long it would take? Conveyancing always takes longer than you think it will. A chain-free property with a cash buyer does not equal a simple transaction. Problems with missing documentation or title issues will add time to a transaction no matter how "simple" the chain is.

How long since your solicitor received draft contracts? Leasehold or Freehold? When were enquiries raised?

specialsubject Thu 14-Jun-18 09:06:52

none of this excuses ignoring contact from a paying client. lazy bastard.

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