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Quote for a kitchen extension

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mummysmellsofsick Wed 13-Jun-18 13:13:23

Any advice on builders (in SE London) for a kitchen extension? So far we've had about 20 builders round in the last 2 month's but only three actual quotes. They are all so busy in our area. My questions are:

1. What's a reasonable price for a kitchen extension and converting the old kitchen into a downstairs shower room/ utility? We are keeping foundations and party wall so it's really a re modelling of old extension. It will be taken down to the ground on 2 sides. New floor and roof, new brickwork and windows. 2 Velux. Anyone want to guess? We've had a range from 45-70K so far.

2. Is it ok for a builder not to be VAT registered but then to charge VAT on materials? He didn't mention this until I asked about VAT, then he slapped another 4K on what he'd said originally.

3. Are there any advantages to hiring someone who is VAT registered?

4. I'm assuming we should get the builder to itemise every single aspect of the job. Is this the done thing?

5. Do you pay fees to building control every time they visit? How many times would you expect them to visit?

6. Someone told my husband it doesn't matter who you get to build it as long as you stage your payments after each building control stage. Can you give me examples of why this isn't true? As far as I understand Building control are only interested in whether it meets regulations and is going to stay up, not in finish or quality of workmanship.

I will have lots more questions as this progresses!


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