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Bin to go inside 600ml wide kitchen cupboard - recommendations please

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OnePotato Sun 27-May-18 18:47:21

Kitchen in new house doesn’t have anywhere to put the bin or recycling. It does however have enough cupboard space that I can spare two cupboards. Both are big 600ml wide cupboards and I’d like as many litres bin space and recycling space as possible. Not tiny compartments! Current kitchen bin is 45 L so don’t want to go significantly less. Not sure of the capacity of current recycling box - it’s just an Ikea one so I’ll check online...

AlbertaSimmons Sun 27-May-18 18:53:11

We have an old fashioned metal "dusty bin" type dustbin in a space that size (where the washing machine used to be). Love it.

OnePotato Sun 27-May-18 19:33:06

Any thoughts on these?

PigletJohn Sun 27-May-18 20:55:44

A swing bin will fit, I think I used to have one behind a 500mm door (but no cupboard, it sat on the floor)

You can also get a Hafele bin that rolls out on runners, I think Blum and other brands do the same. The wider they are, the bigger. If you get a 400mm or wider one (the measurement is of the cabinet it fits into, not the bin itself which is a bit smaller) you can usually choose one big rubbish bin, or a big rubbish and a smaller or equal recyling bin, or a big rubbish and two smaller recycling.

Here are some examples

Note that not all come with the brackets to fix a door on the front (which are much more convenient than opening a door and then pulling out the bin). the ones with the door brackets are usually rather more expensive. Similar unbranded ones may not be quite so good. You need strong and well-made runners and brackets so the weight of the door and bin doesn't droop.

600mm is plenty big enough, I think.

A chippy can install it and fix and adjust the door better than you can.

PigletJohn Sun 27-May-18 21:00:13

forgot to say, if you're splashing out, get a soft-close one. I've had the others and they don't feel so good, I think the runners were a cheaper make. The correct brackets for a fixed door are quite big (you can probably see them in some of the pics) and you want a lid that stays in the cabinet and closes down onto the bins when you push it back in.

PigletJohn Sun 27-May-18 21:01:05

I think mine is a Hafele cargo.

FrogFairy Sun 27-May-18 22:24:21

Two large bins to fit 600mm unit here, lots of other options if you go to the main website.

PigletJohn Sun 27-May-18 22:31:39

looks fine, similar idea, seems to have large metal plates at the sides for rigidity of the door. I don't know the maker, though.

Looks like it is fixed to the sides of the cabinet, which I think is more rigid than the ones fixed to the bottom.

OnePotato Mon 28-May-18 05:51:55

Thanks both. Looking with interest now. Like the linking to the cupboard door idea a lot.

If there was a good brand one that maintained an 80L total capacity, opened with the door like you suggested and was soft close that would be ideal.

PigletJohn please could you repost your link for me as it just opens up eBay to a blank eBay page (on my phone).

OnePotato Mon 28-May-18 06:23:12

Ooh how about this? Same make as the other one but I found it via the Eastcoast kitchens link.

Iwantedtrianglesnotsquares Mon 28-May-18 06:38:30

Look at binopolis website. We’ve just found one that has 3 compartments (rubbish, recycling & food). Opens when the door opens. It’s fab. Ours is a 500 cupboard, but 600 was an option.

So many to choose from.

susej Mon 28-May-18 06:41:21

Mine was £10 from B&M smile

NotMeNoNo Mon 28-May-18 09:35:12

We have the Vauth Sagel version of the Wesco one you linked.
this is the 600 version, ours just has the 2 bins.

It opens with the cupboard door, there are two huge bins, one for recycling and one takes a J size Simplehuman bag for bin waste. Really easy to clean and use, I'm impressed. There's even a handy shelf above. The "buckets" lift out with handles and are easy to wipe down. Honestly its the Rolls Royce of bins but it gets used 20 times a day.

If your recycling is collected in separate dustbins then have the same number of compartments in your kitchen bins so you don't have to re-sort it, just empty the whole container into the wheelie bin every few days.

PigletJohn Mon 28-May-18 09:56:14


in ebay, type into the search

kitchen pull out bin 600mm hafele

and it will find you some.

I had assumed there would be a Blum or a Kessebohmer version but I don't see one. They're other brands I am happy with for more expensive extras full of complicated pivots, sliders and cunning springs. I happen to have used a B&Q "Cooke and Lewis" drawer when short, and the quality was noticeably worse (it went in the skip). We simply couldn't get it to run as well.

For a kitchen bin, these high-tech pull-outs can be rather a lot of money, so I'd be annoyed with one where the quality was not good. Like kitchen drawers, if you go for a soft-close, glides-like-velvet Blum, it might cost you £50 or so, but it will last for years. You'll be annoyed by a product that sticks, rubs or grates long after.

Sometimes you can get a good quality one at a reduction where a designer has ordered it but the customer changed their mind after delivery, or a supplier is clearing last-years stock.

PigletJohn Mon 28-May-18 10:08:16

btw measure the internal depth of your cabinet front to back, some of these bin carriages are quite large. I can remember at least one case where the hardboard lining (false back) of a cabinet had to be removed. UK cabinets usually have a gap behind the false back for pipes and things to be hidden, so if necessary you can get a bit more room by taking it out (usually slides up in grooves after prying out fixing staples). Some wall cabinets have a rigid chipboard back, which is more work to remove. If the cabinet and worksurfaces are already fitted, you can get them out with a multicutter or jigsaw, but it's more work that way.

An experienced chippy or kitchen fitter should take it in his stride.

Ikea are different.

NotMeNoNo Mon 28-May-18 10:17:40

A slightly more budget option as PJ says is to install a good quality full extension drawer box at the bottom of your unit, with the existing door front as a high drawer front.

Then just stand some bins in the drawer eg. Some here
Ikea used to be good for this but their cupboards are much bigger inside now so the bins don't fit normal drawers as well.

I agree look for at least 30+ litres as the small ones fill up with just one or two packets!

specialsubject Mon 28-May-18 12:07:52

a thought - if you need to separate recycling have one bin and do it outsid e, otherwise you are carrying several bins back and forth.

OnePotato Mon 28-May-18 19:28:49

Thanks all. I think I’ll go for the Wesco Pullboy one as it comes with (at additional cost) Blum soft close fittings. Luckily our recycling is all collected in one wheelie bin so I only want two sections. One or all recycling and one for all other waste. Totally agree about wanting good quality fittings that don’t stick or catch. It will be well used so worth spending a little bit more to get a good solid fitting and smooth mechanism.

OnePotato Sun 03-Jun-18 12:46:51

It’s in! Thanks for all the help and advice. It’s perfect smile

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