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Market in South Birmingham

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Offerdecisionneeded Wed 13-Jun-18 15:37:30

Just sold our house, looking to buy in same area - Barnt green/lickey/blackwell/alvechurch

Any locals here? Just want to vent in frustration as looking for large 5 bed and nothing around. Agents are telling me market is unusually quiet. Not sure what I’m asking, I guess I’m hoping someone here is looking to sell in this area!
How is the market for new listings wherever you are? I’m practically living in the local estate agents as popping in frequently in the hope I catch something quivkly - due to complete mid August and have three kids three and under!

thecatsthecats Wed 13-Jun-18 17:52:43

I'm not quite that far south (Kings Heath), but the market seems fairly perky here (I am a property bore, and keep an eye on local comparable properties to mine - 3 bed - because I'm cool like that).

I'm guessing the size might come into it though? 2-3 beds are FTB type properties, whereas if the market is slower, those in large five beds might be holding tight if they don't need to expand....

KingsHeathen Wed 13-Jun-18 18:45:28

I agree with thecats, it's the size- five beds that are nice, and not merely three beds that have been overdeveloped, are very few and far between, because we're after the same, though not as far out of the city as you. And we don't have a couple of million to drop on Westfield rd etc grin

I would have thought there'd be some around barnt green though, as the Victorian villas are usually a very good size... or perhaps they're too big?
(Are you the MNer that posted her lovely house in L a few weeks ago? Congratulations on selling! thanks your house was lovely)

Offerdecisionneeded Wed 13-Jun-18 19:59:00

Yeh, you’re both right sadly. I also think there’s quite a big population of elderly folk who bought big Victorian houses decades ago and don’t wish to move.
I’d love a Victorian villa but they barely make it to market before they’re snapped up it seems!

Westfield road is pretty nice though! Where are you looking?

Yes, I posted our house in L a few weeks back, thankyou! Really pleased we’re sold and moving but wish we had somewhere to go so I can Pinterest my self to death dreaming of new decor!

ChocolateChoux Wed 13-Jun-18 20:33:14

We're in Cotteridge and it feels a bit slow here too. I'm keeping an eye on the market for my mum but everything feels very stagnant at the moment - I feel like i'm seeing more reduced prices too but that could just be me!

FannyWincham Thu 14-Jun-18 15:36:40

We’re in Solihull. There’s very little coming onto the market, and what does appear is getting snapped up quickly. Prices seem high compared to when we bought three years ago - I don’t know if that trend is repeated across Brum.

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